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GeneralRe: ununseptium PinprotectorOriginalGriff5-May-14 0:29 
GeneralRe: ununseptium Pinmemberharold aptroot5-May-14 0:28 
GeneralRe: ununseptium PinprofessionalV.5-May-14 0:35 
GeneralRe: ununseptium Pinmemberharold aptroot5-May-14 0:43 
GeneralRe: ununseptium PinprotectorOriginalGriff5-May-14 0:47 
GeneralRe: ununseptium PinprotectorOriginalGriff5-May-14 0:52 
GeneralRe: ununseptium Pinmemberharold aptroot5-May-14 0:56 
GeneralRe: ununseptium PinprotectorOriginalGriff5-May-14 1:03 
GeneralRe: ununseptium PinmvpCPallini5-May-14 1:02 
GeneralRe: ununseptium PinprofessionalS Houghtelin5-May-14 1:51 
GeneralRe: ununseptium PinprotectorOriginalGriff5-May-14 1:55 
GeneralRe: ununseptium PinsitebuilderAndy Brummer5-May-14 8:51 
GeneralRe: ununseptium PinmemberStefan_Lang7-May-14 4:31 
GeneralDesktop Update PinmemberKyudos4-May-14 21:34 
My XP desktop is in need of an update (no really! Poke tongue | ;-P ), as it is about 5yrs old. I definitely want to go to Win7 or 8, from 2GB memory to 6 or 8GB, I want to put an SSD in and increase my HDD capacity.
I'm debating a new motherboard / GPU.
I'd like to move to a 64bit system. But what about i5 vs i7? Are i7s worth the extra money? If I go there though, that's effectively a new machine - the price of which probably won't fly with the wife!
Typically I've been updating my machine to make it 'game-capable' for specific games - it was HL2 last time, this time Titanfall and (eventually) Elite:Dangerous.
What do recent updaters think? Will an updated OS, more memory and an SSD compensate for an old (dual core) CPU and GPU for a while longer? Or would money on those updates be 'wasted' being held back by the old components?
GeneralRe: Desktop Update PinprotectorDaveAuld4-May-14 21:44 
GeneralRe: Desktop Update PinmemberJimmyRopes4-May-14 23:13 
GeneralRe: Desktop Update PinprotectorMarco Bertschi4-May-14 23:34 
GeneralRe: Desktop Update PinprotectorOriginalGriff4-May-14 23:57 
GeneralRe: Desktop Update PinmemberJimmyRopes5-May-14 2:15 
GeneralRe: Desktop Update PinmemberDan Neely5-May-14 2:38 
GeneralRe: Desktop Update PinprofessionalGeekforChrist5-May-14 3:19 
GeneralRe: Desktop Update Pinmemberledtech35-May-14 5:57 
GeneralRe: Desktop Update PinmemberBobJanova5-May-14 23:11 
GeneralMQOTD PinprofessionalV.4-May-14 21:31 
AnswerRe: MQOTD PinprofessionalKornfeld Eliyahu Peter4-May-14 21:34 
GeneralRe: MQOTD PinprofessionalCarefulCoder4-May-14 21:45 
GeneralRe: MQOTD PinmemberRajesh_Francis4-May-14 22:02 
GeneralRe: MQOTD PinprofessionalJohnny J.4-May-14 23:21 
GeneralRe: MQOTD PinmemberSampath Sridhar4-May-14 23:49 
GeneralRe: MQOTD PinprofessionalCarefulCoder5-May-14 1:27 
GeneralRe: MQOTD PinprofessionalV.5-May-14 2:28 
GeneralRe: MQOTD PinprofessionalCorporal Agarn5-May-14 1:08 
GeneralRe: MQOTD PinprofessionalMendor815-May-14 2:02 
GeneralRe: MQOTD PinprofessionalV.5-May-14 2:27 
Generalperformance or accuracy? Pinprofessionalravikhoda4-May-14 20:48 
GeneralRe: performance or accuracy? PinmemberGuyThiebaut4-May-14 21:09 
GeneralRe: performance or accuracy? PinprofessionalKornfeld Eliyahu Peter4-May-14 21:18 
GeneralRe: performance or accuracy? PinmemberMarcus_24-May-14 21:27 
AnswerRe: performance or accuracy? PinmemberDaniel Lieberwirth (BrainInBlack)4-May-14 21:59 
GeneralRe: performance or accuracy? PinprofessionalJörgen Andersson4-May-14 22:04 
GeneralRe: performance or accuracy? PinmemberSortaCore5-May-14 22:59 
GeneralRe: performance or accuracy? PinprofessionalV.4-May-14 22:30 
GeneralRe: performance or accuracy? PinmemberJimmyRopes4-May-14 23:02 
GeneralRe: performance or accuracy? PinmemberDaniel Lieberwirth (BrainInBlack)5-May-14 0:11 
GeneralRe: performance or accuracy? PinprofessionalJörgen Andersson5-May-14 0:49 
GeneralRe: performance or accuracy? PinmemberDaniel Lieberwirth (BrainInBlack)5-May-14 0:53 
GeneralRe: performance or accuracy? PinprofessionalJörgen Andersson5-May-14 1:24 
GeneralRe: performance or accuracy? PinmemberJimmyRopes5-May-14 2:18 
GeneralRe: performance or accuracy? PinmemberDaniel Lieberwirth (BrainInBlack)5-May-14 2:25 
GeneralRe: performance or accuracy? PinmemberJimmyRopes5-May-14 2:57 

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