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GeneralFlight control Pin
Rage14-Aug-14 13:14
professionalRage14-Aug-14 13:14 
GeneralRe: Flight control Pin
PIEBALDconsult14-Aug-14 14:32
memberPIEBALDconsult14-Aug-14 14:32 
GeneralRe: Flight control Pin
Mike Hankey14-Aug-14 14:57
professionalMike Hankey14-Aug-14 14:57 
GeneralRe: Flight control Pin
Chris Maunder14-Aug-14 16:39
adminChris Maunder14-Aug-14 16:39 
GeneralRe: Flight control Pin
Rage14-Aug-14 21:40
professionalRage14-Aug-14 21:40 
GeneralWhy VS2010 and Excel suck today Pin
Dan Neely14-Aug-14 11:02
memberDan Neely14-Aug-14 11:02 
GeneralRe: Why VS2010 and Excel suck today Pin
Christian Graus14-Aug-14 14:04
protectorChristian Graus14-Aug-14 14:04 
GeneralA day from hell........ Pin
DaveAuld14-Aug-14 10:47
protectorDaveAuld14-Aug-14 10:47 
So I got home from work yesterday. The wife picked me up from the airport at least, so saved me a few bob in taxi fares.

Today, I dropped her off at work, as some of you may remember her car is making a knocking/ticking noise from the top of the engine(sounds like a stuck hydraulic lifter).

Came home and then walked up to the garage where she left her car after its service(the same place that won't touch the engine, but will only replace it for a new one @ 7k, fek that!), took the car back to the house still sounding like a bag of spanners in a washing machine.

On the way back from dropping her at work, I popped into the local halfords and picked up some Wynns Hydraulic Lifter Cleaner engine treatment, to see if it make any difference before considering taking the engine to bits or changing it out. And having now warmed the engine I pored the stuff in the engine and left the car running for about 30 minutes idling, then shut it off.

On the way to pick the wife up from work in my car, a car coming the other way decided it wanted all the road and I had no option but to go hard to the left, hitting a massive pothole and instantly bursting the tyre.Mad | :mad: continue to drive to her work to collect her, gets out and has a look there, and yes its feked. Fortunately the alloy is only has a small divot in it. Collected the wife and went round the corner to the Tesco petrol station to see if the tyre would take any air at all. Just as I get out the car the heavens opened.Mad | :mad: And they charge £1 for 80seconds on the compressor! Mad | :mad:

It is now 5pm, I'm 7 miles from home running on a flat tyre, soaking wet and need to be back to the house for 5.30 as the eldest's piano teacher is coming. Gets back just in time. which was a small miracle given the fact that aberdeen is the second most congested city in the UK!

Now, I had to pick the wifes broken car up and use it to get across town. D'Oh! | :doh: The noise was terrible, every one looking, and now it is also occasionally smokey because of the chemicals shoved in the oil. Then hits a massive traffic jam due to a set of traffic lights failing on the main road out of the city North (yes, the way I'm heading) took 45mins to go 1/2 mile. Arrives 2 minutes after kick-off, but fortunately others were also late stuck in the jam. Cry | :((

Finishes football, drive back home, parks the wifes car and goes and get changed into scraggy clothes to go and swap my car's wheels onto the winter alloys/tyres. I'm knackered by this time after playing 5-a-side and really couldn't be bothered, but need it to take the wife to work in the morning. Anyway, gets the first 3 done ok, then went to do the burst tyre, couldnt get the jack under the car because the tyre was so flat. had to reverese the wheel onto a thick block of wood enough to get the jack under.

At least that is them changes, now just need to get some new tyres fitted next week. Was only due to change the rears, but now due to the wrecked front left, will have to do the fronts as well. Cry | :(( Cry | :((

Tomorrow, drop wife at work, then at lunch time, pick her up and take her to collect here new car.....I'm broke again I fear.
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GeneralRe: A day from hell........ Pin
jeron114-Aug-14 10:52
memberjeron114-Aug-14 10:52 
GeneralRe: A day from hell........ Pin
PIEBALDconsult14-Aug-14 10:54
memberPIEBALDconsult14-Aug-14 10:54 
GeneralRe: A day from hell........ Pin
OriginalGriff14-Aug-14 11:12
protectorOriginalGriff14-Aug-14 11:12 
GeneralRe: A day from hell........ Pin
jeron114-Aug-14 11:25
memberjeron114-Aug-14 11:25 
GeneralRe: A day from hell........ Pin
OriginalGriff14-Aug-14 11:41
protectorOriginalGriff14-Aug-14 11:41 
GeneralRe: A day from hell........ Pin
Pete O'Hanlon14-Aug-14 10:55
protectorPete O'Hanlon14-Aug-14 10:55 
GeneralRe: A day from hell........ Pin
Jeremy Falcon14-Aug-14 10:58
professionalJeremy Falcon14-Aug-14 10:58 
GeneralRe: A day from hell........ Pin
Pete O'Hanlon14-Aug-14 11:03
protectorPete O'Hanlon14-Aug-14 11:03 
GeneralRe: A day from hell........ Pin
Jeremy Falcon14-Aug-14 11:09
professionalJeremy Falcon14-Aug-14 11:09 
GeneralRe: A day from hell........ Pin
DaveAuld14-Aug-14 11:22
protectorDaveAuld14-Aug-14 11:22 
GeneralRe: A day from hell........ PinPopular
_Maxxx_14-Aug-14 12:51
professional_Maxxx_14-Aug-14 12:51 
GeneralRe: A day from hell........ Pin
DaveAuld14-Aug-14 20:19
protectorDaveAuld14-Aug-14 20:19 
GeneralRe: A day from hell........ Pin
_Maxxx_15-Aug-14 2:56
professional_Maxxx_15-Aug-14 2:56 
GeneralRe: A day from hell........ Pin
_Damian S_14-Aug-14 13:51
professional_Damian S_14-Aug-14 13:51 
GeneralRe: A day from hell........ Pin
Marc Clifton14-Aug-14 14:55
protectorMarc Clifton14-Aug-14 14:55 
GeneralRe: A day from hell........ Pin
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter14-Aug-14 20:02
professionalKornfeld Eliyahu Peter14-Aug-14 20:02 
GeneralChuck Norris facts about... PIEBALDconsult PinPopular
Pete O'Hanlon14-Aug-14 10:03
protectorPete O'Hanlon14-Aug-14 10:03 

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