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General Chinese Topics

PinnedWelcome [modified] PinPopular
Chris Maunder21-Jul-10 12:10
adminChris Maunder21-Jul-10 12:10 
This forum is for those of our Chinese audience who are not yet comfortable with the main forums. The purpose of the forum is to allow new Chinese members to get a feel for how the site works, be guided by others, and eventually graduate to the main programming and discussion forums.

This forum is experimental and I am looking for Chinese speaking moderators.
Chris Maunder

The Code Project | Co-founder
Microsoft C++ MVP
modified on Monday, August 23, 2010 1:49 PM

AdminI need a volunteer who is in China Pin
Chris Maunder10-May-16 8:34
adminChris Maunder10-May-16 8:34 
GeneralMessage Automatically Removed Pin
16-Dec-15 16:50
groupyizhenmoney-Mobile Loan16-Dec-15 16:50 
Generalternary operator Pin
Member 121807275-Dec-15 0:53
memberMember 121807275-Dec-15 0:53 
General有没有人写过facebook的登陆 httppost? Pin
Member 1193519225-Aug-15 21:17
memberMember 1193519225-Aug-15 21:17 
GeneralMessage Automatically Removed Pin
23-Jul-15 23:58
memberalisomi9823-Jul-15 23:58 
Generalhelp!! Pin
bopenghui20-Jul-15 20:48
memberbopenghui20-Jul-15 20:48 
QuestionHELP!! Pin
龙 杨10-Jun-15 6:07
member龙 杨10-Jun-15 6:07 
QuestionC#短信系统短信猫 Pin
Member 1159873911-Apr-15 1:50
memberMember 1159873911-Apr-15 1:50 
General不得不重新注册一个账号 Pin
succinite201523-Feb-15 14:07
professionalsuccinite201523-Feb-15 14:07 
GeneralRe: 不得不重新注册一个账号 Pin
Bad Company5-Mar-15 17:26
memberBad Company5-Mar-15 17:26 
GeneralVisual Studio/C# 方向的就业前景怎么样啊? PinPopular
DWNSTJUDE24-Dec-14 10:10
memberDWNSTJUDE24-Dec-14 10:10 
GeneralA Chinese Blog about integrating MS Detours and MHook Libraries Pin
Jamming19-Dec-14 3:05
memberJamming19-Dec-14 3:05 
GeneralRe: A Chinese Blog about integrating MS Detours and MHook Libraries Pin
whiteclouds19-May-15 15:42
memberwhiteclouds19-May-15 15:42 
GeneralRe: A Chinese Blog about integrating MS Detours and MHook Libraries Pin
whiteclouds19-May-15 17:18
memberwhiteclouds19-May-15 17:18 
GeneralRe: A Chinese Blog about integrating MS Detours and MHook Libraries Pin
Jamming119-May-15 21:02
memberJamming119-May-15 21:02 
GeneralRe: A Chinese Blog about integrating MS Detours and MHook Libraries Pin
Member 1202189326-Dec-15 18:11
memberMember 1202189326-Dec-15 18:11 
General通过模拟点击按钮控制外部程序,外部程序中的excel不启动! Pin
Member 112832725-Dec-14 3:56
memberMember 112832725-Dec-14 3:56 
General中国区好冷清啊,咱们自己国家的几个论坛也越来越冷清了 PinPopular
tony_ming7-Oct-14 2:31
membertony_ming7-Oct-14 2:31 
GeneralRe: 中国区好冷清啊,咱们自己国家的几个论坛也越来越冷清了 Pin
fengyuancom9-Oct-14 17:29
memberfengyuancom9-Oct-14 17:29 
GeneralRe: 中国区好冷清啊,咱们自己国家的几个论坛也越来越冷清了 Pin
fengyuancom9-Oct-14 17:30
memberfengyuancom9-Oct-14 17:30 
GeneralRe: 中国区好冷清啊,咱们自己国家的几个论坛也越来越冷清了 Pin
xiaozhi_563812-Oct-14 16:19
memberxiaozhi_563812-Oct-14 16:19 
GeneralRe: 中国区好冷清啊,咱们自己国家的几个论坛也越来越冷清了 Pin
MewX30-Oct-15 15:15
memberMewX30-Oct-15 15:15 
GeneralRe: 中国区好冷清啊,咱们自己国家的几个论坛也越来越冷清了 Pin
Member 1132886024-Dec-14 10:01
memberMember 1132886024-Dec-14 10:01 
GeneralRe: 中国区好冷清啊,咱们自己国家的几个论坛也越来越冷清了 Pin
Member 1202189326-Dec-15 18:12
memberMember 1202189326-Dec-15 18:12 
GeneralRe: 中国区好冷清啊,咱们自己国家的几个论坛也越来越冷清了 Pin
WortLiu25-Apr-16 16:56
professionalWortLiu25-Apr-16 16:56 
GeneralC#2013mail的接收和发送不使用第三方插件(Receive and send e-mail realization way don't use other plugins) Pin
swimming0320-Sep-14 14:31
memberswimming0320-Sep-14 14:31 
GeneralRe: C#2013mail的接收和发送不使用第三方插件(Receive and send e-mail realization way don't use other plugins) Pin
Member 1193519225-Aug-15 21:15
memberMember 1193519225-Aug-15 21:15 
General这里只是给新手过渡用的 PinPopular
Member 109308624-Aug-14 14:42
memberMember 109308624-Aug-14 14:42 
GeneralC# Pin
Member 1097861230-Jul-14 2:39
memberMember 1097861230-Jul-14 2:39 
GeneralC# Directshow Pin
Member 1097861230-Jul-14 2:34
memberMember 1097861230-Jul-14 2:34 
GeneralWPF3D的性能如何提升,求解决方案 Pin
Member 1081387211-Jun-14 2:19
memberMember 1081387211-Jun-14 2:19 
General用了这么久才发现有中国区,真好 Pin
xzhdy9-Jun-14 23:47
memberxzhdy9-Jun-14 23:47 
GeneralRe: 用了这么久才发现有中国区,真好 Pin
x2154123-Jun-14 16:51
memberx2154123-Jun-14 16:51 
GeneralRe: 用了这么久才发现有中国区,真好 Pin
kokyu9-Jun-15 23:07
memberkokyu9-Jun-15 23:07 
General印度 vs 中国 Pin
蒋刚15-Feb-14 2:59
member蒋刚15-Feb-14 2:59 
GeneralRe: 印度 vs 中国 Pin
Member 1060071016-Feb-14 5:45
memberMember 1060071016-Feb-14 5:45 
GeneralRe: 印度 vs 中国 PinPopular
Damon Shi22-Apr-14 17:02
memberDamon Shi22-Apr-14 17:02 
GeneralRe: 印度 vs 中国 Pin
Member 1176575214-Jun-15 20:14
memberMember 1176575214-Jun-15 20:14 
General实在看不懂英文不知道在哪修改密码! Pin
xiaoyong52010-Feb-14 22:30
memberxiaoyong52010-Feb-14 22:30 
GeneralRe: 实在看不懂英文不知道在哪修改密码! Pin
Member 1058713010-Feb-14 22:44
memberMember 1058713010-Feb-14 22:44 
GeneralRe: 实在看不懂英文不知道在哪修改密码! Pin
yuyixuantai24-Nov-14 16:34
memberyuyixuantai24-Nov-14 16:34 
NewsKioolo jdkallzzz&lapspas Pin
Member 105134449-Jan-14 20:47
memberMember 105134449-Jan-14 20:47 
General3.0 out of 4.9% Pin
thatraja25-Dec-13 22:33
mvpthatraja25-Dec-13 22:33 
GeneralRe: 3.0 out of 4.9% Pin
Mohammad M. Mohammad7-Feb-14 22:34
memberMohammad M. Mohammad7-Feb-14 22:34 
GeneralRe: 3.0 out of 4.9% Pin
Rahul VB1-May-14 17:46
professionalRahul VB1-May-14 17:46 
GeneralRe: 3.0 out of 4.9% Pin
sankarsan parida19-May-14 2:47
professionalsankarsan parida19-May-14 2:47 
General中国区怎么没多少人啊? Pin
zhangyachao6-Oct-13 7:25
memberzhangyachao6-Oct-13 7:25 
GeneralRe: 中国区怎么没多少人啊? Pin
guochong ou6-Oct-13 8:18
memberguochong ou6-Oct-13 8:18 
GeneralRe: 中国区怎么没多少人啊? Pin
Ranjan.D14-Oct-13 4:56
professionalRanjan.D14-Oct-13 4:56 

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