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Zip and Unzip from a C# program using J# runtime

, 25 Apr 2004 CPOL
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Zip and Unzip from a C# program using


There are a lot of libraries to work with zip files. I found a very easy way to work with zip files from a C# program. The Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 comes with new language: J#. Let's look at it a little. For sure, Java is a parent of it; if so, is somewhere here! I spent a few minutes and found it in vjslib.dll. Let's do the work. Start a new C# project and select Windows Application. Our goal is something like that:

All we need to do is: add reference to our project:

Now, we can use it:

// Output stream fos = new; 

// Tie to zip stream zos = new; 

// Stream with source file fis = new; 

// It's our entry in zip ze = new; 

sbyte[] buffer = new sbyte[1024]; 
int len; 

// Read and write until done 
while((len = >= 0) 
    zos.write(buffer, 0, len); 
// Close everything 


That's all! Demo application is included.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Valeri Makarov
Software Developer
Russian Federation Russian Federation
Over 12 years of experience as a Software Developer/Engineer, development and production support applications for MS DOS, MS Windows.
Certified C Programmer
Certified C++ Programmer
Certified Visual FoxPro Programmer
Certified C# Programmer

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As vjslib is buggy (don't use it) try this one:
There are 3 advantegaes over vjslib:
1.) It works without bugs.
2.) It also supports GZip, Tar and BZip2 .
3.) The DLL you need is only 140 kB instead of 3,7 MB.
The SharpZipLib has a good detailed documentation but it lacks examples.
So I post my code here which I use to zip a whole folder into a ZIP file.
using ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.Zip;
/// <summary>
/// Packs a folder and all files in all its subfolders into a ZIP file preserving the relative paths
/// Requires ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib library
/// </summary>
static public void PackFolderIntoZipFile(string s_Folder, string s_ZipFile)
	ZipOutputStream i_zStream = new ZipOutputStream(File.Create(s_ZipFile));
	i_zStream.SetLevel(5); // Compression level (0-9)

	int s32_BaseFolderLen = s_Folder.Length;
	if (s_Folder.Substring(s_Folder.Length-1) != "\\") s32_BaseFolderLen ++;
	ArrayList i_FileList = new ArrayList();
	EnumFiles(ref i_FileList, s_Folder, "*.*", true);
	Byte[] u8_Buf = new Byte[0x100000]; // 1 Megabyte buffer

	foreach (string s_File in i_FileList)
		FileStream i_fStream = null;
		// Catch errors of files which are locked (cannot be opened)
		try   { i_fStream = File.OpenRead(s_File); }
		catch { continue; }
		// Cut the base folder ("E:\ZipFolder\Subfolder\File.txt" -> "Subfolder/File.txt")
		// The zip archive requires "/" as separator
		string s_ZipPath = s_File.Substring(s32_BaseFolderLen).Replace("\\", "/");
		ZipEntry i_ZipEntr = new ZipEntry(s_ZipPath);
		FileInfo i_Info    = new FileInfo(s_File);
		i_ZipEntr.DateTime = i_Info.LastWriteTime;
		while (true)
			int s32_Len = i_fStream.Read(u8_Buf, 0, u8_Buf.Length);
			if (s32_Len <= 0)
			i_zStream.Write(u8_Buf, 0, s32_Len);
/// <summary>
/// This recursive function searches all files in the given folder and its subfolders
/// s_Filter = "*.Extension"
/// s_Path   = Start path
/// </summary>
static public void EnumFiles(ref ArrayList i_FileList, string s_Path, string s_Filter, bool b_Subfolders)
	if (s_Path == null || s_Path == "")
	string[] s_Files = Directory.GetFiles(s_Path, s_Filter.Trim());
	foreach (string s_File in s_Files)
	if (b_Subfolders)
		string[] s_Dirs = Directory.GetDirectories(s_Path);
		foreach (string s_Dir in s_Dirs)
			EnumFiles(ref i_FileList, s_Dir, s_Filter, true);

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