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AnswerRe: Run a .NET EXE from a webhost Pin
Eddy Vluggen5-Feb-13 0:52
mvpEddy Vluggen5-Feb-13 0:52 
QuestionUse External Domian or Internal Domain Pin
karirkoe25-Jan-13 4:33
memberkarirkoe25-Jan-13 4:33 
AnswerRe: Use External Domian or Internal Domain Pin
Simon_Whale25-Jan-13 4:50
memberSimon_Whale25-Jan-13 4:50 
QuestionWCF Managed Windows Hosting Pin
Member 977162721-Jan-13 15:05
memberMember 977162721-Jan-13 15:05 
AnswerRe: WCF Managed Windows Hosting Pin
thatraja4-Oct-13 19:57
mvpthatraja4-Oct-13 19:57 
QuestionReliable Linux VPS Host? Pin
Lloyd Atkinson6-Jan-13 17:12
memberLloyd Atkinson6-Jan-13 17:12 
SuggestionRe: Reliable Linux VPS Host? Pin
Albert Holguin11-Feb-13 14:56
memberAlbert Holguin11-Feb-13 14:56 
QuestionHow to get detail of host who take mstsc? Pin
sumit703419-Dec-12 17:06
membersumit703419-Dec-12 17:06 
AnswerRe: How to get detail of host who take mstsc? Pin
jschell20-Dec-12 8:39
memberjschell20-Dec-12 8:39 
GeneralRe: How to get detail of host who take mstsc? Pin
sumit703420-Dec-12 17:30
membersumit703420-Dec-12 17:30 
GeneralRe: How to get detail of host who take mstsc? Pin
jschell22-Dec-12 13:54
memberjschell22-Dec-12 13:54 
QuestionWeb application slow for particular user Pin
Karan_TN12-Dec-12 4:12
memberKaran_TN12-Dec-12 4:12 
AnswerRe: Web application slow for particular user Pin
SCraw285527-Dec-12 2:45
memberSCraw285527-Dec-12 2:45 
QuestionConnecting to Exchange SMTP Server through Telnet/Custom Code Pin
DisIsHoody11-Dec-12 11:31
memberDisIsHoody11-Dec-12 11:31 
I originally posted this in the "Web Programming" forum and in discussions over there it seems that the issue I may be having is related specifically to the Exchange server I'm trying to use. I'm going to re-post my messages over here in the hopes that someone will be able to tell me why I can't do what I'm trying and why there seems to be inconsistencies in the data that I've been finding. Sorry for the long post, but I'm just trying to post everything I already asked in the other forum and the only thing anyone was able to suggest what that it was some sort of network security issue and that I needed to ask someone who knows Exchange very well. Thanks in advanced for any help/suggestions/solutions that you can provide. This is something very important to an application I'm developing and without it I lose a major function.

Below is a combination of post I had written over a 2 day period based on additional information users were asking for. I cut it back some, but I just want to make sure I provide everything I can:

I'm a VB.NET developer and I like to expand by knowledge by trying to program things from scratch that are already implemented in the the.NET framework. My current project is programming a SMTP server using just sockets. I've already read the RFC on SMTP and my company has an Exchange Server (2007) that I was going to use for testing.

The web address of the server is and I used reverse DNS to get the IP adress. The domain name does have a MX record a well. From the command prompt on my computer (which is running Win7 Professional) I tried using telnet to connect on port 25. I tried using the domain name as well as the IP address, but both times it said it couldn't connect to the server on port 25.

I checked the settings in Outlook and the port is correct. I then tried connecting on port 110, and some other ones that are sometimes used, and it gave the same error message.

Next I connected to the Exchange server through VPN and tried telnet again on port 25 and this time it worked. However in the SMTP banner it said instead of So I disconnected from the VPN and tried the telnet again on all the ports I initially tried but used but again got the same error message. I did an IP address lookup and and point to the same IP address.

I then used and (I think that was the adress) and used their SMTP tools to see of they could connect. I entered as the domain name and they looked up the MX record, which returns as the SMTP server, and both tools were able to connect with no issues identified.

So my questions: 1) If the MX record list as the SMTP sever, why does the banner return 2) Why can't I connect the SMTP server through telnet unless I'm connected through VPN, but the two websites I used to test it the connection worked?

Obviously the server works because because the two websites can connect to it, I can when I'm in VPN, and other servers can because I receive email on my corporate account. What could prevent my computer from connecting to the SMTP server through telnet when I'm not on VPN. I should also mention that I even tried turning off all my anti-virus software to make sure that it wasn't blocking it.

I was thinking maybe because I don't have a domain name so if the Exchange server tries to lookup the IP address of my computer there is no MX or PTR record. Is this something SMTP servers look for?

Just today I also found something that I don't know how to explain or how it may affect this. The MX record for the server list However, even when I'm on VPN, I can't connect to the SMTP server using that address in telnet or the IP address it points to. I have to use, which is shown in the SMTP banner and points to the SAME IP ADDRESS. Is there a setting in Exchange that makes it script only request coming from this address? If so, how do the online SMTP tools discover this subdomain when I only gave the tools the domain name ( and the MX record only shows The address is not located anywhere in the zone file.

What I'm trying to do (at least for now) is figure out how to deliver mail to the Exchange server from my software. For example, if I build an SMTP server and a client which connects to my that SMTP server and I want to send an email to (where the SMTP server for is hosted on the Exchange server), how would the SMTP server I created connect to the Exchange server in order to deliver the email? Doesn't the Exchange server have to allow some sort of connection from outside the intranet in order to receive emails from other domains (gmail, yahoo, etc.)?
Questioninstallation of xamp on ubuntu Pin
Massalay10-Dec-12 9:02
memberMassalay10-Dec-12 9:02 
AnswerRe: installation of xamp on ubuntu Pin
Richard MacCutchan10-Dec-12 21:40
mvpRichard MacCutchan10-Dec-12 21:40 
AnswerRe: installation of xamp on ubuntu Pin
Albert Holguin8-Feb-13 5:50
memberAlbert Holguin8-Feb-13 5:50 
QuestionAzure vs Own Servers Pin
DaveAuld22-Nov-12 3:12
mentorDaveAuld22-Nov-12 3:12 
AnswerRe: Azure vs Own Servers Pin
MatthysDT14-Apr-14 22:55
memberMatthysDT14-Apr-14 22:55 
GeneralRe: Azure vs Own Servers Pin
DaveAuld15-Apr-14 1:42
protectorDaveAuld15-Apr-14 1:42 
QuestionIIS 7.x related - for hosting .Net application Pin
Gautam Hattiangadi16-Nov-12 22:45
memberGautam Hattiangadi16-Nov-12 22:45 
QuestionAntivirus for Business Pin
jrahma25-Oct-12 23:21
memberjrahma25-Oct-12 23:21 
AnswerRe: Antivirus for Business Pin
Eddy Vluggen26-Oct-12 2:57
memberEddy Vluggen26-Oct-12 2:57 
AnswerRe: Antivirus for Business Pin
manoranjan20-Nov-12 17:38
membermanoranjan20-Nov-12 17:38 
AnswerRe: Antivirus for Business Pin
SCraw285527-Dec-12 2:50
memberSCraw285527-Dec-12 2:50 
Questionwhat is the configuration for a video sharing site? Pin
Arunkumar.Koloth19-Oct-12 7:53
memberArunkumar.Koloth19-Oct-12 7:53 
AnswerRe: what is the configuration for a video sharing site? Pin
Marcus Kramer19-Oct-12 9:09
memberMarcus Kramer19-Oct-12 9:09 
QuestionHELP! /web developers/programmers needed Pin
asylicnet18-Oct-12 22:48
memberasylicnet18-Oct-12 22:48 
AnswerRe: HELP! /web developers/programmers needed Pin
Richard MacCutchan18-Oct-12 23:30
mvpRichard MacCutchan18-Oct-12 23:30 
AnswerRe: HELP! /web developers/programmers needed Pin
tkserv201120-Oct-12 12:35
membertkserv201120-Oct-12 12:35 
QuestionAnyone have any experience with Linux Routing? Pin
jkirkerx8-Oct-12 7:08
memberjkirkerx8-Oct-12 7:08 
Answer[SOLVED] Pin
jkirkerx9-Oct-12 11:25
memberjkirkerx9-Oct-12 11:25 
AnswerRe: Anyone have any experience with Linux Routing? Pin
tkserv201120-Oct-12 12:37
membertkserv201120-Oct-12 12:37 
GeneralNot really solved - This is what I really want to do Pin
jkirkerx20-Oct-12 18:16
memberjkirkerx20-Oct-12 18:16 
QuestionIssue in Web site hosted on NLBS mode Pin
Shri Wangnekar8-Oct-12 5:41
memberShri Wangnekar8-Oct-12 5:41 
Questionfork() failed: Cannot allocate memory (12) Pin
Ali Saeed Khan25-Sep-12 23:27
memberAli Saeed Khan25-Sep-12 23:27 
QuestionSubnetting Pin
Ainnop24-Sep-12 20:51
memberAinnop24-Sep-12 20:51 
Question404 Not found error in IIS 8 Pin
Zac Greve24-Sep-12 11:53
memberZac Greve24-Sep-12 11:53 
Question500 error when 100 user hiting the website simultaneously... Pin
Manish_8424-Aug-12 2:08
memberManish_8424-Aug-12 2:08 
AnswerRe: 500 error when 100 user hiting the website simultaneously... Pin
jschell2-Sep-12 7:44
memberjschell2-Sep-12 7:44 
eteme12-Aug-12 6:01
membereteme12-Aug-12 6:01 
AnswerRe: My IT NETWORK PROJECT PinPopular
Eddy Vluggen20-Aug-12 2:04
memberEddy Vluggen20-Aug-12 2:04 
Albert Holguin20-Aug-12 3:36
memberAlbert Holguin20-Aug-12 3:36 
eteme27-Aug-12 19:27
membereteme27-Aug-12 19:27 
Albert Holguin28-Aug-12 2:46
memberAlbert Holguin28-Aug-12 2:46 
tkserv201120-Oct-12 12:39
membertkserv201120-Oct-12 12:39 
Joan Murt23-Sep-12 22:41
memberJoan Murt23-Sep-12 22:41 Pin
Sasikumar.mohan3-Aug-12 3:19
memberSasikumar.mohan3-Aug-12 3:19 
AnswerRe: Pin
Karthik Harve3-Aug-12 20:35
memberKarthik Harve3-Aug-12 20:35 
AnswerRe: Pin
Bernhard Hiller5-Aug-12 23:26
memberBernhard Hiller5-Aug-12 23:26 

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