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, 25 Mar 2013 BSD
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Implementation of ISO8583 in .NET


BIM-ISO8583.NET is a .NET library that allows developers to parse and create ISO8583 messages.

This library was released to help financial system developers to fully comply with ISO 8583 protocol's standard and make development fast and easy.


The program method and technique used in this library were developed by Bim Garcia. He aims to establish a significant contribution for the enhancement and advancement of the present technology specifically in the financial industry. 

Using the Library

Here's how to use the library:  

  1. Download full source code of library (click here to download)
  2. Use the codes below.

Create an ISO8583 message:

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using BIM_ISO8583;

namespace Sample_ISO8583_Message_Builder
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            //1. Set/Define Data
            //Message Type Identifier (Financial Message Request)
            string MTI = "0200";
            //Primary Account No or Card No. [DE #2]
            string PAN ="60197105032103634";
            //Processing Code.[DE #3] (Purchase Transaction, Savings)
            string ProCode= "001000";
            //Transaction Amount.[DE #4] (X100) (ex: $150.75 = 15075 or
            // 000000015075)  or simply remove the decimal.
            string Amount ="15075";    
            //Transmission Date and Time.[DE #7] (format: MMDDhhmmss)
            string DateTime ="0429104720";
            //System Trace Audit No.[DE #11] (456 or 000456)
            string STAN ="456";
            //Terminal ID. [DE #41]    
            string TID="44449999";
            //Point of Service Entry Mode. [DE #22] (02 - Magnetic Stripe)
            string POSEM = "02";

            //2.Create an object BIM-ISO8583.ISO8583
            BIM_ISO8583.NET.ISO8583 iso8583 = new BIM_ISO8583.NET.ISO8583();

            //3. Create Arrays
            string[] DE = new string[130];

            //4. Assign corresponding data to each array
            //   Ex: ISO8583 Data Element No.2 (PAN) shall assign to newly created array, DE[2];

            DE[2] = PAN;
            DE[3] = ProCode;
            DE[4] = Amount;
            DE[7] = DateTime;
            DE[11] = STAN;
            DE[22] = POSEM;
            DE[41] = TID;

            //5.Use "Build" method of object iso8583 to create a new  message.
            string NewISOmsg= iso8583.Build(DE, MTI);
            Console.WriteLine("Build ISO8583 Message");
            Console.WriteLine( NewISOmsg);

Parse an ISO8583 message:

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using BIM_ISO8583;

namespace Parser
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            //<<< 1. Create an object of iso8583 >>>>
            BIM_ISO8583.NET.ISO8583 iso8583 = new BIM_ISO8583.NET.ISO8583();

            //2.<<< Prepare ISO8583 message to be parsed >>>
            string ISO8583Message = "0200722004000080000016601971" + 
            //3. <<< Declare String Arrays >>>
            string[] DE;

            //4. <<< Use "Parse" method of object iso8583. >>>
            DE = iso8583.Parse(ISO8583Message);

            //That was it!!!

            //If there is no error occurred then you have successfully parsed a valid ISO8583 message

            //Here's how to use the newly parsed ISO8583 Data Elements
            string PrimaryBitMap = DE[0];
            string SecondaryBitMap = DE[1];
            string PAN = DE[2];
            string ProcessingCode = DE[3];
            string Amount = DE[4];
            string TransmissionTime = DE[7];
            string SystemTraceNo = DE[11];
            string TerminalID = DE[41];
            string MerchantID = DE[42];
            string AdditionalData = DE[48];
            string MTI = DE[129];               

            //Displaying  Data Elements
            Console.WriteLine("Please Press 'ENTER' to continue...");
            Console.WriteLine(" PrimaryBitMap = DE[0]" + " = {0}", DE[0]);
            Console.WriteLine(" SecondaryBitMap = DE[1]" + "= {0}", DE[1]);
            Console.WriteLine(" PAN = DE[2]" + "= {0}", DE[2]);
            Console.WriteLine(" ProcessingCode = DE[3]" + "= {0}", DE[3]);
            Console.WriteLine(" Amount = DE[4]" + "= {0}", DE[4]);
            Console.WriteLine(" TransmissionTime = DE[7]" + "= {0}", DE[7]);
            Console.WriteLine(" SystemTraceNo = DE[11]" + "= {0}", DE[11]);
            Console.WriteLine(" TerminalID = DE[41]" + "= {0}", DE[41]);
            Console.WriteLine(" MerchantID = DE[42]" + "= {0}", DE[42]);
            Console.WriteLine(" AdditionalData = DE[48]" + "= {0}", DE[48]);


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The BSD License


About the Author

Bim Garcia
Software Developer
Philippines Philippines
He's a Payment System Specialist based in Manila. His corporate career started when he enhanced the world's first Interbank Mobile Banking System known as Globe Mobile Banking System (Globe MBS).
Currently, He's working with a payment gateway company and some financial institutions to develop another payment technology.
He's also an Information Security Researcher.
Recently, he has developed some military grade security boxes, which will make payment ecosystem more secured.
He's a visionary, innovative and passionate about making the visions work and become a reality!
Follow on   Twitter   LinkedIn

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