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Tuesday, September 2, 2014
1 Sep 2014N
Menci Lucio
This is a control that lets you select an item from a list with a single gesture
Monday, September 1, 2014
1 Sep 2014N
Thorsten Bruning
How to combine a bunch of techniques to improve code readability.
1 Sep 2014U
Sandeep Singh Shekhawat
How to show a warning message to the user prior to 15 minutes before the session time out, in other words if the user is in an idle state for more than 5 minutes then the user gets a message in the browser
1 Sep 2014N
Mayur V Lohite
SQL Injection is a very common attack in web applications. This article explains how SQL Injection occurs and how to prevent it.
1 Sep 2014U
Paulo Zemek
There's a popular book that presents Data Structures tied to procedural code. Well, this article is all about using Data Structures in Object Oriented Programming.
1 Sep 2014N
Variya karan
Navigation in Windows 8 with data
1 Sep 2014N
Pavel Sinkevich
Implement TinyWebDb interface on WCF Service to communicate with Android application developed with App Inventor
1 Sep 2014N
Case study on how to solve a complex problem by dividing it into smaller problems.
31 Aug 2014N
A high performance monte carlo simulation framework for financial derivative pricing
31 Aug 2014N
Unleashing Grids in Expression Blend and it's Major Role in Responsive Design
31 Aug 2014N
Faustino Dina
Publishes a Transact-SQL function for parsing a string containing a delimited list, similar to the ANSI C languaje strtok() function.
31 Aug 2014N
Sacha Barber
Last time we looked at how to use the Poller to work with multiple sockets, and detect their readiness. This time we will continue to work with the familiar request/response model that we have been using thus far. We will however be beefing things up a bit, and shall examine several ways in which yo
Sunday, August 31, 2014
31 Aug 2014N
I’ve been involved in agile development for a few years but was only recentlyintroduced to the process of story mapping - after reading Jeff’s book I’m feeling more and more like story mapping has been a big missing link.For instance, one of the common challenges I have faced in the past is deciding
31 Aug 2014N
  Problem:- My query is slow what are the basic things I can do to get good performance without going for indexes. Solution:- May be this solution help you which I am describing here or it is possible you already aware of it.   (a) Avoid function in column :-The most basic tip is avoid […]
31 Aug 2014N
Ronnie Mukherjee
I recently (finally) upgraded to visual studio 2013. One unfortunate consequence of this was that the version of Resharper I was using (v7) was no longer supported. I was disappointed to find that my license was not enough to obtain a free upgrade, therefore I was faced with a choice: either buy a l
31 Aug 2014N
Today we are going to look at one of the aspects where using streams is a real win – when we need to thread work. As well as parallel streams, we will also look at Spliterators which acts as the machinery which pushes elements into the pipeline. Streams use a technique known as internal iterat
31 Aug 2014N
Carmelo La Monica
As explained in the previous article, the geolocation is one of the most frequently used features in the mobile and beyond, with it we are able to retrieve the location and information about the place in which we find ourselves, and used by an application to have otherinformation, such as restaurant
31 Aug 2014N
Simple example showing how to implement live video streaming from Raspberry Pi camera to a .NET application.
31 Aug 2014N
Sunil Pandita
The articles intriduces with the concept of single page web application and describes in detail how we can built ome such using AngularJS

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