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, 20 Jun 2007
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This articles is to explain the use on live XML for displaying data. I have used Exchange Rates from to show one of many use of this technique. I have used bit of comments to explain how this code is working.


This code uses an RSS feed offering the latest currency exchange rates and pulls data from it when the user clicks a Fetch button. The user is able to choose a currency for which to fetch exhange rates on. This code is useful since it fetches up-to-date details on currency exchange rates - something which is ever more expected of systems that deal with commercial applications.


This code uses ASP .Net 2.0, C# 2.0 and also demonstrates the usefulness of Prototype.js (a third party Javascript framework).

Using the code

The codebehind code is given as reference and followed by html code

//using System;

//using System.Data;

//using System.Configuration;

//using System.Collections;

//using System.Web;

//using System.Web.Security;

//using System.Web.UI;

//using System.Web.UI.WebControls;

//using System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts;

//using System.Web.UI.HtmlControls;

//using System.Xml;

//public partial class Modules_LiveExchangeRates : System.Web.UI.Page


// protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)

// {

// if (!Page.IsPostBack)

// {

// }

// }

// private void PopulateGrid(string vstrURL)

// {

// if (lstExchange.Items.Count > 0)

// {

// lstExchange.Items.Clear();

// }

// XmlDocument objDoc = new XmlDocument();

// objDoc.Load(vstrURL);

// XmlNodeList objNL;

// if (null != objDoc)

// {

// objNL = objDoc.SelectNodes("rss/channel/item");

// if (null != objNL)

// {

// foreach (XmlNode XNode in objNL)

// {

// lstExchange.Items.Add(XNode.ChildNodes[0].InnerText);

// } 

// }

// }

// }

// protected void btnFetchValue_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

// {

// PopulateGrid(txtURL.Text.Trim());

// }





//----------- HTML Code

 //<html xmlns="<a href=""></a>" >
//<head id="Head1" runat="server">
//    <title>Page</title>
//    <link href="../Styles/StyleSheet.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
//    <script type="text/javascript" src="../scripts/prototype.js"></script>

//    <script type="text/javascript"> 
//    <!--
//function Rvalue() {
//  document.getElementById("rssText").innerHTML = "Copy URL into RSS Application...<br>" + document.frmPage["rss"].value;
//  $("txtURL").value=$("rss").value;
//--> </script> <style type="text/css"> <!--
//.graybox {
//border: solid 1px gray;

//#graybox {
//border: solid 1px gray;

//.rssText {  
//    font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 0.8em; color: #333399;

//#smlink {
//font-size: .6em;
//color: #dedede;
//font-style: normal;
//font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

//#smlink a:link,#smlink a:visited{
//color: #7e7e7e; /*Was #dedede.*/
//text-decoration: none; }

//#smlink a:hover {
//color: #7e7e7e; 
//text-decoration: underline}
//--> </style>

//    <form id="frmPage" runat="server">
//    <table id="tblMain" style="width:100%" class="tablebdr1">
//    <tr>
//    <td style="height:20px" class="textorg">Live Exchage Rates</td>

//    </tr>
//    <tr>
//    <td style="height:20px"></td>

//    </tr>

//    <tr>
//    <td>
// <table border="0" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="2" id="graybox" style="width: 273px; height: 74px"> 
// <tr> <td class="textorg"><div align="center">
//    Currency Exchange Rates via <b>RSS</b></div></td></tr><tr><td>
//<select name="rss" onchange="javascript:Rvalue()">
//    <option value="0" selected="selected">Select a Currency...</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Argentine</a> Peso</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Australian</a> Dollar</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Bahrain</a> Dinar</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Botswana</a> Pula</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Brazilian</a> Real</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Brunei</a> Dollar</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Canadian</a> Dollar</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Chilian</a> Peso</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Chinese</a> Yuan</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Colombian</a> Peso</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Cyprus</a> Pound</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Czech</a> Koruna</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Danish</a> Krone</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Euro</option</a>>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Hungarian</a> Forint</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Icelandic</a> Krona</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Indian</a> Rupee</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Indonesian</a> Rupiah</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Iranian</a> Rial</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Israeli</a> New Sheqel</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Japanese</a> Yen</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Korean</a> Won</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Kuwaiti</a> Dinar</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Libyan</a> Dinar</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Malaysian</a> Ringgit</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Maltese</a> Lira</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Mauritian</a> Rupee</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Mexican</a> Peso</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Nepalese</a> Rupee</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">New</a> Zealand Dollar</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Norwegian</a> Krone</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Omani</a> Rial</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Pakistan</a> Rupee</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Polish</a> Zloty</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Pound</a> Sterling</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Qatar</a> Riyal</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Saudi</a> Arabian Riyal</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Singapore</a> Dollar</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Slovenian</a> Tolar</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">South</a> African Rand</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Sri</a> Lanka Rupee</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Swedish</a> Krona</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Swiss</a> Franc</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Thai</a> Baht</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Trinidad</a> & Tobago Dollar</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">U.A.E</a>. Dirham</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">U.S</a>. Dollar</option>
//    <option value="<a href="">">Venezuelan</a> Bolivar</option>
//    </tr>
//     <tr style="display:none">
// <td>
//     <div align="left">
//     </div>
//     <div id="rssText" align="left" class="textorg">

//// URL:
//     </div>
//     <asp:TextBox ID="txtURL" runat="server" Text=""></asp:TextBox>
// </td>
//     </tr>

//  </table>
//  <!-- That's it! Your site visitors now have access to continuously updated Currency Exchange Rates via RSS! --> 
//<asp:Button ID="btnFetchValue" runat="server" Text="Fetch Value" OnClick="btnFetchValue_Click" /></td>
//    </tr>

//     <tr>
//    <td>
//    <asp:ListBox ID="lstExchange" runat="server" Width="363px" Height="456px"></asp:ListBox>
//    </td>

//    </tr>

//    </table>
//    </form>



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About the Author

Suvendu Banik
Program Manager
India India
Love to code

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