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, 17 Nov 2013
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Her Most Significant Bit™ NY-2013, Entertainment app for NY Ladies: All-in-One/Win8 (AIC-2013)

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This article is an entry in our AppInnovation Contest. Articles in this sub-section are not required to be full articles so care should be taken when voting.


Intel® App Innovation Contest 2013: Round 1 winning submission, advanced to Round 2 (status- submitted)


Fig D1: Demo app submission, sample screenshot

Overview of the App and Contest Credentials 

  • Target Platform: All-in-One (... and One for All)

  • Category: Entertainment (sub-category: pure fun)

  • Technical merits and broader impact of the application 

    <LOL>Preamble: not just another boring contest article submission!</LOL> Yeah, this magnificent app slightly bigger than life is intended for our Ladies, helping to make their active life time in the City productive and entertaining. It amalgamates the best of all worlds, like hardware, software and even footwear (the latter refers to shopping guide presented in rather inspirational unorthodox form). In a nutshell, proposed Hemosibi (NYD)© app will integrate tremendous knowledge base developed by the author (apparently, fellow New Yorker) regarding daily life in NYC, its unique culture and spirit (and wine and beer, as well), implemented as a big-muti-touch-screen app running in kiosk-mode, utilizing unique WPF borderless windows solution (btw, Hemosibi (NYD)©  is the abbreviation corresponding to the title; though it's still not a household name, but sure thing gonna be soon). This outstanding milestone app of tremendous cultural and historical significance introduced to the mankind at the dawn of new (third) millennium will be comprised of the following major quintessentially-important modules:
    • NY City Trivia Quiz, rather popular entertainment/educational (i.e. edutainment) series created by Author covering vast variety of topics, including City history, landmarks, points of attraction, etc (see the functional web app [3] and sample modules [10-18] in reference section).
    • NY City Subway Map based on multiple Bing technology solutions pioneered by author  [19,20]
    • NYC Shopping Guide, though not exhaustive but rather focused and practical 
    • NYC Landmarks, dedicated to major points of attraction in the Big Apple [4-9]
    • NYC Bare Necessities module, sort of Hitchhiker's guide to the NY great Universe, containing vital info like public toilet map, parking and commuting info, etc.
    • Grumpy Corner, or NYC through the critical eye: some important precautionary principles helping to survive in the City that never sleeps (as the old saying goes "no one calls from Las Vegas just to say 'hello', and no one in NY City asks the question just to get the answer"... got the point?)
  • Usage and Audiences

    <LOL>Folks, itz gonna be huge!</LOL> Primary audience is clearly stated in the title; some most common use-cases  are partially identified below in Table 1:

Table 1: Potential Users and most common use cases
Place Usage
Workplace Put the stuff in the lobby of office building, or next to vending machine, and life will be quite different
City Malls Folks  typically have plenty of time and Big Macs on their hands, so a bit of fun will be welcome.
Landmarks Existing edutaining modules dedicated to the Met Museum, MoMA, Rockefeller Plaza, Central Park, etc, complementing these popular points of attraction: folks gonna love it (most likelySmile | :)
Waiting Rooms Installed in airports (LGA/JFK), Grand Central Terminal, in DMV and other public places with long lines and plenty of waiting times  - this app gonna be very welcome.
Restaurants AIO unit, a non-obtrusive digital pal complementing the nice entourage, helping to shape a conversation and keep the proverbial ball rolling
  • Development approach 

    • From technical perspective development approach adheres to the cornerstone principle of separation of programmatic concerns, namely: all layout and aesthetic enhancement to be achieved via WPF/XAML; data content to be stored in reference database (read-only SQL CE); the algorithmic part will be implemented as managed code compiled into .NET assembly. Proposed  application will utilize novel hardware features of AIO, namely: multi-touch screen and external HID, MMUI capability of Windows 8 OS, .NET framework and speech technology (TTS/ASR).
    • From PMO prospective, development should be focused on maximum utilization of existing content and integration into a single software app.
    • Other strategically important development principles are listed below:
      • Application must be applicable
      • Entertainment must be entertaining
      • Don't run with scissors
      • Don't underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups
      • Forget OOP,  think Data-Centric
      • When in doubt - Google hard 
  • Coding Languages, Frameworks, Tools 

    .NET framework/WPF well-managed code base will be developed mostly using C# language and occasionaly SQL/T-SQL for database operations on Microsoft SQL Server Compact edition (SQL CE). In addition to this, universal mouse pad (backward compatible with all versions of Windows OS) will be used for smooth cursor movements. English language (en-us) will be used for objects and vars naming, and also in comments, app notes, read-me files, user manuals and other funny stuff.

About Author 

Dr. Alexander Bell is a Microsoft technology veteran with development experience span from DOS to Win 8. He actively participates in digital life of online development communities (published 20 article and 36 tips on Codeproject). He is personally credited for the completion of 10+ of enterprise level FLCD projects, providing consulting services to major financial institution in NYC. Dr. Bell is a pioneer and enthusiast of speech-enhanced Windows applications and novel MMUI concept.  Beyond his professional duties, Alexander is devoted to digital photography, classical music and art. He is a frequent contributor to NY Examiner [4-18] and a Legend of  

Contest Metrics (Round 1 & Round 2)

Innovation and User Experience

  • HECHUVALOT of UX and Innovations (yada-yada-make-a-difference! Note - delete this from final version Smile | :)
  • WINDOWS WITHOUT BORDERS, i.e. innovative border-less WPF Windows dramatically increasing aesthetic appeal and overall UX
  • Efficient MMUI utilizing multi-touch features of AIO and .NET speech enhancement (ASR/TTS) 
  • Single-window solution providing intuitive navigation between functional areas
  • External HID for navigation and kiosk-mode operations

Usage of AIO key technical enabling vectors

  • App utilizes multi-touch screen operations in conjunction with speech-enhanced UI features
  • AIO screen resolution allows high data density and aggregation of multiple features into a single-page solution.

App Viability/Significance for selected Category (Entertainment)

<LOL>Folks it's Profoundly-Epic one!<LOL> .

New York City is a home place for more than 8 million people and a major point of tourists attraction. It's unique culture and life style has been pivotal for entertainment biz in the US and abroad. Proposed app utilizing the latest/greatest technological achievement encapsulated in modern AIO in conjunction with innovative MMUI solutions and unique content, presented in a rather inspirational manner is expected to be a valuable addition to the entertainment product line,.

Descriptive clarity, scope, coverage

Detailed App description on conceptual and implementation levels and corresponding programmatic tasks/challenges/solutions is provided in the following section (Background and Points of Interest). Multiple screenshots included in the body of the article illuminate the core concept of UI implementation and usage. 


 Achtung/Warning: humor included! Possible side effects: LOL, ROFL, even LMAO. Please observe the <LOL> tags and ROFL responsively. Thanks Smile | :)  

Proposed solution has a modular structure. Most of proposed modules has been developed and tested by the Author, either as Windows or Web application (RIA), running on a variety of platforms (desktops, Ultrabooks). Following discussion partially covers that development projects.

NY City Trivia Quiz

The author is well known to online communities for his NYC trivia quiz [3] traced back to 2009. Currently there are more than 100 quiz modules, comprised of proprietary content (including text and graphic) created by Author [10-18]. Sample quiz modules, powered by Author's unique proprietary quiz engine [3], are shown below (see Fig. 1-5):

Fig.1: NY City sample trivia quiz module ('Top of the Rock' at Rockefeller Plaza)

Fig.2: NY City sample trivia quiz module (MoMA)

Fig.3: NY City sample trivia quiz module (MoMA)

Fig.4: NY City sample trivia quiz module (MoMA)

Fig.5: NY City sample trivia quiz (Madame Tussauds museum)
NY City mapping solution

The solution implemented in Jobrica-2013 project (finding Job Agency in NY City), utilizes GPS/Geolocation features of Ultrabooks and Microsoft Bing mapping technology. It also implements novel voice-enhanced MMUI (voice messaging to User via TTS).  The solution could be effectively re-used/extented per the specs of AIO hardware platform. Sample screenshots follow demonstrating the core concepts of proposed idea (see Fig. 6 and Fig. 7) :

Fig 6: Finding places nearby using Geolocation services, sample screenshot related to Jobs in NYC

Fig 7: Corresponding Interactive map shows Job Agencies nearby, sample screenshot

Using the code

This section will be continuously updated as project progressing.

Points of Interest

Proposal app has a modular structure and implements multiple innovative solutions listed below :

  • Unique borderless WPF Window design/layout and re-sizing solution
  • Speech-enhance MMUI implementation
  • Mapping solution utilizing Microsoft Bing technology

<LOL>But we can do better!  Upon highly anticipated market success and public adoption/admiration, this magnificent app gonna be complemented by another equally triumphant module titled tentatively "His Most Significant Bit™" (but Ladies come first). </LOL>

Executive Summary sorta of 

Well, Entertainment app shoulda be entertaining. This sophisticated amalgam of hi-tech breakthrough (AIO), innovative ideas and utmost edutaining content could potentially materialize in a new societal phenomenon - desktop app of unparalleled cultural and historical significance. Betcha you had some fun just reading this brief intro, so you can reasonably anticipate the actual app to be even more exciting. Cheers... 


  • 2002 A.D. Multiple Voice-controlled and speech enhanced engineering and office applications developed and published by the author [1,2] 
  • 2010 A.D. NYC daily trivia quiz web app, powered by unique proprietary quiz engine has been released [3]
  • 2012 A.D. Borderless WPF window solution has been developed
  • Aug 20, 2013 A.D.: This milestone article was introduced to the mankind and, in particular, submitted to the Intel® App Innovation Contest 2013 (AIC-2013), category: AIO/Entertainment
  • Oct 18th-2013: Automatic Content Rotator (WPF/C# ) has been added to the app 
  • Oct 20th-2013: Interactive Mapping solution (multi-touch enabled) has been added to the app
  • Oct 28th-2013: Sample content has been added to the app (quiz, map, slideshow)
  • October 31st, 2013 A.D. : HeMoSiBi package is submitted to Round 2 of AIC-2013  


  1. Alexander Bell, Voice feedback enhances engineering calculator (EDN, 2002, 7)
  2. Alexander Bell, Add voice command to virtual instrumentation (EDN, 2002, 5)
  3. NY City daily trivia quiz, web application
  4. New York City major landmarks and points of attraction
  5.  Museum Mile in New York City
  6. Alexander Bell, Greco-Roman sculptures at the Met Museum NYC
  7. Alexander Bell, American Neoclassical sculptures at the Met Museum NYC
  8. European Sculptures at NY Metropolitan Museum of Art 
  9. Rockefeller Center NYC, amalgamated art and technology
  10. New York City trivia quiz, part 40
  11. New York City trivia quiz 39
  12. New York City quiz, part 38
  13. New York City quiz, part 37
  14. New York City quiz part 35
  15. New York City quiz, part 34
  16. How well do you know New York City: pop-quiz 26
  17. How well do you know New York City: pop-quiz 22
  18. How well do you know New York City: pop-quiz 18
  19. NASCAR Map based on Microsoft Bing technology
  20. "Find Tutor" in NYC , online mapping solution based on Micrsoft Bing Map

Acronyms and Abbreviations 

  • AIO All-In-One
  • ASR Automatic Speech Recognition
  • Hemosibi (NYD) Her Most Significant Bit (New York Digital)
  • HID Human Interface Device
  • GUI Graphical User Interface
  • MMUI Multi-Modal User Interface (multi-touch, speech-enhanced)
  • MoMA Museum of Modern Art (NYC)
  • RIA Rich Internet Application
  • SQL CE SQL Compact Edition
  • TTS Text-to-Speech
  • UI User Interface
  • UX User eXperience
  • WPF Windows Presentation Foundation
  • XAML Extensible Application Markup Language 


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

President Infosoft International Inc
United States United States
Dr. A. Bell has 20+ years of Software and Electrical Engineering experience. He is Win/Web veteran, published 200+ articles and authored 37 inventions, currently focused on: Windows 7/8, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, SQL, .NET, ASP.NET, WPF, C#, Speech Technology and Mobile apps. He's been among recent App submission winners (The Windows 8* & Ultrabook™ App Innovation Contest 2012). Sample pubs:
  1. Edumatter M12: School Math Calculators and Equation Solvers (contest winner)
  2. Engineering Calculator VOLTA-2013 (contest winner)
  3. HTML5 Best Practices: Table formatting via CSS3
  4. Edumatter-M12 for Windows, app overview
  5. Engineering Calculator VOLTA-814D
  6. CoolPhone: phone numbers-to-text converter
  7. SQL generates large data sequence
  8. Aggregate Product function extends SQL
  9. Top-50 Digital Cameras
  10. WebTV Project: Embedded YouTube Player (Goog #1 YouTube API for ASP.NET)
Dr. Bell is personally credited for 10+ Enterprise level projects (Finance/Investment, Engineering, Edu) w/total code base exceeding 250k lines; doing consulting in NYC for 20 yrs.
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