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Map Network Drive (API)

, 18 May 2004 CC (ASA 2.5)
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Class for interfacing to the "map network drive" windows interface

Image - netdrive0015.jpg

What does it do?

This is a class for interfacing with windows map network drive API's.

Introduction to the class...

  • Getting started

    Add the class file "cNetworkDrives0015.cs" to your project / solution.
    Add the "using" definition to your form, etc.
    using aejw.Network;
  • Example (Mapping a network drive)

     NetworkDrive oNetDrive = new aejw.Network.NetworkDrive();
        oNetDrive.LocalDrive = "m:";
        oNetDrive.ShareName = "\\ComputerName\Share"
     }catch(Exception err){
        MessageBox.Show(this,"Error: "+err.Message);
     oNetDrive = null;
  • Example (Unmapping a network drive)

     NetworkDrive oNetDrive = new aejw.Network.NetworkDrive();
        oNetDrive.LocalDrive = "m:";
     }catch(Exception err){
        MessageBox.Show(this,"Error: "+err.Message);
     oNetDrive = null;

Username and Password functions...

The following examples require the object / class to be declared.
     cNetworkDrive oNetDrive = new cNetworkDrive();
  • Mapping a network drive

    • //Map drive with current user credentials
      oNetDrive.LocalDrive = "m:";
      oNetDrive.ShareName = "\\ComputerName\Share1"
    • //Map drive with specified user credentials
      oNetDrive.LocalDrive = "m:";
      oNetDrive.ShareName = "\\ComputerName\Share1"
    • //Map drive with and prompt user for credentials
      oNetDrive.LocalDrive = "m:";
      oNetDrive.ShareName = "\\ComputerName\Share1"
      oNetDrive.PromptForCredentials = true;
    • //Map drive using a persistent connection
      oNetDrive.LocalDrive = "m:";
      oNetDrive.Persistent = true;
      oNetDrive.SaveCredentials = true;
      oNetDrive.ShareName = "\\ComputerName\Share1"
  • Unmapping a network drive

    • //Unmap a network connection
      oNetDrive.LocalDrive = "m:";
      oNetDrive.ShareName = "\\ComputerName\Share1"
    • //Unmap a network connection ignoring network related errors
      oNetDrive.LocalDrive = "m:";
      oNetDrive.Force = true;
      oNetDrive.ShareName = "\\ComputerName\Share1"
  • Other functions

    • //Display windows connection dialog
      //Display windows disconnection dialog
    • //Restore all persistent connections


  • 14th May 2004 - build0015
    • LocalDrive and ShareName are now properties.
    • Dialog functions now use a form object instead of a window handle.
    • Renaming scheme for public functions and properties, MapNetworkDrive(...) is now MapDrive(...), etc...
    • Added Persistant option, Used for reconnecting a drive at logon.
    • Added SaveCredentials option, Allows windows to remember the user credentials when reconnecting a persistent connection.
    • Added Force option, for MapDrive calls, if a drive is connected it will disconnect that drive then reconnect to the new share.
    • Added PromptForCredintals option, for MapDrive calls, windows will ask for a username and password to use with the connection.
    • Added RestoreDrives function that restores persistent connections.
  • 30th April 2004 - build0012
    • Code refinements and tidying, added comments to the class.
  • 27th April 2004 - build0011
    • Adjusted declare tags, tidied class and article
  • 26th April 2004 - build0010
    • First version posted online


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License


About the Author

Web Developer
New Zealand New Zealand
C#, (Web and forms), SQL Server, MySQL, ASP, Win32 API, ...

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