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Survey Results

Have you dreamt that you were coding?

Survey period: 18 Jun 2012 to 25 Jun 2012

Where "coding" can mean architecting, debugging, trying to solve a problem or plain ol' banging away on the keyboard.

Yes, often00.000 votes, 0.00%
Yes, I have00.000 votes, 0.00%
I don't think so00.000 votes, 0.00%
No00.000 votes, 0.00%

GeneralDrem Coder Pin
Prosan23-Jun-12 1:38
memberProsan23-Jun-12 1:38 
GeneralTime has is three dimensional Pin
Fabio Franco22-Jun-12 11:02
memberFabio Franco22-Jun-12 11:02 
GeneralEndless loop Pin
JohnDev22-Jun-12 8:18
memberJohnDev22-Jun-12 8:18 
GeneralStill sleeping... Pin
Vitaly Tomilov21-Jun-12 22:21
memberVitaly Tomilov21-Jun-12 22:21 
GeneralBSOD Pin
Marc Clifton21-Jun-12 12:07
protectorMarc Clifton21-Jun-12 12:07 
GeneralMore options Pin
tamash_ionut21-Jun-12 0:38
membertamash_ionut21-Jun-12 0:38 
GeneralThe worst part is when problem is solved but ... Pin
meta_berkut20-Jun-12 22:03
membermeta_berkut20-Jun-12 22:03 
GeneralYes I do Pin
sagar wasule20-Jun-12 21:37
membersagar wasule20-Jun-12 21:37 
NewsBest Dream Ever Pin
niubay19-Jun-12 22:17
memberniubay19-Jun-12 22:17 
GeneralDream Story Pin
Steve Maier19-Jun-12 8:22
memberSteve Maier19-Jun-12 8:22 
GeneralRe: Dream Story Pin
fsman10224-Jun-12 6:27
memberfsman10224-Jun-12 6:27 
GeneralI mostly dream that I'm programming reality Pin
Hanleybrand19-Jun-12 7:39
memberHanleybrand19-Jun-12 7:39 
GeneralI thought. . Pin
Prasad_Kulkarni19-Jun-12 3:15
memberPrasad_Kulkarni19-Jun-12 3:15 
GeneralHappens to me quite often Pin
Zac Greve19-Jun-12 2:35
memberZac Greve19-Jun-12 2:35 
AnswerI dreamt I was banging away Pin
Slacker00719-Jun-12 2:28
memberSlacker00719-Jun-12 2:28 
GeneralRe: I dreamt I was banging away Pin
JOAT-MON19-Jun-12 6:15
memberJOAT-MON19-Jun-12 6:15 
GeneralSolving in Dream Pin
Mohibur Rashid18-Jun-12 18:50
memberMohibur Rashid18-Jun-12 18:50 
GeneralRe: Solving in Dream Pin
Pankaj Nikam18-Jun-12 22:43
memberPankaj Nikam18-Jun-12 22:43 
GeneralRe: Solving in Dream Pin
Vani Kulkarni18-Jun-12 23:40
memberVani Kulkarni18-Jun-12 23:40 
GeneralRe: Solving in Dream Pin
Pankaj Nikam19-Jun-12 1:57
memberPankaj Nikam19-Jun-12 1:57 
GeneralRe: Solving in Dream Pin
Mohibur Rashid19-Jun-12 19:24
memberMohibur Rashid19-Jun-12 19:24 
GeneralRe: Solving in Dream Pin
Pankaj Nikam19-Jun-12 22:07
memberPankaj Nikam19-Jun-12 22:07 
GeneralRe: Solving in Dream Pin
Manfred R. Bihy19-Jun-12 0:31
mvpManfred R. Bihy19-Jun-12 0:31 
GeneralRe: Solving in Dream Pin
OriginalGriff19-Jun-12 5:01
mvpOriginalGriff19-Jun-12 5:01 
GeneralRe: Solving in Dream Pin
Rama Krishna Vavilala19-Jun-12 6:09
memberRama Krishna Vavilala19-Jun-12 6:09 
GeneralRe: Solving in Dream Pin
virang_2119-Jun-12 13:05
membervirang_2119-Jun-12 13:05 
GeneralRe: Solving in Dream - Nightmare side Pin
Davide Zaccanti20-Jun-12 19:01
memberDavide Zaccanti20-Jun-12 19:01 
GeneralBack in the days when I developed hardware... Pin
Peter_in_278018-Jun-12 18:23
memberPeter_in_278018-Jun-12 18:23 
GeneralA programming solution to a non-programming problem Pin
WendyS5618-Jun-12 9:59
memberWendyS5618-Jun-12 9:59 
GeneralAlternate Interpretation Pin
W∴ Balboos18-Jun-12 8:24
memberW∴ Balboos18-Jun-12 8:24 
GeneralNope... Pin
lewax0018-Jun-12 6:57
memberlewax0018-Jun-12 6:57 
GeneralA lot Pin
Member 824147218-Jun-12 6:45
memberMember 824147218-Jun-12 6:45 
GeneralRe: A lot Pin
VDabnishka19-Jun-12 5:19
memberVDabnishka19-Jun-12 5:19 
GeneralDaydreams Pin
Member 772928118-Jun-12 6:08
memberMember 772928118-Jun-12 6:08 
GeneralNo but... Pin
ryanb3118-Jun-12 5:00
memberryanb3118-Jun-12 5:00 
GeneralIt's harder when dreaming Pin
kornakar18-Jun-12 1:25
memberkornakar18-Jun-12 1:25 
GeneralRe: It's harder when dreaming Pin
Isaac Anietye Inyang18-Jun-12 7:00
memberIsaac Anietye Inyang18-Jun-12 7:00 
GeneralYes but I'm doing much better now Pin
Mike Hankey18-Jun-12 1:05
memberMike Hankey18-Jun-12 1:05 
GeneralYes... but I don't think mentioning it can add any value to anyone's life? Pin
R. Erasmus18-Jun-12 0:46
memberR. Erasmus18-Jun-12 0:46 
GeneralBad Totem Pin
Lakamraju Raghuram18-Jun-12 0:29
memberLakamraju Raghuram18-Jun-12 0:29 
GeneralUsually won't sleep until it's solved! :) Pin
AlexCode18-Jun-12 0:28
memberAlexCode18-Jun-12 0:28 
GeneralRe: Usually won't sleep until it's solved! :) Pin
Aniruddha Loya18-Jun-12 3:41
memberAniruddha Loya18-Jun-12 3:41 
GeneralOnly during the learning phase Pin
Mycroft Holmes17-Jun-12 21:28
memberMycroft Holmes17-Jun-12 21:28 
GeneralRe: Only during the learning phase Pin
ChrisElston17-Jun-12 23:42
memberChrisElston17-Jun-12 23:42 
GeneralBad dreams Pin
Oshtri Deka17-Jun-12 21:19
memberOshtri Deka17-Jun-12 21:19 
GeneralSubconscious Mind Pin
Amol_B17-Jun-12 20:49
memberAmol_B17-Jun-12 20:49 
GeneralRe: Subconscious Mind Pin
hansoctantan17-Jun-12 21:54
memberhansoctantan17-Jun-12 21:54 
GeneralRe: Subconscious Mind Pin
Aniruddha Loya18-Jun-12 3:42
memberAniruddha Loya18-Jun-12 3:42 
Generalnightmares Pin
V.17-Jun-12 20:21
memberV.17-Jun-12 20:21 
GeneralRe: nightmares Pin
Mycroft Holmes17-Jun-12 21:31
memberMycroft Holmes17-Jun-12 21:31 

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