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Monday, September 29, 2014
29 Sep 2014
Acunetix WVS audits your website security by running a host of tests. It then provides a concise report of issues it found. Not only does it do this, but it also suggests changes you need to make to fix the issues found.
29 Sep 2014
A C# library to host Photoshop-compatible filters in .NET 2.0 and later
29 Sep 2014
In this article we will look at a supervised machine learning algorithm called Logistic Regression Classifier for multi-class classification .
29 Sep 2014
Oso Oluwafemi Ebenezer
A wrapper for the libvorbis library that ease the conversion of PCM (*.wav) to Ogg Vorbis audio file (*.ogg) and vice versa to just two lines of code. This also allow the conversion of stereo PCM to mono vorbis and vice versa.
29 Sep 2014
Concept + brief implementation details about Lock-free, thread based log buffer implementation, for debugging high performance multi-threaded applications
29 Sep 2014
Bibhu Dutta
CodeProjectIn my previous post, we got familiar with the way visual studio provides us for setting up diagnostics for an azure role. In this post we will take a look at the diagnostics.wadcfg configuration file, understanding the various sections it … Continue reading →The post Enabling
29 Sep 2014
Ben M Watson
Understand exactly what happens during object allocation in .NET, why it's extremely efficient in the common case, and how to trigger slower code paths
29 Sep 2014
Amol Jadhao
Looking for a way to draw charts like line,column,bar,pie,area with C#? This is the perfect tutorial for you and its easy to implement.This article will help you to understand how to bind a Pie Chart by calling a web service from jQuery AJAX in ASP.NET
29 Sep 2014
Gaurav H
A quick introduction to Hamcrest framework for writing expressive unit-test cases for Java applications.
29 Sep 2014
Taiseer Joudeh
Decouple OWIN Authorization Server from Resource Server
29 Sep 2014
Omar Al Zabir
Oracle Performance Dashboard (OPD) is a small ASP.NET website that shows you performance & problems of one or more Oracle instances in near real-time. It uses the Dynamic Performance Views (DPV) and runs some popular DBA scripts in order to get meaningful, easy to understand information out of the s
29 Sep 2014
Ronnie Mukherjee
One of my favourite principles is the Pareto Principle, also known as the 80-20 rule. The principle states that frequently, around 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. I love this principle because it is so simple, and it can be observed and applied to so many different areas in our profe
29 Sep 2014
George Swan
This article discusses how to use the Ninject and Prism frameworks to produce a loosely-coupled modular WPF Application.
28 Sep 2014
Alternative for Fx.Switch "Fluentx: A Special .NET Library"
28 Sep 2014
Overview idea on AngularJS.
Sunday, September 28, 2014
28 Sep 2014
We should consider the design principles while developing MVC applications.
28 Sep 2014
Nitesh Luharuka
Friends, While working with GridView, I faced an issue while binding the data to GridView. The error message read as “The data source does not support server-side data paging.“. Initially I thought this was related to paging functionality of the GridView and looked into that, but thatw a
28 Sep 2014
Gediminas Geigalas
Expose your mocks directly from the Fixture Object if possible. If there is no real need to complicate things by converting types and introducing extension methods, don’t do it.
28 Sep 2014
Add GIS and Mapping Functionality to your .NET Applications
28 Sep 2014
Paul M Watt
Does this scenario sound familiar? You have identified a piece of troublesome logic in your code-base, which has been the source of many headaches for both you and your managers. You have also determined an elegant fix to make the code maintainable and easy to work with for many years to come. You m

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