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221. SBT : Where’s my NUGET
  This article assumed you have done the other stuff in getting the tools to create SCALA projects SBT stands for Scala Build Tool, This tool is kind of equivalent of Nuget in .NET, you can use SBT to download dependencies and also to compile your own code into JAR files, much the same way […]
Third Party Products » Reviews on Third Party Products and Tools » General
Sacha Barber Updated: 25 Oct 2015
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222. Copying a new build to all environments
I am doing this task again and again, so maybe this code will be helpful not only for me.
Enterprise Systems » Microsoft BizTalk Server » General
Leonid Ganeline Updated: 24 Oct 2015
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223. Custom Validation Message Helper in mvc
As i wrote earlier a post about Creating Custom Html Helpers in mvc which emphasized on how we can write custom html helper extensions in mvc according to the need, so that we can reuse them in the whole application, instead of writing plan html in View.The example in that
Web Development » ASP.NET » Howto
Ehsan Sajjad Updated: 24 Oct 2015
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224. The Best Application Server from Microsoft