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Algorithms and Recipes

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by Rama Krishna Vavilala
Examining the assembly listing generated by the C++ compiler
by Qwertie
A memory-efficient Patricia trie that implements IDictionary and supports the "find nearest key" operation.
by Michael Haephrati
Creating an application that can generate crosswords from a list of words
by Corinna John
Encode a message in the order of any list

Latest Articles

by Mark Harker
In this article I would like to discuss how you can find all non-simple paths from a starting node to an end node in a directed graph.
by ehab_nour
Fast algorithm
One example of the need to have a set of nested loops in is combinotronics where you are trying to generate all possible combinations. If we want to have a variable number of elements generated then we need to look at having dynamically nested loops.
by John W. Wilkinson
A C++ JSON parser/generator written using Boost::spirit

Research Library

Due to recent innovations in the mobile device industry, demand for...
75% of the Fortune 1000 companies will offer public APIs by 2014 and...
To assess how small and medium-sized businesses are focusing on growth...
At the Enterprise level, API initiatives must serve a diverse range of...


by Rene Laviolette on Article "A Calculation Engine for .NET"
by Member 10175288 on JSON Spirit: a C++ JSON Parser/Generator...
by Bernardo Castilho on Article "A Calculation Engine for .NET"
by Member 9986830 on Article "A Calculation Engine for .NET"
by Member 10750756 on article "Bag-of-Features Descriptor on SIFT...

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