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Pinnable ControlBar

, 4 Dec 2003
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This article is based on Cristi Posea's CSizeControlBar


This article is based on the article CSizingControlBar - a resizable control bar by Cristi Posea. It implements a control bar that can be pinned.

Using the code

  1. Include the following files in your project:
  2. Add these lines to your stdafx.h (if the files are in a different directory, include the path - see the stdafx.h file in the samples):
    #include "sizecbar.h"
    #include "scbarg.h"
    #include "scbarcf.h"
    #include "PinDockBar.h"
    #include "DrawFrame.h"
    #include "AutoHideBar.h
  3. Derive classes from CPinDockBar (you have an example in mybar.* files).
  4. In mainfrm.h, include your class' header, i.e.
    #include "mybar.h"

    Then add member variables to CMainFrame, i.e.

        CMyBar m_MyBar;
        CMyBar2 m_MyBar2;
        CMyBar2 m_MyBar2_1;
  5. In mainfrm.h, Add following macro in the CMainFrame class definition
    class CMainFrame : public CFrameWnd
  6. In mainfrm.cpp, add following macro:
  7. In mainfrm.cpp, add following macro in the message map of the class:
    BEGIN_MESSAGE_MAP(CMainFrame, CFrameWnd)
  8. Create the bar in CMainFrame::OnCreate(). Then set bar styles, enable it to dock... like any control bar. Using EnablePinDocking(..) instead of EnableDocking, i.e.
  9. Set your imagelist for the AutoHideBar array m_AutoHideBar[0..3]
        m_ImgList.Create(IDB_TAB, 16, 1, RGB(255,0,255));
        for(int i = 0;i < 4; i ++)
  10. CPinDockBar is an abstract class, you need to implement two functions for your class:
        void AddToDrawBar(CAutoHideBar * pDrawBar);
        void RemoveFromDrawBar(CAutoHideBar * pDrawBar);

AddToDrawBar is called when a control sizing bar needs to move its child control(s) to side pane. RemoveFromDrawBar is called when a control sizing bar needs to take back its child control(s) from side pane.

The functions could be like this:

void CMyBar2::AddToDrawBar(CAutoHideBar * pDrawBar)
    CRect rt;
    CString szStr;
    pDrawBar->AddButton(szStr, DRAWBTNSTYLE_BTN, &m_List, 
        this, &rt, this, 0);

void CMyBar2::RemoveFromDrawBar(CAutoHideBar * pDrawBar)
    CRect rect;
    GetParentFrame()->ShowControlBar(this, TRUE, FALSE);

    m_List.MoveWindow(9,9, rect.Width() - 18, rect.Height() - 9 - 9);



LoadBarState() and SaveState() not implemented


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

ziran lin
Software Developer
United States United States
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Comments and Discussions

QuestionUnable to compile under Microsoft visual studio 2010 [modified] Pinmemberpoonampawar1120-Jun-13 18:58 
I have used this code in MS VS 2003 and it works fine. But I need to run the same code in VS 2010. But getting few errors on compilation , such as:
error LNK2001:unresolved external symbol "protected:static struct AFX_MSGMAP const* _stdcall CPinDockBar::GetThisMessageMap(void)"(?
I have changed return type of some functions from UINT to LRESULT(as given for VS2005), but it is still not working.
Please help me by providing the source code which is supported by VS2010 (if any).

modified 21-Jun-13 1:06am.

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