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6421. TextBox.TextChanged event fires twice on the phone
A fix to the TextBox TextChanged event firing twice on the Windows Phone 7 emulator.
Mobile Development » Windows Phone 7/8 » Controls
rudigrobler Updated: 4 Apr 2011
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6422. Keeping it regular
Adding Regular Expression functionality in your TextBox.
Desktop Development » Edit Controls » Masked and Validating controls
Pete O'Hanlon Updated: 4 Apr 2011
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6423. Shake Gestures Library – A Windows Phone Recipe
This document introduces a helper library for identifying shake gestures by using the accelerometer built into Windows Phone 7 devices. It explains how to use the library, how the library works internally, and how you can configure the library’s parameters to adapt gesture detection to your needs.
Mobile Development » Windows Phone 7/8 » General
Arik Poznanski Updated: 3 Apr 2011
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6424. Open Window, Dialog, or Message Box from a ViewModel – Part 2
How to open a Window, triggered by the View-Model.
Web Development » ASP.NET » Howto
Tomer Shamam Updated: 3 Apr 2011
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6425. Solving Facebook Programming Puzzles using Ruby
I really enjoy solving puzzles. That’s probably what drove me to becoming a software developer. So I was thrilled to learn that Facebook has a series of programming puzzles. Once you solve a puzzle, you email your code to Facebook and they email you back your results. What follows are the step
Desktop Development » Shell and IE programming » IE Programming
Pete Mourfield Updated: 3 Apr 2011
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6426. Out of Memory Exception: A simple string.Split can become fatal if not used properly
Introduction: Recently I was working on an issue caused by OOM exception and found out interesting finding about String.Split() function. I thought I should share the finding with others and they may also benefit from this analysis in solving OOM exceptions. Its a step by step article, i have tried