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Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Cryptography & Security
Don Fizachi
A C# implementation of the SCRAM SHA-1 (RFC 5802) authentication protocol.
C / C++ Language
john morrison leon
Introducing smart observers of single owners and the concept of Public and Private scope visibility
Programming Tips
This article presents a method for controlling multiple Forms with a finite state machine
ASP.NET Controls
Adarsh Kumar Chaurasia
First of all lets understand the important terms which will be used throughout this article. Authentication : It is the act of confirming the truth of an attribute of a datum or entity. This might involve confirming the identity of a person or software program, tracing the origins of an artifact. In
Uncategorised Technical Blogs
Paul Watt
I discussed the merits of selecting a suitable unit test framework for your development project in my previous post. I described the qualities that I found most valuable in the test framework that I use, CxxTest. The qualities are xUnit framework, portability, simplicity, and flexibility. There are
Zachary Gardner
As I’ve said numerous times: I read a lot. Books are my favorite, but they are rarely relevant to programming. To keep up with the latest trends, I subscribe to a lot of different newsletters. The following are a list of my favorite in no particular order.   Hacker Newsletter http://www.hacker
Combo & List Boxes
A combobox control which shows a drop down window to assist the user.
Shivprasad koirala
The whole purpose of this article is to quickly brush up your MVC knowledge from an MVC interview perspective.
Tuesday, March 25, 2014
Hardware & System
Howto control an air-dryer in your bath room
Other .NET Languages
Imran Abdul Ghani
Understanding routing in ASP.NET MVC
Uncategorised Technical Blogs
Markus Greuel
IIS cannot rewrite gzip compressed responses from another web server, but you can prevent the response from being compressed.
Bibhu Dutta
CodeProject Among NoSQL databases, MongoDB is very much popular. For those who need an introduction, MongoDB is an open sourced document database providing high performance, availability, and automatic scaling. Being a document database, a record/row in MongoDB is know as document. The … Conti
Product Showcase
This article will discuss how the Krita developers added 2 in 1 mode-awareness - including implementation of both automatic and user-selected mode switching and some of the areas developers should consider when creating applications for the 2 in 1 experience to their applications.
Erik Niemeyer, Chris Kirkpatrick
Ideum’s collaboration with Intel gave them access to technology and engineering resources to make the touch overlay and 2-in-1 awareness in Gameplay possible.
.NET Framework
Divish Ranjan
Analysis of reliable sessions with respect to server and client side inactivity and receive timeouts.
Design and Architecture
This article provides a concrete example of a very simple and lightweight – yet useful – entity services framework.
Uncategorised Technical Blogs
CodeProject First I would like to save your valuable time before you read any further this article, please check the demo hosted here , you might have to wait a couple of seconds to see the dynamic behavior on the page. If you are interested in further reading, and would like to know how this ...Mor
SharePoint Server
Anton Khritonenkov
In this article I will demonstrate a set of custom string processing the workflow actions for SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online (Office 365). Out-of-the-box workflow actions have limited functionality of string processing, so I will show how to extend it by using the custom string processing wor
Abhishek Kumar Goswami
ASP.NET web optimization framework
Anna Koneva
An article about interoperation issues in mixed C/C++/Objective-C development

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