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DLLs, Assemblies and Manifests

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by StevenLJackson1
How you can structure your solution and project files in Visual Studio to make updating your assemblies' version number much easier.
by Marius Bancila
In this article I'm generalizing it and extending "Loading Assemblies in pearate Directories" with some helper functionality.
by nkrscorpio
This is yet another example for memory mapped files. What is cool though is unlike other samples, I have a SetData(TCHAR* Key, TCHAR* value) / GetData(TCHAR* key) pattern here.
by gordonwatts
Portable Class Libraries (PCLs) can only call other PCLs. There is a way to implement PCLs that "call" platform specific services by writing a PCL and platform specific equivalent libraries.

Latest Articles

by Jörg Anslik
How to detect Desktop mouse (double) clicks using MH_MOUSE_LL.
by JoeSox
Connect to ConceptNet 5's REST API
by pasztorpisti
A custom implementation of the FindResource() and LoadString() functions with better error indication. Pointing the direction for those who want to learn the binary PE resource format.
by pasztorpisti
How to load DLLs by allocating memory and loading the DLL from file/memory and then relocating/importing.

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