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Wednesday, January 28, 2015
28 Jan 2015N
Siminov Framework
Siminov Android Connect is a android based RESTful Framework, which allows your to consume RESTful Web services that seemlessly support your data, in a variety of representation media types and abtract away the low-level details of the client-server communication.
28 Jan 2015N
syed shanu
Animated Image Slide Show for winforms using C#
28 Jan 2015U
Mahsa Hassankashi
It is a simplest tutorial on AngularJS and Repository Pattern for developing professional MVC Applications. It includes a source code about practical permission management project.
28 Jan 2015N
syed shanu
Telerik RadGrid Helper Class for ASP.NET
28 Jan 2015U
A tool to export and import MySQL database in .NET
28 Jan 2015U
Connect a (laser-cut) model house to the internet and take control of it's lights and doors!
28 Jan 2015N
Domain Driven Design App Structure - Part 2
28 Jan 2015N
Whilst learning Swift and SpriteKit I came across an issue with the documentation for SKNode.userData. In an early XCode beta it was specified as an implicitly unwrapped optional whereas now it is clearly an optional.Therefore the code I originally used to access values was:var node = SKNode()...if
28 Jan 2015N
Chris Boss
In the Windows world, software development can easily become stagnated if developers push too much for more higher level functionality at the expense of low level functionality.
28 Jan 2015N
Prerequisites: Understanding WCF in depth Part – 1 ,  Understanding WCF in depth Part – 2 In this part we will look at why endpoints were required? From the previous article we know the actual layers of channel stack, thus to build the channel stack configuration; ordering is important.
28 Jan 2015U
Gerd Wagner
Learn how to build a front-end web application in plain JavaScript with minimal effort. Do not use any (third-party) framework or library, which may help to increase productivity, but also create black-box dependencies and overhead, and are not good for learning how to do it yourself.
28 Jan 2015U
Michael N Haephrati (האפרתי)
How a computer can be identified in order to generate a unique ID.
28 Jan 2015U
This article explains how to create a maze with a digital timer using HTML5 and JavaScript, without the use of Flash.
28 Jan 2015N
Kemeny Attila
Repository layer which creates proxy class for an object which is implemented in a different component.
28 Jan 2015N
pravin kumar sinha
C++ logger for class level logging in generic way
28 Jan 2015U
Pranay Rana
Publisher/Subscriber pattern with Event/Delegate and EventAggregator
28 Jan 2015U
John Atten
Install Sublime Text 3 (beta) on Linux Mint or Ubuntu.
28 Jan 2015N
Vaclav Naydenov
Comparing the performance of two similar CRUD server apps, one written in Python and SQLAlchemy, the other in C++ and YB.ORM.
27 Jan 2015N
Max Fedotov
Implementing support of Virtual Keyboard (TabTip) in Silverlight with elevated trust
27 Jan 2015U
'Anil' Radhakrishna
Show off your book collection using a AngularJS script & Google Spreadsheet as your back-end

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