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Thursday, August 21, 2014
21 Aug 2014N
Magyar András
More and more people are watching the web pages on smartphone and tablet devices, so more web developer create responsive website. I present some methods to embed responsive youtube videos.
21 Aug 2014U
Paulo Zemek
Avoid generating strings as templates. Avoid the complicated FrameworkElementFactory. Create templates that use a delegate to create new instances, so you can use normal code to do the job.
21 Aug 2014U
Mohammed Nazer
SQL Constrains details and its types
21 Aug 2014U
Magyar András
Almost all of the basic functions of the program(browser, text editor, image editor, media player) that you can associate files with it and open it. I want a simple and effective method to show the arguments (associated files) to open. How to associate files with C# program?
20 Aug 2014N
Amol M Vaidya
A simple Data Connection Library to avoid rewriting code when the DB changes
Wednesday, August 20, 2014
20 Aug 2014U
Micah Nikkel
Helps create/execute the Disaster Recovery steps performed while failing over Log Shipped databases. Most helpful for multiple databases, such as SharePoint, consolidated SQL Servers, etc. However, it also makes even a single database failover a more straightforward process.
20 Aug 2014N
This article describes the method to cross compile C/C++ library for Android OS
20 Aug 2014N
Alexander Gorin
Introduction to txcaching library.
20 Aug 2014U
Setting APM level for SATA hard drive
20 Aug 2014U
I keep reading articles on the web about how all random number generators on a computer are "psuedo" random, or "deterministic". Here I present a better approach for generating numbers but using a nondeterministic approach.
20 Aug 2014N
Quickly set up the ability to serve up several pages and record which was served in SQL Server
19 Aug 2014N
SV Wong
1st web security tip in the series
19 Aug 2014N
Alberto Nuti
How to serialize an object without having to manually instruct the DataContractSerializer class.
19 Aug 2014N
D. Infuehr
How to download historical raw stock data for each symbol traded at nasdaq and nyse.
19 Aug 2014N
Jinan Kordab
This article and tip describes how to create or delete an Active Directory Services Email using ASP.NET web page, remotely.
Tuesday, August 19, 2014
19 Aug 2014N
Tips for developing a Crystal report which will be exported to Excel
19 Aug 2014U
B. Clay Shannon
Save time checking up on new content on your favorite websites by downloading, and setting up an RSS newsreader
19 Aug 2014N
Jinan Kordab
This article describes how to create or delete an Active Directory Services Email using ASP.NET web page, remotely.
19 Aug 2014N
How to make complicated “multi line charts” using simple HTML and JavaScript
Monday, August 18, 2014
18 Aug 2014N
Here, we will see the basic differences or similarities between various joins of MS SQL Server.

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