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Wednesday, April 15, 2015
15 Apr 2015N
Juan Pablo G.C.
StateTriggers with multiple properties and initialization
15 Apr 2015U
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
A monstrous XAML solution is hardly adequate to such a simple problem
Tuesday, April 14, 2015
14 Apr 2015N
Viewing time as a series of (progress) bars
14 Apr 2015U
Yvan Rodrigues
Today's high-resolution cameras produce huge files, with quality you may wish to sacrifice.
14 Apr 2015N
Menci Lucio
I wrote a class to have an access to all databases in the simplest and smartest way
14 Apr 2015U
Uzi Granot
PDF File Writer is a C# .NET class library allowing applications to create PDF files. Version 1.12 enhancements: reorder page sequence and improved table border lines control.
14 Apr 2015N
Arian Celina
With the advancement of web development technologies, web application are closing the user experience gap with desktop applications very quickly. It is a very common practice to let the user know when the application is busy with a certain task, and one of the most common ways to do this is by showi
13 Apr 2015U
Bharath K A
Parallel fast compression uses TPL to achieve complete usage of a multi-core system. Fast compression compresses files nX times faster, where n = the number of processors in the machine.
Monday, April 13, 2015
13 Apr 2015N
Creating an embroidery design file from QR-code matrix. Currently it supports only DST embroidery file format.
13 Apr 2015N
Anton Chibisov
This tutorial showcases how to implement C++ delegates which are capable of being bound to methods and functions having arbitrary signature, i.e., any number and type of parameters and return value.
13 Apr 2015U
Peter Vegter
MCI wrapper class library for .NET developers
13 Apr 2015N
Intel Corporation
The new Intel® IoT Developer Kit v1.0 software components are available now for immediate download on the Software Downloads page (as of March 5, 2015).
13 Apr 2015N
Intel Corporation
This article will discuss the Smart IoT Stroller developed at the 2014 PDX-Transportation Hackathon hosted by Intel, and show you how to make a Smart IoT Stroller on your own.
13 Apr 2015U
Jean-Pierre Bachmann
An introduction into the Managed Service Extensibility Framework (MSEF)
13 Apr 2015U
MVC.Template is a starter template for ASP.NET MVC based solutions
13 Apr 2015U
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
New developers and the importance of C; this blog post is about my opinion and views about C programming language's importance for beginners in programming. Yours might be different!
13 Apr 2015U
Evgeny Pereguda
Simple lib for capturing live-video from web-camera by using Media Foundation
12 Apr 2015N
Illustrates the idea of a variadic visitor pattern in C++ by way of an example expression calculator
12 Apr 2015N
Serge Desmedt
(Yet Another) Investigation of WPF triggers

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