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Monday, October 24, 2016
24 Oct 2016N
Kelum Priyadarshane
This project developed using combination of Entity Framework 6.0 + Code First Approach + Web API 2 + Repository Pattern + ASP.NET MVC 5 + SQL Server 2012 + Unit of Work Testing + Bootstrap.
24 Oct 2016U
Jon Campbell
Using "thunk" technique to add this pointer as fifth parameter to WndProc call for x32 and x64
24 Oct 2016N
Instance Management in WCF
24 Oct 2016U
Tool to help merge ResX files while doing a merge in GitHub
24 Oct 2016N
Percentiles Aggregation with Redis
24 Oct 2016U
Article on end to end guide for running ASP .NET Core web applications on Linux servers on Amazon Cloud Service using Apache Server proxy
24 Oct 2016N
Anton Angelov
Use SpecFlow to define automated acceptance tests from business-readable specifications. Learn how to write understandable UI tests within 10 minutes.The post Getting Started with SpecFlow in 10 Minutes appeared first on Automate The Planet.
24 Oct 2016N
This article explains how we should structure our project folder
24 Oct 2016U
Ashwin. Shetty
Getting started on Docker with Windows OS and Hosting nodejs app inside a container
23 Oct 2016U
Jakub Szymanowski
The article shows implementation of fundamental algorithms in matrix and polynominal algebra
23 Oct 2016U
Jon McKee
Examining some topics that often cause confusion in C++/CLI.
23 Oct 2016N
How to log client side errors with rich and useful information about them at case of AngularJS.
23 Oct 2016U
syed shanu
In this article, we will learn how to create a simple web based Hotel Room Booking System, using MVC, AngularJS, and WebAPI.
23 Oct 2016U
How to build the SPA for enterprise application using Angular2 and WebApi (RESTful)
23 Oct 2016N
Hussain Patel
Raspberry Pi - the incredibly small computer of the size of credit card and cost less than $40 has gained popularity not only because of this but it capability for connecting to electronics and devices using the GIPO pins.
Sunday, October 23, 2016
23 Oct 2016U
Marc Clifton
A Diagramming Tool
23 Oct 2016U
MailMergeLib is an SMTP template mail client library written in C# which provides comfortable mail merge capabilities and SMTP fail-over features.
23 Oct 2016N
Matthew So (Hong Kong)
A task processing server with RDLC Implementation and extensible to customized handlers
23 Oct 2016U
This article demonstrates some techniques to automate Word 2016 using Visual C++ MFC in Visual Studio 2015.

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