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81. Android Content Provider for Beginners
Android Content Provider for beginners
Enterprise Systems » Content Management Server » General
Val Okafor Updated: 19 Nov 2015
Rating: 5.00/5 (1 vote)
82. How to Create Android Notepad App – Part 1
This post is part one of two part blog posts where I will provide a step by step tutorial on how to create an Android Notepad App. These two posts are the completion of my post on Android SQLite and Content Provider. If  you have not read those two posts, you may want to do […]The post How to
Mobile Development » Android » Android on Intel
Val Okafor Updated: 19 Nov 2015
Rating: 5.00/5 (1 vote)
83. Capturing and Analyzing deadlocks in SQL Server
Technorati Tags: SQL Server,SQL Deadlocks,Capture SQL Server Deadlocks No matter how perfect your code and how optimized the way you have written is, facing a situation of getting a deadlock is inevitable. And it would make the situation even more complex when you know that a deadlock had occurred b
Web Development » Site & Server Management » General
Manjuke Fernando Updated: 19 Nov 2015
Rating: 5.00/5 (1 vote)
84. Making Punch Cards Better
Nearly three years ago I started thinking about Punch Cards.Well, I'd been annoyed by them for decades; actually. I'd often lamented about how it seemed everyone conspired to put a card in my pocket. For a few years now I have had an absolute policy of not enrolling in any loyalty or rewards progr
General Reading » Uncategorised Technical Blogs » General
Stephen Akins Updated: 19 Nov 2015
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85. Android Drawing App Tutorial – Pt. 2
This blog post is part two of my Android Drawing App tutorials. It is strongly encouraged that you finish part one of this tutorial before proceeding with this one.  At the end of part one of this tutorial, we were able to draw something with our Android drawing app  and we added a number of […
Mobile Development » Android » Android Tutorial Contest
Val Okafor Updated: 19 Nov 2015
Rating: 4.33/5 (2 votes)