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Customer Support in Silverlight

, 7 Jun 2010 CPOL
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Take a screen capture of your running Silverlight app and submit it to your web server, inclusive of a lot of system information


Imagine the following:

  • You have built the world's best Silverlight twitter client, but every now and then your app crashes
  • You deployed your great Line Of Business Silverlight application, but you have no idea if people like it or not
  • Every now and then you get a phone call from your customer: "I can't see the details"
    What the??

So what do you do?

Instead of having endless support calls, email conversations, tracing in log files, lookups in log-databases, etc… use the below Feedback Control:

With this feedback control, you will get:

  1. A screenshot of what the user is looking currently at
  2. All system information like:
    1. OS version
    2. Last reboot
    3. Silverlight version
    4. Your application version
    5. …. and heaps more…


  1. We use this nice ImageTools library from Codeplex (PNGEncoder can be found there) to convert a Bitmap to PNG.
  2. The file upload is done via a nice and easy HTTPHandler on the server side that receives PNGs and saves them to a specific folder.
    More information can be found in Tim Heuer's video about Uploading files in Silverlight with source code.

How To

  1. We create a screenshot of the current Silverlight app with a WriteableBitmap:
    feedback.ScreenShot = new WriteableBitmap(this.LayoutRoot, null); 
  2. We collect system information in Silverlight with classes like:
    • Environment
    • HtmlPage.Document
    • HtmlPage.BrowserInformation
    • Application.Current.Host
    // Collect system info
    StringBuilder sbStringBuilder = new StringBuilder();
    sbStringBuilder.AppendLine("OSVersion: " + Environment.OSVersion);
    sbStringBuilder.AppendLine("System start: " + 
    sbStringBuilder.AppendLine("CLR Version: " + Environment.Version); 
  3. We upload the screen to our server by converting the WriteableBitmap to a PNG:
    ImageTools.Image image = ImageTools.ImageExtensions.ToImage(_screenShot);
    using (MemoryStream writestream = new MemoryStream())
        PngEncoder encoder = new PngEncoder();
        encoder.Encode(image, writestream);
        byte[] bytes = writestream.ToArray();
        MemoryStream readStream = new MemoryStream(bytes);

Once we have the screen and the system information on the server, we can send emails, create work-items in TFS or your favorite bug tracking system...

Using the Code

  1. Copy the Feedback control to your Silverlight app.
  2. Fix the Upload URLs
    string _baseUrl = "http://{0}/Silverlight-Feedback/UploadHandlers/"; 
  3. Download ImageTools library from Codeplex and add 3 references to your Silverlight app:
    1. ImageTools
    2. ImageTools.IO.Png
    3. ImageTools.Utils
  4. Insert the following code on your "Feedback" button or "About" button:
    // Show window and we are done
    FeedbackWindow feedback = new FeedbackWindow();
    feedback.ScreenShot = new WriteableBitmap(this.LayoutRoot, null);

All done - have fun!

Other Usages

On start up or log-off your Silverlight application, phone home and tell usage...
There is no user interaction needed to do this...
Make sure to include a privacy statement somewhere. Wink | ;-)



This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Peter Gfader
Tester / Quality Assurance Zühlke
Italy Italy
Peter -hates- dislikes crap software and tries his best to improve the profession of software development. For this reason he joined The seek for improvement keeps him getting out of bed ever day... and the smell of coffee.

One day, Peter woke up and realized that software development is not only about code, but also about people: From his team mates till the end user. Some people you just give donuts and some you need to give a little bit more. Peter is on a journey to make everyone happy.

If he is not sitting on a mountainbike or playing the trumpet, you might find him at a local user group to hang out with other geeks!

Peter was born in South Tirol (Italy), studied in Austria, enjoyed a beautiful 3 years working in Sydney Australia as a .NET developer for SSW and is now working for Zuehlke Engineering AG.

I blog about .NET development, mostly about development: including C# programming, usability, performance, tips & tricks, best practices, coding problems, and solution development.
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