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by Apriorit Inc, Ivan Romanenko
This article is the continue of the previously posted article Hide Driver. Some methods to detect hidden files and processes are described in it
by csrss
A tool for loading device drivers
by DaveAuld
Building for and consuming the Blitzortung Lightning Detection Network
by Tim Almdal
Implementing an Autoplay handler in C#.

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If you work on a Windows machine with customer data, you owe it to them, your employer and yourself to secure it - heres a quick run-through how!
by Michael Chourdakis
Immerse yourself in system programming!
by AD Colab Group
In the 2nd article in this thread, we start building out the 3D environment for the robots using the Visualization ToolKit (VTK).
by Jeroen De Maeijer
This is an alternative for "Simple Windows Service in C++"

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With open source so pervasive, it’s surprising how little developers...
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by EricckWu on Article "File System Filter Driver Tutorial"
by little_MASTER on How to write Termianl Services addin in pure C#
by Singtsing on Article "An UMDF driver for a virtual smart...
by Singtsing on Article "An UMDF driver for a virtual smart...
by slelong on Article "A USB Library to detect USB devices"

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