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by Thorsten Ottosen
Are you tired of filling data manually into STL containers? With the Initialization Library it gets a lot easier.
by trident99
The HPC Template Library is a supplement to the Standard Template Library providing threadsafe containers.
by Ajay Vijayvargiya
Reveals the important changes in STL.
by Nitron
This article presents an in-depth analysis of std::deque and offers guidance as to when to prefer using it as opposed to std::vector, by taking into consideration memory allocation and container performance.

Latest Articles

by Rodrigo Cesar de Freitas Dias
This article discusses two implementations of the trim function, applied to std::strings.
by Hadi Brais
CodeProjectThis is the beginning of a series about the vector container of the C++ Standard Template Library. While there are numerous resources discussing how and when to use this container, this series will be a little bit more advanced. We … Continue reading →
by Taka Muraoka
Problems that developers will face when upgrading an STL-based application to use Unicode and how to solve them.
by Taka Muraoka
A quick and convenient way to build STL strings.

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by ?? on Pretty Good Initialization Library
by GHop on An In-Depth Study of the STL Deque Container
by Nik Colman on Quick and convenient way to build STL strings.
by Wolfgang_Baron on Upgrading an STL-based application to use Unicode.
by Jon Summers on Upgrading an STL-based application to use Unicode.

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