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IMAP and POP3 Clients in C#

, 28 Sep 2012 CPOL
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IMAP & POP3 Clients C#. A library for intuitive ease of use of these two protocols.


Searching on the web I was never able to find a library simple and effective way to manage email client with IMAP or POP3 without having to create a good wrapper.

So I decided to make available to the wrapper that is currently used to handle these two protocols. 


This library is a library wrapper of free Limisoft library (attached in the download). Lumisoft web site

This library allows you to create a client or IMAP or POP3 is 100% compatible with servers such as:

  • Gmail
  • Windows Live

Servers Libero, AOL, Exchange, Yahoo, etc.. are still in testing and not sure the 100% working. The POP3 protocol is implemented based on RFC 1939 Link .

The IMAP protocol is implemented based on the standard Internet Message Access Protocol - Version 4 rev1 Link .

Using the code

This simple library to be able to create basic client using the two protocols used in the web: IMAP and POP3

The library exposes two interfaces: IMailClient and IMail.

public interface IEmail 

public interface IEmailClient 

IEmail is an instance of an email message on server. IEmailClient is an instance of a POP3 or IMAP client.

To construct an instance of a client to be used the factory "EmailClientFactory" passing the method "GetClient" the type of protocol you want to use

public static class EmailClientFactory
    public static IEmailClient GetClient(EmailClientEnum type)
        if (type == EmailClientEnum.IMAP) return new IMAP_Wrapper();
        if (type == EmailClientEnum.POP3) return new POP3_Wrapper();
        return null;

The interface IMailClient allows to manage the clients in the same way.

public interface IEmailClient
    event EmailClient_OnMessagesLoaded OnMessagesLoaded;
    bool IsConnected
    List<IEmail> Messages
    void Connect(String server, String User, String pass, int port, bool useSSl);
    void Disconnect();
    void SetCurrentFolder(String folder);
    int GetMessagesCount();
    void LoadMessages();
    void LoadMessages(String start, String end);
    void LoadRecentMessages(Int32 lastSequenceNumber);

Using the library

IEmailClient ImapClient = EmailClientFactory.GetClient(EmailClientEnum.IMAP); 
ImapClient.Connect("", "", "examplePass", 993, true);    
// I assume that 5 is the last "ID" readed by my client. 
// If I want to read all messages i use "ImapClient.LoadMessages();"
// To read all my messages loaded:
for (int i = 0; i < ImapClient.Messages.Count; i++)
    IEmail msm = (IEmail)ImapClient.Messages[i];
    // Load all infos include attachments
    Console.Writeline(msm.Date.ToString() + " - " + msm.From[0] + " - " + 
                      msm.Subject + " - " + msm.Attachments.Count);


27/09/2012 : First version


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


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