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5961. Creating a database project from an existing database
Here is my second article about the database project. This time, we’ll talk about the case when the project is already started and where database scripts are managed manually. Imagine, you arrive on a project and somebody explain you how to use the script file. you have to be careful on where
Database » Database » ADO
Nadege Rouelle Updated: 2 Aug 2011
Rating: 5.00/5 (3 votes)
5962. Creating a database project with Visual Studio
First, Why should you use this kind of project ? Simple ! This kind of project generate automatically scripts to deploy your database. You just have to create a file for each element you want to create (table, stored procedures, triggers …) and Visual Studio would generate a script file that w
Database » Database » SQL Server
Nadege Rouelle Updated: 2 Aug 2011
Rating: 4.00/5 (1 vote)
5963. [WPF] Highlight ListView items
I’m playing with WPF for some days now. Trying to develop a little program, I ask myself how I can highlight some items in the listview I use, for example, showing to the project manager all the tasks that are finished or are late. So, I imagine a simple tasklist. A task has a name [...]
General Reading » Uncategorised Technical Blogs » General
Nadege Rouelle Updated: 2 Aug 2011
Rating: 5.00/5 (2 votes)
5964. ASP.NET MVC Localization: Generate resource files and localized views using custom templates
Use ASP.NET MVC T4 custom templates to generate resource files and localized views
Web Development » ASP.NET » General
Rui Jarimba Updated: 2 Aug 2011
Rating: 5.00/5 (5 votes)
5965. Tweaking WCF to build highly scalable async REST API
How WCF works for async services and how to fix this bug to make your async services truly async and scale under heavy load.
Platforms, Frameworks & Libraries » Windows Communication Foundation » General
Omar Al Zabir Updated: 1 Aug 2011
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5966. Creating a Many To Many Mapping Using Code First
How to create a many to many mapping using Entity Framework Code First for an existing database.
Development Lifecycle » Code Generation » General
Gil Fink Updated: 1 Aug 2011
Rating: 4.82/5 (23 votes)
5967. Using the MERGE statement in SQL Server 2008
Using the new MERGE statement feature in SQL Server 2008.
Database » Database » SQL Server