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List Controls

Great Reads

by Chris Maunder
Shows how to use text callbacks in list controls
by Stuart Carter
This article explains how to support file drag and drop in your CWnd-derived object
by Nikolay Ananenko
Avoid horizontal scroll and effectivelly use whole horizontal control width: resize all columns except one to their content and this one to all remaining space.
by Paw Jershauge
An easy to use ListView group sorter (very simple).

Latest Articles

by HateCoding
A tiny custom list control
by MichaelLPerry
A behavior to attach to a ListBox to keep WPF from clearing the selected item
by Dirkster99
This is an alternative for "A WPF File ListView and ComboBox"
by alexandrvslv
Docking windows container, extended listview, extended property editor.

Research Library

Read this paper to learn how you can create an intelligent, integrated...
By easing the process of integrating business events into automated...


by kidzopa on A Much Easier to Use ListView
by Member 11074066 on Changing Row Height in an owner drawn Control
by Member 10620935 on In-place editing of ListView subitems
by Johnny J. on Article "ImageListView for .NET"
by bzcode on A Much Easier to Use ListView

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