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VLCWrapper - A Little C++-wrapper Around libvlc

, 12 Mar 2012 CPOL
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An article on wrapping libvlc (VLC media player) in a C++-class


This article presents a little C++-wrapper for the libvlc-library, which is the core component of the VLC media player. I was looking for an easy way to integrate video playback in my C++ applications. Because I've been using VLC for media playback for many years now, I started playing around with the VLC API. The result is a little wrapper around the libvlc-library. It provides basic media playback functionality. Since v.2.0 the  libvlc-library is released under the LGPL, so you can use it in commercial applications. All sourcecode in this arcticle is licensed under the CPOL. Please excuse any bugs because this wrapper is more a quick hack than a feature complete wrapper. Wink | ;)

For testing purposes, I wrote a simple media player which uses the VLCWrapper. It's included in the example above.


The most valuable source of information about the VLC API for me was the developer section on the VLC website and the documented C-headers of the VLC source. The project website is a good starting point if you plan to code something with VLC or extend the VLCWrapper.

The C++-Interface of VLCWrapper to LIBVLC

The interface declared in "VLCWrapper.h" is small and the member functions are quite self-explanatory. To get a good overlook, I stripped of the comments. Check out the sources for more information.  

class VLCWrapper
    std::auto_ptr<VLCWrapperImpl> pImpl_;
    void SetOutputWindow(void* pHwnd);
    void SetEventHandler(VLCEventHandler event, void* pUserData);
    void OpenMedia(const char* pMediaPathName);
    void Play();
    void Pause();
    void Stop();
    int64_t GetLength();
    int64_t GetTime();
    void SetTime(int64_t newTime);
    void Mute(bool mute = true);
    bool GetMute();
    int  GetVolume();
    void SetVolume(int volume);

Using the Code

Using the VLCWrapper is easy. The first step would be to add a new VLCWraper as a member of your window class and a CStatic for video output:

#include "VLCWrapper.h"

class CVlcDialogDlg : public CDialog
    VLCWrapper vlcPlayer_; /// Our VLCWrapper.
    CStatic vlcControl_;  /// This CStatic will be used as device context by libvlc.
    . . . 

Now we can initialize the VLCWrapper in OnInitDialog():

BOOL CVlcDialogDlg::OnInitDialog()

    vlcPlayer_.SetOutputWindow((void*)vlcControl_.GetSafeHwnd()); // the CStatic will be 
							          // used for video output

    vlcPlayer_.SetEventHandler(&HandleVLCEvents, this);           // Set handler for vlc events

The handler function for VLC events:

static void HandleVLCEvents(const VLCEvent* pEvent, void* pUserData)
    CVlcDialogDlg* pDlg = reinterpret_cast<CVlcDialogDlg*>(pUserData); 
    case libvlc_MediaPlayerTimeChanged:
       TRACE("VLC_EVT_TIME_CHANGED: new_time %d[ms]\n",

Now everything is in place, and you can start playing media files. E.g., the "Load" and "Play" members look like this:

void CVlcDialogDlg::OnBnClickedButtonLoad()
    CFileDialog dlgFile(TRUE);
        CString file=dlgFile.GetPathName();
        vlcPlayer_.Play();  // start media after loading....

void CVlcDialogDlg::OnBnClickedButtonPlay()


  • 03/12/2012 
    • Updated the project to use the VLC API 2.0.0.
    • Changed license to CPOL.  
  • 09/20/2011 
    • Added project files for Visual Studio 2010. 
  • 09/11/2010
    • Some bugfixes and optimizations, thanks to heretic13!
    • Build the demo with VLC 1.1.4.
    • Removed demo & source links to old VLCDialog versions which required VLC < 1.1.
  • 05/29/2010
    • Updated the project to use the VLC API 1.1
    • The wrapper now uses an auto_ptr for its Pimpl. I missed deleting the Pimpl in the first versions
    • Fixed a redraw error
    • Thanks to Haim Engler for the hint on the memory leak and the redraw problem!
  • 08/20/2009
    • Pimped VlcDialog (Resizing, Icon-Buttons)
    • Striped off dependency to "StdAfx.h" in class VLCWrapper and class VLCWrapperImpl
    • Replaced a deprecated function call to libvlc; now SetOutputWindow(void*) takes a void pointer to a window handle
  • 08/14/2009
    • Some fixes in the example listings
  • 08/11/2009
    • Initial release


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Alex Skoruppa
Technical Lead HERE, a Nokia Business
Germany Germany
No Biography provided

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Sorry for my bad english Smile | :)

Nice project, this is only complete project for use VLC API in VS c++ who i've found on the net.
I want create new project for begin, modify project properties and include everything for building, but not work.
There is something specifically for use VLC API in VS c++.

You probably do not want these things to share. Major project and not a working full example VS c++ than that.
The purpose of the GPL is to use or change. Apparently VLC policy is to not modified much and use independently.
My goal is to put VLC in my project which base class is not CDialog.
These are no more than 20 changes in the code to implementation.For ordinary programmer is hard to find this

If you a little help
thank you
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