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Welcome to the new Press Releases forum! Our old press release system has been retired but we've moved everything and everyone to a new, shinier home. Enjoy!

A press release must be written for the purpose of announcing something newsworthy. Advertisements, promotions, or anything smelling even vaguely of spam will be deleted. All press releases must be relevant to the development community.

NewsWSO2 Featured Guest Speakers at WSO2Con 2013 US Will Present Technologies and Best Practices for Enabling the Connected Enterprise Pin
Member 979567319-Sep-13 9:25
memberMember 979567319-Sep-13 9:25 
NewsQuartzDesk 1.1.3 Released Pin
xmoravej19-Sep-13 3:52
professionalxmoravej19-Sep-13 3:52 
NewsWSO2 Expands Identity Management Capabilities Across Cloud, Mobile and Web Applications With the Launch of WSO2 Identity Server 4.5 Pin
Member 979567318-Sep-13 10:50
memberMember 979567318-Sep-13 10:50 
NewsGdPicture.NET 10 Document Imaging SDK New Major Release Pin
GdPicture-ORPALIS17-Sep-13 1:04
groupGdPicture-ORPALIS17-Sep-13 1:04 
NewsIntersoft Releases Premier Studio 2013 with Revolutionary Cross-Platform Mobile Toolset, Powerful XAML Reporting and Major ASP.NET Upgrades Pin
Intersoft Solutions (Business)16-Sep-13 19:43
groupIntersoft Solutions (Business)16-Sep-13 19:43 
GeneralPDF Vision .NET is Now 300% Faster in Converting JPEG and TIFF to PDF under .NET Pin
SoftPressRelease15-Sep-13 5:06
memberSoftPressRelease15-Sep-13 5:06 
NewsUltrafast JPEG Codec from Fastvideo Pin
SoftPressRelease15-Sep-13 4:13
memberSoftPressRelease15-Sep-13 4:13 
NewsWSO2 Presents Four Technical Webinars on Optimizing API Management Best Practices Using WSO2 API Manager Pin
Member 979567312-Sep-13 9:54
memberMember 979567312-Sep-13 9:54 
NewsSuva Streamlines Insurance Processes With WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus Pin
Member 979567311-Sep-13 12:49
memberMember 979567311-Sep-13 12:49 
NewsWSO2 Presents Manchester Workshop on WSO2 Integration Platform Discovery Pin
Member 979567311-Sep-13 12:44
memberMember 979567311-Sep-13 12:44 
NewsWSO2 Presents Three Technical Webinars on Using WSO2 App Factory to Optimize Cloud-Enabled Enterprise Application Development Pin
Member 979567310-Sep-13 7:48
memberMember 979567310-Sep-13 7:48 
GeneralE-XD++ ircuit Design and interactive simulation isualization C/C++ and .NET Source Code solution Pin
kellyonlyone7-Sep-13 5:53
memberkellyonlyone7-Sep-13 5:53 
NewsWSO2 CTO to Present London Workshop on Building a Private or Hybrid PaaS with WSO2 Stratos 2.0 Pin
Member 97956736-Sep-13 13:13
memberMember 97956736-Sep-13 13:13 
GeneralRasterizing PDF Documents into Jpeg and Multipage TIFF Images in .Net Applications Pin
SoftPressRelease6-Sep-13 7:15
memberSoftPressRelease6-Sep-13 7:15 
Currently, a lot of IT companies developing their products using ready black-box modules. That seems to be the case to create a stable software in a short time. While it´s true, more than 5 million queries per month in the World connected with the word "PDF". It´s obvious, that the software market has a big demand on products related with PDF format. A one of tasks, related with this, is converting or in other words, rasterizing a PDF document into images. Let us say, this feature would be useful to generate image thumbnails from a cover page of PDF documents in e-book store.

SautinSoft, an internet-driven independent software developer, has recently released version 3.2 of their PDF Focus .Net library. In the new version considerably improved the set of API to convert PDF documents to Jpeg, Multipage TIFF, Bitmap and System.Drawing.Image class. PDF Focus .Net significantly facilitates the developing of .Net applications where required PDF to Images conversion.

The first point of innovations is converting of PDF document into a set of Jpeg images. Now PDF Focus .Net offers a wide set of API to convert PDF into Jpeg with a vast majority parameters, such as customize DPI, color depth, page number and so forth. The point of this is easy integration of the component into any kind of software.

Furthermore, added the function to rasterize PDF to Multipage TIFF documents with only few code lines in C#. First and foremost, this function will be useful to develop software for graphic artists, the publishing industry, and both amateur and professional photographers in general. TIFF format is widely supported by image-manipulation applications, by publishing and page layout applications, by scanning, faxing, word processing, optical character recognition. In the new version of PDF Focus .Net added API to scale resulting images and convert PDF to image with custom dimensions in pixel, points and percents.

Prices for the developer license for PDF Focus .Net begin at $578(US). The license never expires, and includes 12 months of updates. There are no royalty fees for the use of PDF Focus .Net. Extremely important that SautinSoft offers a free technical support and consultation about integration PDF Focus .Net to various software types by online-chat, email, phone, and Skype.

SautinSoft has provided a free evaluation license for new users who wish to experiment with PDF Focus .Net before purchasing a developer, site, or server license.

The library requires only .Net 2.0 or higher, and can be used in C#, VB.Net, and Delphi.Net, as well as ASP.Net, WPF, WinForms, Silverlight and runs on 32-bit and 64-bit platforms on Windows, Linux (Mono-project), Android and Mac.
PDF Focus .Net 3.2 has been designed to be completely compatible with Windows 8, and is written in Visual Studio 2012 and compiled against .Net 4.5. Further details are available on their website at


Product page link:
Download link:

GeneralActual Installer 5.0 - A Wizard of Product Installing Pin
SoftPressRelease6-Sep-13 6:30
memberSoftPressRelease6-Sep-13 6:30 
NewsWSO2 Positioned in the “Visionaries” Quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for Application Services Governance Pin
Member 97956735-Sep-13 12:27
memberMember 97956735-Sep-13 12:27 
NewsWSO2 Technology Executives to Present Palo Alto Workshop on Cloud-Enabled Application Delivery Best Practices Using WSO2 App Factory Pin
Member 97956734-Sep-13 8:25
memberMember 97956734-Sep-13 8:25 
GeneralE-XD++ Visualization HMI and SCADA , UML, GIS Source Code Kits for C/C++, .NET V18.01 is released! Pin
kellyonlyone29-Aug-13 16:42
memberkellyonlyone29-Aug-13 16:42 
GeneralAerospike Named in “Who’s Who in NoSQL DBMSs” by Leading Analyst Firm Pin
Member 979567329-Aug-13 11:56
memberMember 979567329-Aug-13 11:56 
GeneralWSO2 Presents Two Technical Webinars on Cloud-Enabled Enterprise Application Development Best Practices Using WSO2 App Factory Pin
Member 979567328-Aug-13 7:35
memberMember 979567328-Aug-13 7:35 
NewsTypemock Expands Sales and Marketing Division. Pin
Jeremy Hess28-Aug-13 3:01
memberJeremy Hess28-Aug-13 3:01 
GeneralDataNumen SQL Recovery Introduces Support for Huge Databases Pin
SoftPressRelease27-Aug-13 19:01
memberSoftPressRelease27-Aug-13 19:01 
GeneralQuartzDesk 1.1.2 Released Pin
xmoravej26-Aug-13 14:50
professionalxmoravej26-Aug-13 14:50 
GeneralE-XD++ Circuit Design and interactive simulation Circuit layout visualization C/C++ and .NET Source Code solution Pin
kellyonlyone22-Aug-13 4:04
memberkellyonlyone22-Aug-13 4:04 
GeneralWSO2 Executives Will Present Montréal Workshop on WSO2 Integration Platform Discovery Pin
Member 979567321-Aug-13 7:25
memberMember 979567321-Aug-13 7:25 
NewsFiorano Positioned as "Visionary" for the 7th Time in Gartner’s Application Integration Magic Quadrants Pin
Mainten3321-Aug-13 6:51
memberMainten3321-Aug-13 6:51 
GeneralWSO2 Wraps Up Summer School With Class on Addressing Federated Identity and Access Management Requirements Pin
Member 979567320-Aug-13 6:48
memberMember 979567320-Aug-13 6:48 
GeneralNew Aerospike 3 Lets Developers Push Hyper-scale Applications into the Database to Fuel Real-time Big Data-driven Consumer Interactions Pin
Member 979567319-Aug-13 7:23
memberMember 979567319-Aug-13 7:23 
NewsMerlin for Visual Studio 2012 Pin
Marc Leger15-Aug-13 10:37
memberMarc Leger15-Aug-13 10:37 
NewsNew WSO2 Technical Guide Explores Patterns and Best Practices for Enterprise Integration with WSO2 ESB Pin
Member 979567315-Aug-13 8:09
memberMember 979567315-Aug-13 8:09 
NewsJelastic Releases 1.9.2 Version of Its Cloud Platform Pin
SoftPressRelease14-Aug-13 23:20
memberSoftPressRelease14-Aug-13 23:20 
NewsTypemock Launches New Version of Isolator – Plug-and-Play Integration with Microsoft Team Foundation Servers (TFS) Pin
Jeremy Hess13-Aug-13 11:33
memberJeremy Hess13-Aug-13 11:33 
NewsWSO2 Presents Summer School Class on Technologies and Best Practices for Communicating and Visualizing Business Data Pin
Member 979567313-Aug-13 10:11
memberMember 979567313-Aug-13 10:11 
NewsDiscountASP.NET Offers ASP.NET 4.5.1 Hosting Sandbox hosting for the Developer Community Pin
DiscountASP - TFS13-Aug-13 9:41
memberDiscountASP - TFS13-Aug-13 9:41 
GeneralE-XD++ graphics Control and analysis DASYLab Like Visualization Component, Source Code solution for C/C++, .NET Pin
kellyonlyone11-Aug-13 20:48
memberkellyonlyone11-Aug-13 20:48 
NewsWSO2 to Present Technical Webinar on Modern Approaches to Presenting Business Data Using WSO2 User Engagement Server Pin
Member 97956738-Aug-13 7:49
memberMember 97956738-Aug-13 7:49 
GeneralCodeProject Celebrates Ten Million Members Pin
Carrie Davis-Sydor8-Aug-13 7:29
staffCarrie Davis-Sydor8-Aug-13 7:29 
GeneralWAPT Pro 3.1: Custom Performance Counters Under The Hood Pin
SoftPressRelease6-Aug-13 19:10
memberSoftPressRelease6-Aug-13 19:10 
NewsDelivering the Right Ads to the Right Websites at the Right Time: Funbox Maximizes ROI using SiteScout's Real-Time Bidding Platform Pin
Member 97956736-Aug-13 9:00
memberMember 97956736-Aug-13 9:00 
NewsWSO2 Presents Summer School Class on Handling Enterprise Data Pin
Member 97956736-Aug-13 8:35
memberMember 97956736-Aug-13 8:35 
NewsSummer Special: Weather Determines Price of Reporting Tool List & Label Pin
combit5-Aug-13 0:41
membercombit5-Aug-13 0:41 
NewsQuartzDesk 1.1.1 Release Pin
xmoravej4-Aug-13 0:43
professionalxmoravej4-Aug-13 0:43 
GeneralE-XD++ BPMN Source Code Solution Visualization for C/C++ and .NET V17.01 is Released! Pin
kellyonlyone3-Aug-13 5:51
memberkellyonlyone3-Aug-13 5:51 
Newsmadvertise Manages 25 Billion Mobile Ad Impressions and Guarantees 24/7 Uptime with Aerospike Database Utilizing Hybrid DRAM and Flash Memory Pin
Member 979567331-Jul-13 10:47
memberMember 979567331-Jul-13 10:47 
NewsWSO2 Expands Board of Directors With Addition of Roman Stanek, GoodData CEO, and Tyler Jewell, Codenvy CEO and Toba Capital Partner Pin
Member 979567331-Jul-13 8:26
memberMember 979567331-Jul-13 8:26 
NewsQuartzDesk 1.1.0 Release Pin
xmoravej30-Jul-13 11:38
professionalxmoravej30-Jul-13 11:38 
NewsWSO2 Presents Summer School Class on Building SaaS Applications Pin
Member 979567330-Jul-13 6:52
memberMember 979567330-Jul-13 6:52 
NewsOhio Automobile Club Uses WSO2 Carbon Middleware to Bring a Consistent Online Travel Booking Experience to Members and Travel Agents Pin
Member 979567330-Jul-13 6:41
memberMember 979567330-Jul-13 6:41 
GeneralCrypto Obfuscator For .Net 2013 R2 released Pin
LogicNP Software29-Jul-13 20:25
groupLogicNP Software29-Jul-13 20:25 
GeneralMo+ Solution Builder 1.0 for Model Driven Development is Launched Pin
Dave Clemmer29-Jul-13 19:07
professionalDave Clemmer29-Jul-13 19:07 

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