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Converting numbers to the word equivalent.

By , 12 May 2013
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If your tutor asks you to convert numbers to words (i.e. 565 to a string "Five hundred and sixty-five") then you are not alone! This question gets asked here very frequently, so here is the simple, foolproof way to solve your problem. It shows the outline of how to do it, and it is then up to you to fill in the detail, comments etc. - otherwise every-bodies would look the same, and you might get caught for copying!
        public static string ConvertToWords(int number)
            switch (number)
                case 0:
                    return "Zero";
                case 1:
                    return "One";
                case 568:
                    return "Five hundred and sixty-eight";
                case 569:
                    return "Five hundred and sixty-nine";
            throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException("Number greater than infinity!");
I cannot remember who originally posted this coding gem, and I can't find it with a quick search, but if you know who did post it let me know and I will provide full credit.

The original version of this software was written by Smithers-Jones[^] in C++ and is available here[^] My thanks for the inspiration and the excellent work!
I am indebted to Luc Pattyn for pointing out the error in versions before V3.0 regarding the placement of a hyphen between the tens and unit digits. He correctly pointed out here[^] that numbers should not be written as "twenty one" but as "twenty-one".
[edit]V2.0: Credit for original version added - OriginalGriff[/edit]
[edit]V3.0: Corrected the hyphenation between the tens digit and the units digit - OriginalGriff[/edit]
[edit]V4.0: Link to the message of Luc Pattyn corrected - ProgramFOX[/edit]


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

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Comments and Discussions

QuestionMy vote of 5 PinmemberJackDingler14-Jan-13 7:15 
AnswerRe: My vote of 5 PinprofessionalMarco Bertschi12-May-13 9:35 
GeneralMy vote of 5 PinmemberSoMad10-Jul-12 17:01 
GeneralRe: My vote of 5 PinmvpOriginalGriff10-Jul-12 21:50 
GeneralRe: My vote of 5 PinmemberSoMad10-Jul-12 22:02 
GeneralGood attempt but you'll have to write it for every number. t... PinmemberJavedsamrt29-Nov-11 21:35 
GeneralRe: Good attempt but you'll have to write it for every number. t... PinmemberDidiKunz12-May-13 23:20 
GeneralReason for my vote of 5 Yep, that solution efficiently gets ... PinmemberDoc Lobster6-Nov-11 22:00 
Reason for my vote of 5
Yep, that solution efficiently gets rid of any special case handling as any number now is a special case.
Also this is extremely portable, e.g. to french (99 = quatre-vingt-dix-neuf)
Generalis this some kind of joke??? Pinmemberdanny3339-Oct-11 4:47 
GeneralReason for my vote of 1 very bad solution u need to write ea... Pinmemberbashar Haydar6-Oct-10 20:35 
GeneralWhoosh! That or perhaps some people want it to work for numb... PinmemberEdbert P19-Aug-10 20:13 
GeneralReason for my vote of 1 Voted 1 because it's not a good tip.... PinmemberSimon Dufour19-Aug-10 11:38 
General"hey griff, you are maybe thinking about this" That's the on... PinmvpOriginalGriff19-Aug-10 6:32 
Generalhey griff, you are maybe thinking about this (http://www.cod... PinmemberSmithers-Jones19-Aug-10 5:32 
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GeneralReason for my vote of 5 Finally! But can you help me with th... PinmemberYayozama19-Aug-10 4:11 
GeneralReally awesome PinmemberHimanshuJoshi19-Aug-10 3:46 
GeneralReason for my vote of 5 sir, i copied your code now my teach... PinmemberYusuf19-Aug-10 3:27 
GeneralReason for my vote of 5 Lovely! And the first post which has... PinmemberAnkur\m/19-Aug-10 3:24 
GeneralDoesn't everyone do it like this? :) PinmemberMike Hankey19-Aug-10 3:19 
GeneralYou misspelled sixty-eight and sixty-nine and forgot to use ... PinmemberEnnis Ray Lynch, Jr.19-Aug-10 3:16 
GeneralYou can improve it a bit though - forgot about negative numb... PinmemberSvetlin Panayotov19-Aug-10 3:15 
GeneralReason for my vote of 5 So brilliant and simple! There's eve... PinmemberSvetlin Panayotov19-Aug-10 3:13 
GeneralI'd like to see some unit tests, your method seems a bit err... PinmvpLuc Pattyn19-Aug-10 2:54 
GeneralReason for my vote of 5 Good one! :D PinmemberNuri Ismail19-Aug-10 2:47 

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