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Saturday, October 25, 2014
25 Oct 2014N
Tomas Takac
How to easily mock a data reader
Friday, October 24, 2014
24 Oct 2014U
Connection Resiliency with EF 6
24 Oct 2014N
Sofiane Rabhi
Sending data from JavaScript Code to ASP.NET C#
24 Oct 2014N
Max Kleyzit
A multi document interface implementation with a simple .NET Winforms TabControl extension that creates tabs with a close button.
24 Oct 2014N
Sudhir Dutt Rawat
This tip is about configuration of IIS for performance optimization of websites
24 Oct 2014N
Different items in RadCombobox in each row of RadGrid with sqlDataSource
23 Oct 2014N
majid torfi
Save Text Data In image Format
23 Oct 2014N
.NET WinForms Tray icon implemenation with Win7 and Vista features: GUID identification, large custom icons, custom UI instead of the hint, etc.
Thursday, October 23, 2014
23 Oct 2014N
Dennis Betten
How to implement Switch user functionality using MVC4 and Windows Authentication (a bit like SharePoint)
23 Oct 2014N
Access values of ProgressBar created at runtime
23 Oct 2014N
Thomas Mahlberg
This tip describes how to handle BusyIndication and progress report in an MVVM project for several scenarios.
23 Oct 2014N
Mario Majčica
A quick guide on how to reset the Visual Studio Experimental instance environment
23 Oct 2014N
Mishra Sourabh
This tip shows how to implement globalization in ASP.NET.
22 Oct 2014N
jelo pasiolan
This class is useful for HTTP web request and gets the response from the server. If the response is JSON or XML, this class also contains a method to parse or deserialize the response.
22 Oct 2014N
D. Forbes
Switching from native Word to Aspose's .Words component stabilized our server, and improved the speed of our product.
22 Oct 2014N
Mohammad Shuvo
A simple graphics class for 2D drawing
Wednesday, October 22, 2014
22 Oct 2014N
SheSharp PlusPlus
This tip gives the introduction to Bookmark API of chrome and discusses how to create a chrome extension to save the URLs of all open tabs in a window with one click
22 Oct 2014N
Ivan Perevernykhata
A bit of street magic with JavaScript closures and jquery callbacks
22 Oct 2014N
Mathew Soji
This tip guides through implementing a basic REST based Web API service with multiple GET methods and its consumption using JQuery client

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