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Processing HTML Forms From a CHtmlView

, 15 Jul 2000 Public Domain
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A simple method to processing HTML forms From a CHtmlView
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    In my wanderings I have seen a lot of code to get HTML dialogs, html pages and the like into a C++ project but I haven't heard any mention about processing forms.  That is about to end now, the included project demonstrates (very basic) processing of information submitted by a HTML form (which loaded from the application's resources).

    The project also demonstrates the use of linked HTML pages within the application's resources.  While I did not specifically demonstrate it's use, JavaScript and/or VBScript can be used as well.  The possibility of using Java class files has also come to mind, but that is beyond the scope of this article.

    The project overrides CHtmlView::OnBeforeNavigate2 to catch the form data.  The only way to get this navigation message from the CHtmlView is to simply place an action property in the <FORM> tag like this:

     <FORM action="" method="POST" name="Test">

    The overridden code is as follows:

    void CTestHTMLView::OnBeforeNavigate2(LPCTSTR lpszURL, DWORD nFlags, 
                                          LPCTSTR lpszTargetFrameName, CByteArray& baPostedData, 
                                          LPCTSTR lpszHeaders, BOOL* pbCancel) 
    	// Are we on the initial navigation thrown by the 
    	// OnInitialUpdate?  If not, process the POST.
    	if(	m_bProcessNavigate )
    		// Build a message box from the submitted data
    		CString strMessage, strBytes;
    		strMessage = _T("");
    		// Get general info from the submitted form
    		_T("Browse To:\n%s\n\nFlags: %d\nTarget Frame:\n%s\n\nHeaders:\n%s\n"),
    		lpszURL, nFlags,	lpszTargetFrameName, lpszHeaders);
    		// Get the POST data
    		// This is where this sample gets semi-cool
    		strBytes = _T("\n\nPosted Bytes :\n\n");
    		if (baPostedData.GetSize())
    			// This is a kludgy copy, but you get the idea
    			for(int i = 0;i < baPostedData.GetSize();i++)
    				strBytes += (char)baPostedData[i];
    			// Let's split the posted data into separate lines
    			// for the messagebox
    		// Once the data is copied, we can do anything we 
    		// want with it, but I'll just display the silly
    		// MessageBox
    		AfxMessageBox((strMessage + strBytes),MB_OK);
    		// Let's NOT Navigate!
    		//*pbCancel = TRUE;
    	CHtmlView::OnBeforeNavigate2(lpszURL, nFlags,	
    	                             lpszTargetFrameName, baPostedData,
    	                             lpszHeaders, pbCancel);

    Try the program, have a good look at the source for both the C++ and HTML, I have tried to make sure everything I did is fully documented.



    This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under A Public Domain dedication


    About the Author

    Ted Crow
    Systems Engineer
    United States United States
    Ted has been programming computers since 1981 and networking them since 1984. He has been a professional technology manager and computer networking consultant for more than 20 years.
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