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Easy to use class for ScreenCapture to printer

, 9 May 2004 CPOL
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A class for easily capturing screen and printing to default printer.


For a project, I'm actually working on, I needed a way to easily create screen shots of the foreground dialog and to print the image directly to the default printer. As I couldn't find the right solution ready for use, I wrote a quick 'n dirty own class, based on the many articles found at The Code Project.

The attached code builds a very easy to use screen capture function, which can be called in a button callback for example. It is possible to adjust the capture area and the print orientation. The desired area will be captured and printed.

Using the code

As said, one of the aims was, to make the class as easy to use as possible.

  1. Add the files PrntScreen.cpp and PrntScreen.h to your project.
  2. In your application (or dialog class etc.), add the following line:
    #include "PrntScreen.h"
  3. At the place, where you want to capture and print the screen, add the following lines to your code:

    Example 1:

    CPrntScreen * ScrCap;
    ScrCap = new CPrntScreen();  //create instance
    ScrCap->DoPrntScreen();  //execute capture function
    delete ScrCap;  //remove instance


    CPrntScreen * ScrCap;
    ScrCap = new CPrntScreen("Some error ocurred!!!","Message");
    delete ScrCap;

Example 1 uses just the default parameters, whereas the Example 2 uses available options.



The constructor of the class is defined as CPrntScreen(char* sErrTxt, char* sCaption), thus accepting two parameters. The idea was to permit customizing the error message box for your own needs/language.

Description of the parameters:

  • char* sErrTxt = pointer to characters pointing to a desired error message.
  • char* sCaption = pointer to characters pointing to a desired message box caption.
    if the parameters are omitted, the default text/caption will be shown in case of an error.


The class contains just one function, DoPrntScreen(int nArea, int nOrientation, bool bDialog).
Description of the parameters:

  • nArea determines the area of screen to be captured, with:
    • 0 = Whole screen
    • 1 = Foreground window
    • 2 = Foreground window - Client area
      If parameter is omitted, 0 (Whole Screen) will be used by default

  • nOrientation determines the print orientation, with:
    • 1 = Portrait (you may also use DMORIENT_PORTRAIT)
    • 2 = Landscape (you may also use DMORIENT_LANDSCAPE)
      This parameter is only used, if bDialog=false
      If parameter is omitted, 2 (Portrait) will be used by default

  • bDialog controls, if a printer dialog will be shown:
    • false = Use default printer without showing dialog
    • true = Show printer dialog
      If parameter is omitted, false (Default Printer) will be used by default


  • Version 1.0: First version
  • Version 1.1: Updated version.
    Following changes where done:
    • Defined default parameters for even easier use (see example 1 above).
    • Introduced a flag for enabling the use of the printer dialog.
    • Changed the stretching function. Now the captured area will be stretched to printer page in the relation, it has to the whole screen. Capturing of smaller dialogs will not anymore cause huge printouts Smile | :) Having done this, it is definitely best to set print orientation to landscape!
    • The above changes are compatible to the old version, thus no code change is needed when using the new version. Just drop in the new code. Only the printout may change proportions, due to the change of stretching Frown | :(
  • Version 1.1A: Bug fix, fixing an error which caused empty pages on some printers.
  • Version 1.2: Bug fix (hopefully) and new features. This new version includes:
    • The code suggested by Dieter Hammer, which should eliminate that nasty blank page problem
    • Correct printing of dialogs, which were partially pushed out of desktop area
    • Proportional correct printout, independent of paper orientation
    • Checking, if printer is actually capable of printing images
    • And I have added a demo project. The prj file is for VC7, sorry, I don't have VC6 anymore. Just look to the last callback handlers in "PrintDlg.cpp"


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Albert Hermann
Web Developer
Brazil Brazil
IT Programmer since 1987

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