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1. Pack It Up, Pack It In
Let me begin with a list of usual suspects up to no good in the browser: CoffeeScript (or TypeScript) Less (or Sass/Scss) Jade (or Handlebars, Mustache) I mean, because, you know, writing in HTML/JS/CSS is so 2000-late. All this 74 72 61 6e s p i l a t i o n. A typical layout. […]
Web Development » HTML / CSS » General
Keyhole Software Updated: 31 Mar 2015
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2. Netty: A Different Kind of Web(Socket) Server
Netty is used today in all kinds of applications, all over the Internet, to handle thousands (if not millions) of chat conversations, multiplayer games including Minecraft, Twitter, and many other applications. However, it hasn’t made it very far into the mindshare of enterprise programmers de
Enterprise Systems » Content Management Server » General
Keyhole Software Updated: 16 Mar 2015
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3. Agile Team Member Anti-Patterns
In this blog post, I examine Agile team member roles and explain what I see as behaviors, or “anti-patterns,” that are detrimental to the Agile process. It is my goal to avoid a negative tone and, instead, emphasize that these are behaviors that can be changed for the better of the team. However, we
General Reading » Uncategorised Technical Blogs » General
Keyhole Software Updated: 3 Mar 2015
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4. Do Primitives Need To Go?
I am currently working on an enterprise application using JSF as the view technology and JPA for the persistence layer. It may have been something in a backing bean or service method, but it struck me: Is there a good reason to use primitives anymore in enterprise applications? When I started progra
General Reading » Uncategorised Technical Blogs » General
Keyhole Software Updated: 23 Feb 2015
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5. XML Manipulation With XML Copy Editor
The XML document format, created in 1996, is still widely used to facilitate communication between disparate systems (though for certain implementations is somewhat being replaced by JSON). As a Java developer, I generally interface with data in an XML document via a DOM parser, but there are occasi
Languages » XML » JAXB
Keyhole Software Updated: 16 Feb 2015
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6. Introduction to the Backbone Query API
As a relatively “new” user of Backbone.js, I looked at different JSON querying tools that existed. At the time I was still struggling with using JSON as the data source and wrapping my head around the process for querying the data set that was contained in a large string. Coming from a Java and stro
Platforms, Frameworks & Libraries » Windows API » General
Keyhole Software Updated: 9 Feb 2015
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7. Real-Time Website Data Using SignalR
When I was tasked with using SignalR to implement the real-time updating of data on a project I was working on, I was excited. Namely because it is a newer technology and I have always welcomed learning new technologies – especially when there is an immediate need to implement it, as opposed t
Web Development » Applications & Tools » General
Keyhole Software Updated: 2 Feb 2015
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8. Improve Node.js Performance by Turning It into a Clusterfork
One of the big reasons people are drawn to Node.js for running web servers is the simplicity you gain from a single-threaded paradigm, versus having to deal with the challenges of threaded programming – race conditions, deadlocks, etc. However, one drawback of running a web server on a single
Web Development » Node.js » General
Keyhole Software Updated: 26 Jan 2015
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9. Scripting with Python and AutoHotkey
After I began programming, I started noticing that some of the things I was doing on my computer at home were repetitive and could be automated to save time and effort. Unfortunately my first language was C++, which doesn’t exactly lend itself well to that kind of work. I discovered that certain scr
Web Development » Client side scripting » General
Keyhole Software Updated: 19 Jan 2015
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10. Part Deux: A Google Calendar Gadget in Angular.js
I was on a project recently where the team was faced with a daunting list of scheduling-related backlog stories. When looking at the entire feature, about 20% of these stories dealt with custom functionality and 80% of them dealt with issues that are common to any scheduling or calendar application:
Cloud Computing » Google Cloud Platform » General
Keyhole Software Updated: 8 Jan 2015
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11. Someday Is a Lie
“You don’t have a time machine— you’re living the same twenty-four hours we all are. You can barely make it through your day with all the current things there are to do; when is “someday” finally going to arrive? The answer is, of course, never. Today is it.”  - Andrew J. Mellen, “
Development Lifecycle » Work Issues » General
Keyhole Software Updated: 7 Jan 2015
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12. New Features in AngularJS 1.3
Now that Angular 1.3 has been officially released, I thought I would talk about some of the new features that developers would like to know, to include: Performance improvements One-time bindings ngModel.$validators ngMessages ngModelOptions If you are still using IE 8 as your main browser, first I
General Reading » Uncategorised Technical Blogs » General
Keyhole Software Updated: 7 Jan 2015
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13. Caching Strategy Reminder for Maven-Based Docker Builds
My local development feedback loop between code change and runnable container was annoyingly long on a Maven-based project I was recently working on. I wanted to speed things up. CodeProject The scenario was something like this: touch/change some source code docker build maven downloads the world ma
Web Development » Caching » General
Keyhole Software Updated: 7 Jan 2015
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14. Node.js Meets .NET – Edge.js
With so much JavaScript development on the client side, it only makes sense that developers and organizations would want to develop server side applications using JavaScript as well.  Node.js has become a popular choice for building server side applications using JavaScript because of its asynchrono
Web Development » Node.js » General
Keyhole Software Updated: 6 Jan 2015
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15. Docker: VMs, Code Migration, and SOA Solved
It’s rare that a piece of software as new as Docker is readily adopted by startups along with huge, well established companies. dotCloud, the company that created and maintains Docker, recently nabbed $40 million in funding. Microsoft also announced on 11/18 a Docker CLI for Windows. Docker wi
Development Lifecycle » Code Generation » General
Keyhole Software Updated: 6 Jan 2015
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16. Using PouchDB for Offline/Data Sync
Recently the term “Mobile First” received additional notoriety as the new CEO of Microsoft proclaimed the company’s shift in focus. As I’ve been researching mobile frameworks lately, I’ve run across another term – “Offline First.” As much as you may be online with your mobile phone or tablet,
Desktop Development » Grid & Data Controls » General
Keyhole Software Updated: 3 Nov 2014
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17. An Introductory Analysis of CoffeeScript
For the last six months, I have been working a project that exclusively uses CoffeeScript for both the front end and back end. That being said, I have had a lot of CoffeeScript on my mind lately! This blog post will examine some of