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Friday, November 28, 2014
28 Nov 2014N
Processing SAP generated Excel file as a report to get some information
28 Nov 2014N
Vipul Kava
Display all records that present in current database using simple script
28 Nov 2014N
Mario Majčica
A way to add a custom category for your Visual Studio Templates
Thursday, November 27, 2014
27 Nov 2014N
Abdallah Al-Dalleh
How to handle post data coming inside an HTTP POST request
27 Nov 2014N
Bhagyashree Chaudhari - Member 10473634
Show dialog box with very few lines of code
26 Nov 2014N
Zhuyun Dai
Describes how to resolve the 'Double-Hop' issue in PowerShell remoting and how to troubleshoot issues we may meet.
Wednesday, November 26, 2014
26 Nov 2014N
This tip will help to import/export from a LightSwitch web application.
26 Nov 2014N
Evgeny A. Koryakin
Use Bem.JS library to create CSS classes according to the BEM methodology and add, remove, modify CSS classes of DOM elements or select DOM elements by BEM-like CSS classes
26 Nov 2014N
Sambhav Yadav - Sam D Silva
ASP.NET page/master page/user control's life cycle from the perspective of Session and View State
26 Nov 2014N
Azure Notificationhub - Sending Push notification to mobile devices
26 Nov 2014N
Faisal Jawaid
This tip will address the issue of expiring the page when browser buttons are used for navigation of application.
26 Nov 2014N
Main program for testing modem or GSM phones by AT commands, use only standard classes and libraries.
26 Nov 2014N
Add a Cancel-Button to the BusyIndicator (WPF Toolkit)
Tuesday, November 25, 2014
25 Nov 2014N
Roy Calvo
How to add textbox input mask using jquery.maskedinput in ASP.NET MVC4
25 Nov 2014N
A menustrip, toolstrip and statusstrip which retrieve their data from ONE component.
25 Nov 2014N
Shweta Lodha
A CDN in simple terms is a collection of servers that are spread across the globe. In other words, a CDN is a network of servers in which each request will go to the closest server.
25 Nov 2014N
A syntax sugaring module that will silently convert sync-style dot preceded calls into an async ladder.
24 Nov 2014N
IQKeyboardManager for iOS
24 Nov 2014N
Mack Ait-Aoudia
It’s basically a step-by-step to set up a working MVC project using RavenDb. Of course, it’s not meant to show any best practices nor any architecture design using RavenDb.
Monday, November 24, 2014
24 Nov 2014U
B. Clay Shannon
In which the author takes the "That is an Exercise Left to the Reader" cop-out to Extremes

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