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Monday, August 31, 2015
31 Aug 2015N
André S Dreyer
BizTalk development using a services first approach.
30 Aug 2015N
A Skeleton of a Single File Generator: Create, Register, Apply
30 Aug 2015N
Rob Kraft
When you write programs that consist of many lines of code, where the threshold of “many lines” probably begins around fifty lines of code, you should consider organizing your code in ways that will make it easier for you to maintain it in the future.  Breaking the code into many functio
30 Aug 2015N
Sander Rossel
The sixth in a series on MEAN web development.The post MEAN web development #6: AngularJS in the front appeared first on Sander's bits.
30 Aug 2015U
Evgeny Pereguda
Simple SDK for capturing, recording and streaming video and audio from web-cams on Windows OS by Windows Media Foundation.
Sunday, August 30, 2015
30 Aug 2015N
Dr. Song Li
This is a study note on Angular. I realized that Angular is a larger topic than I initially thought of. I hope I can be concise enough to cover a few interesting aspects in as few sentences as possible.
30 Aug 2015N
Mahsa Hassankashi
Best approach for have more secure channel to transfer user information throughout the web
30 Aug 2015N
Murugan Sivananantha Perumal
Self Hosted WCF Service as Windows Service with custom User Authentication over Http.
30 Aug 2015N
Eric Z (Jing)
The “traditional” way to solve the ZigZag Conversion problem is to either build a 2d table or find a pattern among the index of the letters on the same row. There is also a beautiful solution which builds on top of … Continue reading →
Saturday, August 29, 2015
29 Aug 2015N
 Getting Started With Angular JS Rahul Sahay All rights reserved. ISBN: 1515037681 ISBN-13: 978-1515037682Contents   Chapter 1: Getting started Introduction, 11 MVC (Model-View-Controller), 11 Angular Architecture, 12 Angular JS advantages, 15 Comparison with JQuery, 16 Modules, 16 Pre-requisites
29 Aug 2015N
Fredrik Schultz
Introduction to Kaliko CMS - an open source content management system for ASP.NET MVC
Friday, August 28, 2015
28 Aug 2015N
Dmitriy Gakh
Development on C# without care of resource consumption can lead to overloading the system. This article describes a case with large waste of memory and CPU time and how to avoid it.
28 Aug 2015N
Bobby Lough
Big O Notation is a way of expressing the worst case complexity or order of growth of an algorithm. It is not as scary and something to only break out during interviews.
28 Aug 2015N
Sacha Barber
An introductory article on Apache Spark, with a demo app
28 Aug 2015N
Defining innovation beyond the limits of Chomsky
28 Aug 2015U
An article about Huo Chess, a chess program in C++ and C# that attempts to be smaller in size than the Commodore-era Microchess
28 Aug 2015U
syed shanu
This article shows how to create a word puzzle game using MVC, AngularJS and Web API 2.
28 Aug 2015U
Building for and consuming the Blitzortung Lightning Detection Network
Thursday, August 27, 2015
27 Aug 2015N
Error handling often brings down an otherwise good design, this article offers an approach to standardize and simplify your error handling particularly in SOLID applications.
26 Aug 2015N
Value type and Reference type in C# explained

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