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Technical Blogs

1. Build, deploy, anonymize config, zip package, git commit, push from a single command
While working on open source projects, you have to frequently build your code, clean up all temporary files, remove your own passwords, connections strings from web.config, then create a binary deployment package in a zip format and then commit and git push to GitHub. Let’s automate all these
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Omar Al Zabir Updated: 29 Sep 2014
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2. Google Docs to clean html, good for WordPress posts, emails
Google docs is a great platform to write documents, especially when you compare it with the WordPress editor.  It would be good to have a clean way to export a Google doc to a wordpress post or generate nice looking emails. If you copy and paste a Google doc into a WordPress post, it loses many ...M
Web Development » HTML / CSS » HTML
Omar Al Zabir Updated: 25 May 2014
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3. How to setup a rock solid VM on Windows Azure for your WordPress blogs
How to setup a rock solid VM on Windows Azure for your WordPress blogs.
Cloud Computing » Azure » General
Omar Al Zabir Updated: 26 May 2013
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4. Using custom font without slowing down page load
Using custom fonts without slowing down a page.