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GeneralRe: sending email from ppc 2003 Pin
_teh_22-Feb-07 6:23
member_teh_22-Feb-07 6:23 
GeneralRe: sending email from ppc 2003 Pin
perlmunger22-Feb-07 9:17
memberperlmunger22-Feb-07 9:17 
QuestionWindows CE 5 vs. CE.Net Pin
yadrif7-Feb-07 3:57
memberyadrif7-Feb-07 3:57 
AnswerRe: Windows CE 5 vs. CE.Net Pin
Mike Dimmick7-Feb-07 6:46
memberMike Dimmick7-Feb-07 6:46 
GeneralRe: Windows CE 5 vs. CE.Net Pin
me_jessy9-Feb-07 1:22
memberme_jessy9-Feb-07 1:22 
QuestionWindows mobile 5.0 Pin
Sri harini6-Feb-07 20:18
memberSri harini6-Feb-07 20:18 
AnswerRe: Windows mobile 5.0 Pin
perlmunger21-Feb-07 6:17
memberperlmunger21-Feb-07 6:17 
QuestionWindows Mobile Soft Keys Pin
aruna_koride5-Feb-07 4:59
memberaruna_koride5-Feb-07 4:59 
AnswerRe: Windows Mobile Soft Keys Pin
perlmunger21-Feb-07 6:27
memberperlmunger21-Feb-07 6:27 
GeneralRe: Windows Mobile Soft Keys Pin
aruna_koride21-Feb-07 17:10
memberaruna_koride21-Feb-07 17:10 
GeneralRe: Windows Mobile Soft Keys Pin
perlmunger22-Feb-07 3:55
memberperlmunger22-Feb-07 3:55 
GeneralRe: Windows Mobile Soft Keys Pin
perlmunger22-Feb-07 5:23
memberperlmunger22-Feb-07 5:23 
GeneralRe: Windows Mobile Soft Keys Pin
aruna_koride22-Feb-07 16:20
memberaruna_koride22-Feb-07 16:20 
GeneralRe: Windows Mobile Soft Keys Pin
perlmunger22-Feb-07 16:58
memberperlmunger22-Feb-07 16:58 
I know this is stating the obvious but are you stopping the timer first before trying to call dispose? (just want to make sure).

Honestly, I think you really need to track down the real issue rather than trying to kill the process. Something is not right in the app and I promise it will not benefit you to just ignore the problem and try to kill the process. That being said, if you really want to kill it, take a look at Process.Kill() here:[^]

Here's a note from that page:

The Kill method executes asynchronously. After calling the Kill method, call the WaitForExit method to wait for the process to exit, or check the HasExited property to determine if the process has exited.

I am not familiar with Envrionment.Exit(). You'll probably have to use something else, though, since it is not available in the compact framework.

And as far as the link in #1 goes, don't worry about it. If you see my previous post (where I respond to myself), you'll see that I was sending you to look at a link about hardware keys, not softkeys.


The 3 great virtues of a programmer:
Laziness, Impatience, and Hubris.
--Larry Wall

GeneralRe: Windows Mobile Soft Keys Pin
aruna_koride22-Feb-07 17:10
memberaruna_koride22-Feb-07 17:10 
AnswerRe: Windows Mobile Soft Keys Pin
arcticbrew22-Feb-07 6:26
memberarcticbrew22-Feb-07 6:26 
QuestionFullscreen SIP input (draw on screen with mouse hook, like Transcriber) Pin
apollo854-Feb-07 4:02
memberapollo854-Feb-07 4:02 
AnswerKeyboard hook taken for a basis, but not working with WH_MOUSE & WH_MOUSE_LL Pin
apollo854-Feb-07 4:12
memberapollo854-Feb-07 4:12 
QuestionHow to send messages from icon on the upper toolbar ? Pin
knopper2-Feb-07 2:49
memberknopper2-Feb-07 2:49 
QuestionMobile comm through Wi Fi Pin
Member #378391131-Jan-07 22:31
memberMember #378391131-Jan-07 22:31 
QuestionCEDB & VS.Net 2005 Pin
Member #364435631-Jan-07 11:54
memberMember #364435631-Jan-07 11:54 
Questioncompact framework error? Pin
bryce30-Jan-07 17:50
memberbryce30-Jan-07 17:50 
AnswerRe: compact framework error? Pin
bryce30-Jan-07 18:43
memberbryce30-Jan-07 18:43 
GeneralRe: compact framework error? Pin
bryce30-Jan-07 18:47
memberbryce30-Jan-07 18:47 
QuestionHow to save mobile contacts to PDA ( Personal Distal Assistance) [modified] Pin
Siva Rama Raju30-Jan-07 1:33
memberSiva Rama Raju30-Jan-07 1:33 
QuestionReading images from webcam Pin
gskumar11129-Jan-07 20:01
membergskumar11129-Jan-07 20:01 
QuestionBluettoth Pin
xfahad29-Jan-07 8:27
memberxfahad29-Jan-07 8:27 
QuestionPlatform Manager server failed error! Pin
Shaileshhex28-Jan-07 23:19
memberShaileshhex28-Jan-07 23:19 
AnswerRe: Platform Manager server failed error! Pin
Mike Dimmick30-Jan-07 2:46
memberMike Dimmick30-Jan-07 2:46 
QuestionWinsock with Pocket PC Pin
oliver_mak26-Jan-07 4:34
memberoliver_mak26-Jan-07 4:34 
AnswerRe: Winsock with Pocket PC Pin
Alain Rist27-Jan-07 22:58
memberAlain Rist27-Jan-07 22:58 
QuestionWho can help me about winCE application develop? Pin
Gooning24-Jan-07 21:27
memberGooning24-Jan-07 21:27 
AnswerRe: Who can help me about winCE application develop? Pin
Developer Saksham7-Feb-07 20:29
memberDeveloper Saksham7-Feb-07 20:29 
QuestionInitialize Component Error Pin
Brainfour23-Jan-07 23:50
memberBrainfour23-Jan-07 23:50 
QuestionPrinting in Windows Mobile 5 Pin
Maddy6923-Jan-07 19:37
memberMaddy6923-Jan-07 19:37 
Questionmoving from wCE 3 to vs 2005 Pin
AlexEvans23-Jan-07 18:23
memberAlexEvans23-Jan-07 18:23 
QuestionGPRS Disconnection Pin
Member #303654223-Jan-07 0:47
memberMember #303654223-Jan-07 0:47 
AnswerRe: GPRS Disconnection Pin
Mike Dimmick30-Jan-07 2:54
memberMike Dimmick30-Jan-07 2:54 
Questionformatting date time in a datagrid using CF 2.0 Pin
steve_rm22-Jan-07 16:23
membersteve_rm22-Jan-07 16:23 
Questionmailling service Pin
rahul aryan17-Jan-07 22:59
memberrahul aryan17-Jan-07 22:59 
QuestionAbout Flashlite2.1 porting in Pocketpc device Pin
siddharthsan17-Jan-07 21:34
membersiddharthsan17-Jan-07 21:34 
QuestionWindows Mobile 6.0 Pin
AM Varela17-Jan-07 0:39
memberAM Varela17-Jan-07 0:39 
AnswerRe: Windows Mobile 6.0 Pin
Mike Dimmick30-Jan-07 2:58
memberMike Dimmick30-Jan-07 2:58 
Questionhow to make windows media mobile play full screen? Pin
MagicVSMichael16-Jan-07 19:03
memberMagicVSMichael16-Jan-07 19:03 
QuestionGPS Documentation Pin
AM Varela16-Jan-07 11:59
memberAM Varela16-Jan-07 11:59 
QuestionAutomatic connexion between PDA and bluetooth device Pin
spit_spit_spit_spit16-Jan-07 4:35
memberspit_spit_spit_spit16-Jan-07 4:35 
AnswerRe: Automatic connexion between PDA and bluetooth device Pin
spit_spit_spit_spit16-Jan-07 4:36
memberspit_spit_spit_spit16-Jan-07 4:36 
QuestionUsing ActiveSync to sync between SQL CE and SQL 2000 Pin
Member #372901816-Jan-07 0:50
memberMember #372901816-Jan-07 0:50 
Questionwindows mobile 5.0 Pin
Sri harini15-Jan-07 23:08
memberSri harini15-Jan-07 23:08 
QuestionMOBILE Pin
Ramananda Mallya12-Jan-07 18:46
memberRamananda Mallya12-Jan-07 18:46 

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