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Tuesday, March 25, 2014
Bibhu Dutta
CodeProject Among NoSQL databases, MongoDB is very much popular. For those who need an introduction, MongoDB is an open sourced document database providing high performance, availability, and automatic scaling. Being a document database, a record/row in MongoDB is know as document. The … Conti
Product Showcase
This article will discuss how the Krita developers added 2 in 1 mode-awareness - including implementation of both automatic and user-selected mode switching and some of the areas developers should consider when creating applications for the 2 in 1 experience to their applications.
Erik Niemeyer, Chris Kirkpatrick
Ideum’s collaboration with Intel gave them access to technology and engineering resources to make the touch overlay and 2-in-1 awareness in Gameplay possible.
.NET Framework
Divish Ranjan
Analysis of reliable sessions with respect to server and client side inactivity and receive timeouts.
Design and Architecture
This article provides a concrete example of a very simple and lightweight – yet useful – entity services framework.
Uncategorised Technical Blogs
CodeProject First I would like to save your valuable time before you read any further this article, please check the demo hosted here , you might have to wait a couple of seconds to see the dynamic behavior on the page. If you are interested in further reading, and would like to know how this ...Mor
SharePoint Server
Anton Khritonenkov
In this article I will demonstrate a set of custom string processing the workflow actions for SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online (Office 365). Out-of-the-box workflow actions have limited functionality of string processing, so I will show how to extend it by using the custom string processing wor
Abhishek Kumar Goswami
ASP.NET web optimization framework
Anna Koneva
An article about interoperation issues in mixed C/C++/Objective-C development
Code Generation
Chris Boss
If there was one complaint I have with a lot of code today it is the lack of easy readability. True, programming language code by its nature can’t always be easy to read. But shouldn’t it be the goal of programmers to write code which is more readable ? Some to learn from BASIC It [̷
Trace and Logs
Colin Eberhardt
This article provides guidelines for logging within your web or desktop applications, answering questions such as when to log, what to log, and how to log.
Game Development
Zachary Gardner
In my previous blog, I talked about the idea of GDD, or Goal-Driven Development. It is a philosophy that individual programmers can apply to their daily work. I derived it from my experience with successful meetings, then from successful teams, then finally down to great programmers: Great programme
Mobile Development
Michael Banzon
#1 – You Already know programming Of course you know programming – you are a developer! You have already made several applications – maybe they are web apps, some server apps or desktop applications – it doesn’t really matter. The only thing that matters is that code doesn’t
Keyhole Software
Encapsulation approach to bring data sources and implementations closer together, allowing reflection-like behavior in a format that mere mortals can read.
Code Generation
Johan Ohlin
This post is a follow-up on the post about Validation attributes in Code-First. While validation attributes focus on making sure the data in the model is correct, the attributes listed here instead focus on instructing Entity Framework’s database generation engine how the database should be st
Uncategorised Technical Blogs
Duncan Edwards Jones
The key, the whole key and nothing but the key (so help me Codd)The relational model, invented in 1970 by E F Codd revolutionised computing.  It allowed the development of relational databases (such as Oracle, SQL Server and oh so many others) and opened up the data itself to being queried in ways t
Monday, March 24, 2014
ASP.NET Controls
A pager generator for ASP.NET WebForm & MVC. Supports custom CSS styling.
Christian Graus
Covering how to use the new Distribution functions in SQL Server 2012
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition for ARDUINO
Sharing Experience of SSO Integration via SAML 2.0 Resources

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