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QuestionCreate new Mobile Application Pin
Blue_Boy27-Feb-07 1:32
memberBlue_Boy27-Feb-07 1:32 
QuestionSmart Device and databases help Please Pin
BOND_JAMES26-Feb-07 23:31
memberBOND_JAMES26-Feb-07 23:31 
QuestionPorblem with creating install files. [modified] Pin
Aasifkhan26-Feb-07 21:47
memberAasifkhan26-Feb-07 21:47 
QuestionIs OpenFileDialog my only solution? Pin
slaiser26-Feb-07 11:00
memberslaiser26-Feb-07 11:00 
QuestionNeed help urgently Pin
jayu_s_a23-Feb-07 4:14
memberjayu_s_a23-Feb-07 4:14 
Questionplaying at the right FPS Pin
Member #187221322-Feb-07 16:47
memberMember #187221322-Feb-07 16:47 
QuestionDevice Application Pin
abolkog22-Feb-07 10:48
memberabolkog22-Feb-07 10:48 
AnswerRe: Device Application Pin
Burrough23-Feb-07 8:25
memberBurrough23-Feb-07 8:25 
AnswerRe: Device Application [modified] Pin
Orcrist27-Feb-07 12:59
memberOrcrist27-Feb-07 12:59 
QuestionHow to Make a control to View a Video clip from web to Mobile Pin
Member #382589522-Feb-07 9:00
memberMember #382589522-Feb-07 9:00 
QuestionPocket PC Pin
Pariksheet21-Feb-07 20:14
memberPariksheet21-Feb-07 20:14 
AnswerRe: Pocket PC Pin
Mike Dimmick21-Feb-07 23:45
memberMike Dimmick21-Feb-07 23:45 
QuestionAutomation and eVC++ 4.2 Pin
Like2Byte21-Feb-07 9:24
memberLike2Byte21-Feb-07 9:24 
AnswerRe: Automation and eVC++ 4.2 Pin
perlmunger22-Feb-07 5:14
memberperlmunger22-Feb-07 5:14 
If there is support for it, it is not immediately obvious in a web search. I did, however, notice that there is a namespace within the Window Mobile 5 SDK called Microsoft.WindowsMobile.PocketOutlook which looks like it allows you to do some Pocket Outlook related functions. Given, this is managed code and you wouldn't be able to work with it in eVC++ 4.2, however, if Outlook is what you want to work with, there appears to be a way to do it. If Word or Excel are what you want, though, you may be out of luck.


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QuestionPairing between PDA and bluetooth device Pin
spit_spit_spit_spit20-Feb-07 23:04
memberspit_spit_spit_spit20-Feb-07 23:04 
Questionebook refrecence Pin
B.A20-Feb-07 2:37
memberB.A20-Feb-07 2:37 
AnswerRe: ebook refrecence Pin
Orcrist26-Feb-07 11:35
memberOrcrist26-Feb-07 11:35 
Questionserver certificate authentification Pin
lmr2219-Feb-07 23:45
memberlmr2219-Feb-07 23:45 
QuestionHow to start new process (specifically IE) using a button? Pin
boško16-Feb-07 0:31
memberboško16-Feb-07 0:31 
AnswerRe: How to start new process (specifically IE) using a button? Pin
Mike Dimmick19-Feb-07 6:19
memberMike Dimmick19-Feb-07 6:19 
QuestionCannot parse XML under Windows Mobile 5.0 Pin
Antony Lee14-Feb-07 17:43
memberAntony Lee14-Feb-07 17:43 
AnswerRe: Cannot parse XML under Windows Mobile 5.0 Pin
Mike Dimmick15-Feb-07 0:12
memberMike Dimmick15-Feb-07 0:12 
GeneralRe: Cannot parse XML under Windows Mobile 5.0 Pin
Antony Lee15-Feb-07 4:27
memberAntony Lee15-Feb-07 4:27 
QuestionPocket PC Keyboard Pin
MinarikM14-Feb-07 3:15
memberMinarikM14-Feb-07 3:15 
AnswerRe: Pocket PC Keyboard Pin
Mike Dimmick15-Feb-07 0:15
memberMike Dimmick15-Feb-07 0:15 
GeneralRe: Pocket PC Keyboard Pin
MinarikM15-Feb-07 2:33
memberMinarikM15-Feb-07 2:33 
QuestionHow to create a ticker on Pocket PC Pin
snprani13-Feb-07 23:48
membersnprani13-Feb-07 23:48 
AnswerRe: How to create a ticker on Pocket PC Pin
perlmunger21-Feb-07 5:23
memberperlmunger21-Feb-07 5:23 
QuestionDownloading a picture from a Servlet [modified] Pin
Vichitram12-Feb-07 20:10
memberVichitram12-Feb-07 20:10 
QuestionAbout tiny kernel template? Pin
Syouki_kou12-Feb-07 17:56
memberSyouki_kou12-Feb-07 17:56 
AnswerRe: About tiny kernel template? Pin
Mike Dimmick15-Feb-07 0:19
memberMike Dimmick15-Feb-07 0:19 
Questionperformance profiling tool for Windows Mobile? Pin
George_George12-Feb-07 4:34
memberGeorge_George12-Feb-07 4:34 
QuestionWSE3 and VS2005 compact framework Pin
AndyBrew7012-Feb-07 2:12
memberAndyBrew7012-Feb-07 2:12 
QuestionOpenNetCf version Pin
ArchaBhandare11-Feb-07 22:13
memberArchaBhandare11-Feb-07 22:13 
Questionexception encountered Pin
ArchaBhandare11-Feb-07 20:06
memberArchaBhandare11-Feb-07 20:06 
AnswerRe: exception encountered Pin
perlmunger21-Feb-07 5:39
memberperlmunger21-Feb-07 5:39 
QuestionSMS Protocol...? Pin
Pavan_pareta11-Feb-07 19:24
memberPavan_pareta11-Feb-07 19:24 
AnswerRe: SMS Protocol...? Pin
perlmunger21-Feb-07 5:48
memberperlmunger21-Feb-07 5:48 
Questionsoftware Pin
Member #38136799-Feb-07 7:09
memberMember #38136799-Feb-07 7:09 
QuestionTabletPC 1.0 Advanced Remote Pin
Member #38136799-Feb-07 7:08
memberMember #38136799-Feb-07 7:08 
QuestionHelp Needed!! Problem in running an exe file Pin
ArchaBhandare8-Feb-07 20:49
memberArchaBhandare8-Feb-07 20:49 
AnswerRe: Help Needed!! Problem in running an exe file Pin
Ashvin Gunga20-Feb-07 19:48
memberAshvin Gunga20-Feb-07 19:48 
AnswerRe: Help Needed!! Problem in running an exe file Pin
arcticbrew22-Feb-07 6:30
memberarcticbrew22-Feb-07 6:30 
QuestionContacts/Tasks/Calendar - data file documentations Pin
pmazolo7-Feb-07 21:36
memberpmazolo7-Feb-07 21:36 
AnswerRe: Contacts/Tasks/Calendar - data file documentations Pin
_teh_7-Feb-07 22:18
member_teh_7-Feb-07 22:18 
GeneralRe: Contacts/Tasks/Calendar - data file documentations Pin
pmazolo8-Feb-07 2:13
memberpmazolo8-Feb-07 2:13 
QuestionWeb Service to work with Pocket PC Pin
Developer Saksham7-Feb-07 20:35
memberDeveloper Saksham7-Feb-07 20:35 
AnswerRe: Web Service to work with Pocket PC Pin
perlmunger21-Feb-07 5:53
memberperlmunger21-Feb-07 5:53 
Questionsending email from ppc 2003 Pin
_teh_7-Feb-07 5:45
member_teh_7-Feb-07 5:45 
AnswerRe: sending email from ppc 2003 Pin
perlmunger21-Feb-07 6:02
memberperlmunger21-Feb-07 6:02 

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