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Unable to connect Oracle database from C# [^]
by meeram39 at 24-Apr-15 4:47
C# (Forum)
Version of PostSharp [^]
by munrobasher at 24-Apr-15 4:43
Article "INotifyPropertyChanged auto wiring or how to get rid of redundant code" (Article)
Not clear to me [^]
by Rohan Leuva at 24-Apr-15 4:33
tip/trick "Create A Dynamic Table" (Article)
Convert Word Doc to PDF using Microsoft.Interop takes long time to conver large size files(ex 30MB) [^]
by bhushanjat at 24-Apr-15 4:27
How to convert DOC into other formats using C# (Article)
Step 8 [^]
by Marvz at 24-Apr-15 4:03
N-Tier Application in VB.NET (Article)
Excellent [^]
by bartss at 24-Apr-15 3:51
article "Generic Repository Framework (Generic Unit of Work)" (Article)
No Documentation [^]
by Member 11022122 at 24-Apr-15 3:21
Modbus TCP class (Article)
Beautiful work [^]
by Octanic at 24-Apr-15 2:31
article "Polyglot Persistence Using DDD and Repository Unit of Work" (Article)
Search is giving intermittent results in Sharepoint 2010 production environment. [^]
by Member 10833233 at 24-Apr-15 2:21
Sharepoint (Forum)
How to Open the Docx File in Silverlight [^]
by Hrishikesh Shivacharan at 24-Apr-15 2:17
C# (Forum)
temp table [^]
by Member 11360316 at 24-Apr-15 2:05
Article "SQL - Pivot with Grand Total Column and Row" (Article)
set up IPN page [^]
by Member 11635826 at 24-Apr-15 1:44
Article "Setting up PayPal Instant Payment Notification(IPN) with C#" (Article)
is it valid even after Async programming into .net [^]
by vikramsagar at 24-Apr-15 1:32
Article "Multi-Threading in ASP.NET" (Article)
Easy Form Design at Run Time C# Winform [^]
by khurram ali lashari at 24-Apr-15 1:30
article "Easy Form Design at Run Time C# Winform" (Article)
Add third party dll to a wix project [^]
by ol_ga at 24-Apr-15 1:24
Article "Wix# (WixSharp) - managed interface for Wix" (Article)
I am trying to add Acrobat COM in My Project, But It is not available in list. Please help...... [^]
by Member 11368188 at 24-Apr-15 1:15
Article "Simple And Free PDF To Image Converting" (Article)
how to resize Gridview similar to resizing picturebox ?? [^]
by Mouni Bonasu at 24-Apr-15 0:55
Runtime resizable controls! (Article)
Why ASP.NET MVC? [^]
by Pascen at 24-Apr-15 0:33
tip/trick "Angular JS with ASP.Net MVC and Web API" (Article) Score: 3.86 (3 votes).
Prevent direct access to php file through typing URL [^]
by Member 11466342 at 24-Apr-15 0:33
article "Step-by-Step PHP Tutorials for Beginners - Creating your PHP program FROM SCRATCH: Basic Authentication, Membership and CRUD functionalities" (Article) Score: 5.00 (1 vote).
useful Solution [^]
by Member 11634868 at 24-Apr-15 0:23
tip/trick "Calling C# .NET methods from unmanaged code" (Article)
I am using i00 Spell Check in my project. [^]
by Member 11638629 at 24-Apr-15 0:16
Article "i00 VB.NET Spell Check - No 3rd Party Components Required!" (Article)
TLS *Optional* Mutual Authentication [^]
by Member 11638606 at 24-Apr-15 0:14
Article "An Introduction to Mutual SSL Authentication" (Article)
Re: need help [^]
by Nguyễn Đình Đảo at 24-Apr-15 0:03
tip/trick "Multi-client server using C/Windows API" (Article)
Tracking Logon and Logoff Activity in database in c# [^]
by Balu Mate at 24-Apr-15 0:00
Tracking users login/logout times on your site (Article)
About Example [^]
by Laurentiu LAZAR at 23-Apr-15 23:37
article "Using Multiple Models in a View in ASP.NET MVC 4" (Article)
2014 [^]
by Member 9837857 at 23-Apr-15 22:37
article "Print button & Date picker in SSRS Reports for Non IE Browsers(Chrome,FF,etc.)" (Article)
Good Job [^]
by Santhosh Babu Mahimairaj at 23-Apr-15 22:37
Article "6 important .NET concepts: - Stack, heap, Value types, reference types, boxing and Unboxing." (Article)
Draw Skeleton into Windows Form [^]
by Pedro Francisco Borges Pereira at 23-Apr-15 22:32
technical blog "Kinect for Windows version 2: Body tracking" (Article)
3D Exterior Rendering | visualization Service [^]
by Jigna Seo at 23-Apr-15 22:19
article "Learn MVC 5 in 7 days - Day 2" (Article)
String builder [^]
by Member 8971435 at 23-Apr-15 22:13
String Vs StringBinder (C Sharp) (Article)
nested grid view [^]
by Member 10217678 at 23-Apr-15 22:05
Article "Selecting / Deselecting all checkboxes inside the GridView" (Article)
nested grid view [^]
by Member 10217678 at 23-Apr-15 22:00
Article "Check/uncheck CheckBox in a GridView using Javascript" (Article)
code [^]
by Member 11637956 at 23-Apr-15 21:58
article "Learning Modern OpenGL" (Article)
Is this a temporary problem? [^]
by sbarnes at 23-Apr-15 21:41
article "An introduction to ::Workspaces" (Article)
Not an article [^]
by OriginalGriff at 23-Apr-15 21:15
article "Step by Step Guide To Automate Build Process of websites using Jenkins and MSBuild " (Article) Score: 1.00 (1 vote).
Check out - A better engine with Algorithmic trading engine [^]
by baseldayyani at 23-Apr-15 20:34
Article "Simple C# DLL to download data from Google Finance using an alternative, undocumented method." (Article)
Hi, Is it Possible to implement this in Asp.Net MVC ? [^]
by Pratap A Patil at 23-Apr-15 20:17
Article "SCSI Library in C# - Burn CDs and DVDs, Access Hard Disks, etc." (Article)
Server Side Code and Client Side Code [^]
by King Fisher at 23-Apr-15 19:37
ASP.NET (Forum)
MVC 5 with Unity for Dependency Injection [^]
by itsaranga at 23-Apr-15 19:32
article "Microsoft Unity in ASP.NET MVC" (Article)
Unity.Mvc5 Package [^]
by itsaranga at 23-Apr-15 19:31
article "Dependency Injection in MVC Using Unity IoC Container " (Article)
Thanks for Article [^]
by shyam.vkb at 23-Apr-15 19:06
technical blog "Interview Questions Answers – Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)" (Article)
Trouble to suspend Asio [^]
by babaseb at 23-Apr-15 17:42
Article "Low latency audio using ASIO drivers in .NET" (Article)
Questions for People using 64-bit Outlook [^]
by .dan.g. at 23-Apr-15 17:05
ToDoList 5.1.1 - A simple but effective way to keep on top of your tasks (Article)
Step by step in detail of the development [^]
by Member 11634460 at 23-Apr-15 16:56
Article "Performing a SAML Post with C#" (Article)
is it possible to adjust columns to new page? [^]
by sampatrick22 at 23-Apr-15 16:54
Article "Printing of DataGridView" (Article)
send data from JavaScript to PHP [^]
by Member 8367502 at 23-Apr-15 16:24
JavaScript (Forum) Score: 1.00 (2 votes).
Universal App support [^]
by Member 5963197 at 23-Apr-15 15:48
article "UniversalSerializer" (Article)
Error executing a CREATE FUNCTION [^]
by Member 11244942 at 23-Apr-15 15:35
article "A Beginner's Tutorial for Understanding ADO.NET" (Article)
Make it a tip and add an image... [^]
by .dan.g. at 23-Apr-15 15:34
tip/trick "Create a Midnight Rainbow with a little HTML and CSS" (Article)
Great article [^]
by Member 11503910 at 23-Apr-15 15:10
article "Build Your Owen Generic Data Access Layer" (Article)

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