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GeneralRe: Windows 8 apps hackable and crackable, just like iOS and Android Pinmemberfrank07113016-Dec-12 17:29 
NewsEvidence suggesting that young computer programmers have “bilingual brains” PinstaffTerrence Dorsey16-Dec-12 11:15 
NewsBrython - Python in the browser PinstaffTerrence Dorsey16-Dec-12 11:15 
NewsDear Open Source Project Leader: Quit Being A Jerk PinstaffTerrence Dorsey16-Dec-12 11:14 
NewsYou Are Not Your Code PinstaffTerrence Dorsey16-Dec-12 11:14 
GeneralRe: You Are Not Your Code PinmemberPIEBALDconsult16-Dec-12 18:55 
NewsBuilding my Own Laptop PinstaffTerrence Dorsey16-Dec-12 10:15 
NewsThe top 10 game developers of 2012 PinstaffTerrence Dorsey16-Dec-12 10:10 
NewsHappy birthday, Transistor PinstaffTerrence Dorsey16-Dec-12 10:10 
NewsAre evaluations of Microsoft Security Essentials unfair? PinstaffTerrence Dorsey16-Dec-12 10:10 
NewsThe Web We Lost PinstaffTerrence Dorsey16-Dec-12 10:09 
NewsStroustrup on next-gen C++: I didn't want to let go of my baby PinstaffTerrence Dorsey13-Dec-12 12:17 
GeneralRe: Stroustrup on next-gen C++: I didn't want to let go of my baby Pinmemberwout de zeeuw13-Dec-12 23:44 
NewsMore Code, More Problems PinstaffTerrence Dorsey13-Dec-12 12:16 
I like PHP, Python, and JavaScript, and I like making things in PHP, Python, and JavaScript. I’m not a Symfony developer, or a Django developer, or a jQuery developer. I think this is an important distinction. It’s entirely possible to be a jQuery developer, but not a JavaScript developer. It’s possible to be a Django developer, but not a Python developer. Those are all certainly valuable and useful tools, but if I only know how to use one framework, my options for using the right tool for the job get pretty limited, and in my experience, large, full-stack frameworks are often not the right tool, particularly if flexibilty and performance are major concerns.
Learn languages, not frameworks.
GeneralRe: More Code, More Problems PinmemberPIEBALDconsult13-Dec-12 18:12 
NewsA Security-Focused HTTP Primer PinstaffTerrence Dorsey13-Dec-12 12:16 
NewsAnnouncing Visual Studio Achievements For Windows 8 App Development PinstaffTerrence Dorsey13-Dec-12 12:16 
News10 Things Silverlight Devs Need to Know About the Windows Runtime PinstaffTerrence Dorsey13-Dec-12 12:15 
GeneralRe: 10 Things Silverlight Devs Need to Know About the Windows Runtime PinmemberRobTeixeira13-Dec-12 13:28 
NewsN. Joseph Woodland, Inventor of the Bar Code, Dies at 91 PinstaffTerrence Dorsey13-Dec-12 10:54 
GeneralRe: N. Joseph Woodland, Inventor of the Bar Code, Dies at 91 PinmemberZac Greve13-Dec-12 16:32 
NewsTen Reasons Why Internet Explorer 10 is Best for Business PinstaffTerrence Dorsey13-Dec-12 10:54 
GeneralRe: Ten Reasons Why Internet Explorer 10 is Best for Business PinmemberDan Neely14-Dec-12 3:38 
GeneralRe: Ten Reasons Why Internet Explorer 10 is Best for Business Pinmembered welch14-Dec-12 8:26 
NewsThe Mathematical Hacker PinstaffTerrence Dorsey13-Dec-12 10:54 
GeneralRe: The Mathematical Hacker PinmemberMatt T Heffron13-Dec-12 14:12 
NewsThe $100 tablet challenge PinstaffTerrence Dorsey13-Dec-12 10:53 
NewsGoogle Maps for iPhone shows Apple how to do mapping right PinstaffTerrence Dorsey13-Dec-12 10:53 
NewsWho reviews Linux kernel commits? PinstaffTerrence Dorsey12-Dec-12 14:16 
NewsTop 10 Uses For A Message Queue PinstaffTerrence Dorsey12-Dec-12 14:16 
NewsHow to Hack and Not Get Caught PinstaffTerrence Dorsey12-Dec-12 14:15 
NewsJeff's Top 5 XAML Tools PinstaffTerrence Dorsey12-Dec-12 14:15 
GeneralRe: Jeff's Top 5 XAML Tools PinprotectorPete O'Hanlon13-Dec-12 11:59 
NewsYour C# App on 66 Million Macs: Announcing Xamarin.Mac PinstaffTerrence Dorsey12-Dec-12 14:14 
NewsAn IPV6 Flood Attack Affects Mac OS X and Windows Server PinstaffTerrence Dorsey12-Dec-12 11:45 
NewsInternet Explorer vulnerability lets hackers track your mouse movements PinstaffTerrence Dorsey12-Dec-12 11:44 
NewsThe unlikely persistence of AppleScript PinstaffTerrence Dorsey12-Dec-12 11:44 
NewsDepixelizing Pixel Art: Upscaling Retro 8-bit Games PinstaffTerrence Dorsey12-Dec-12 11:44 
GeneralRe: Depixelizing Pixel Art: Upscaling Retro 8-bit Games PinprotectorAspDotNetDev12-Dec-12 12:39 
NewsLinux 3.7 released, bringing generic ARM support with it PinstaffTerrence Dorsey12-Dec-12 11:43 
NewsThe Sons of Kahn and the assembly language of the internet PinstaffTerrence Dorsey11-Dec-12 13:08 
NewsWebRTC hits Firefox, Android and iOS PinstaffTerrence Dorsey11-Dec-12 13:08 
NewsYour frienemy, the ORM PinstaffTerrence Dorsey11-Dec-12 13:07 
GeneralRe: Your frienemy, the ORM PinmemberPIEBALDconsult11-Dec-12 15:12 
GeneralRe: Your frienemy, the ORM Pinmemberwout de zeeuw13-Dec-12 6:05 
NewsVimulator - A Vim Simulator PinstaffTerrence Dorsey11-Dec-12 13:07 
NewsSoftware Engineers should keep lab notebooks PinstaffTerrence Dorsey11-Dec-12 13:06 
GeneralRe: Software Engineers should keep lab notebooks PinmemberClifford Nelson11-Dec-12 15:20 
NewsArduino Esplora makes a great controller PinstaffTerrence Dorsey11-Dec-12 12:12 
NewsMicrosoft delivers first over-the-air update for Windows Phone 8 PinstaffTerrence Dorsey11-Dec-12 12:11 

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