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New Microsoft Chart Controls for Web and Windows Forms Applications

, 1 Dec 2008 CPOL
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Microsoft has just launched a very rich chart control for .NET web and Windows Forms applications. Let’s take a look at some features from it.


Microsoft has just launched a very rich chart control for .NET web and Windows Forms applications. Let’s take a look at some features from it.


Chart Types

The following chart types are available:

  • Bar and columns
  • Line
  • Area
  • Pie and Doughnut
  • Point
  • Range
  • Circular
  • Accumulation
  • Data Distribution
  • Financial

You still have the option to combine more than one chart type.

Bind Types

The following options are available to be used as bind types for your application charts:

  • XML Files
  • Excel Files
  • CSV Files
  • Arrays
  • IEnumerable objects
  • Dataviews

How To...

The examples and documentation are really good and to work with the new Microsoft Chart control is very straightforward. Drag and drop a chart control, set properties in design and / or runtime and it’s done!


The namespace you are going to use is System.Web.UI.DataVisualization.Charting.

Main Properties

  • ChartAreas: It is the area where a chart is plotted. Your chart may contain more than one chart area, that means you may plot more than one chart by render and you may even overlap charts.
  • Series: It is the data you may plot on your chart area.
  • ChartType: The chart type property is under the Series property and defines how your data series will be displayed on a chart area.
  • Axes: Defines properties for the X and Y axes like appearance and titles.
  • Palette: Defines the colors set for your chart.
  • Titles: Defines text that may be used to describe a chart, an axis or any other part of the chart.
  • Legends: Defines the legends that will display the data series information.
  • Labels: Defines text that may be displayed close to axis, points and custom labels.


The following code uses two arrays to create a simple pie chart:

double[] yValues = { 10, 27.5, 7, 12, 45.5};
string[] xNames = { “Mike”, “John”, “William”, “George”, “Alex” };
myChart.Series[0].Points.DataBindXY(xNames, yValues);



Picture 1: Pie chart created with array databind.

Using the same code but changing some values will produce the following bar chart:


Picture 2: Column chart created with an array databind.

More Features

This new control set is really rich on the level of customization allowed. Some other features of the new Microsoft Chart control include:

  • Image plot or binary streaming rendering
  • Allows a very complex set of data to be plotted
  • 3D visualization control (perspective, angle, rotation)
  • Events to give even more control over how to plot data, custom images, post plot actions and a click event
  • May be used in conjunction with Ajax to create real time charts, use charts as trigger to load data
  • Drill down chart with preview
  • Image map selection
  • Custom animated tooltips
  • Capture of mouse events

If you want to get more information, take a look at the documentation, check over 200 examples included on the samples or visit the Chart Forum.


  • 1st December, 2008: Initial post


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Cirilo Meggiolaro
Team Leader
Canada Canada
I am a brazilian architect / development team lead located in Toronto, Canada.
During the last years I have been working on enterprise applications especially on Microsoft platform for companies located in South and North America.
Application design, coding and especially tunning, debugging and performance related issues troubleshooting make part of my skills bag.
I keep a blog called ITTecture with daily tips related to architecture, performance and .NET coding where you will find some tips, tricks, thoughts and even concepts related to system architecture, application performance and all the cool (but sometimes not so cool) stuff that I’ve heard, read, debbuged, fixed, refactored and coded and how to avoid long overnights far away from home!!!

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