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Tuesday, October 28, 2014
28 Oct 2014U
This article describes steps to create rest api with OAuth and how to use those api using OAuth
28 Oct 2014N
Md Wahiduzzaman khan
When an inner function is inside in an outer function that is called closure.
28 Oct 2014N
Shamas Imran, M Nabeel
Convert Coordinate data to strings to be stored in database.
28 Oct 2014N
C++ Wrapper for Pipe-based IPC in Windows
28 Oct 2014N
Himansu Sekhar Khuntia
Knowing how session time-out work in ColdFusion
28 Oct 2014N
Drag and Drop using Selenium
27 Oct 2014U
A tip about how to run a Windows Forms application in C# on user logon
27 Oct 2014N
Lopamudra Pradhan
How to fix the error "MySQL can't specify target table for update in FROM clause" while executing an update query.
27 Oct 2014N
Query Caching in Django with the help of select_related method
27 Oct 2014U
Sujit Bhujbal
How to send email using a WCF Service.
27 Oct 2014N
Bob L.
This is a simple VB.NET class that encapsulates the sending of e-mail messages via SMTP.
Monday, October 27, 2014
27 Oct 2014N
John Simmons / outlaw programmer
Extension method to determine fiscal date
27 Oct 2014U
Mike Meinz
Step-by-step instructions to create and install a Certificate Authority certificate and a signing certificate as well as a BAT file to sign a program.
27 Oct 2014U
Mike Meinz
Describes an algorithm to ignore spurious ultrasonic sensor readings.
27 Oct 2014N
Israel Gebreselassie
This tip/trick shows you how to edit the web.config file dynamically .
27 Oct 2014U
Aesthetic enhancement of HTML5 web elements via pure CSS3; no image files required
27 Oct 2014N
Suvendu Shekhar Giri
CheckBoxes in Android Application.
27 Oct 2014N
Dariush Tasdighi
Creating a very simple and flexible Tooltip with any HTML, CSS, JQuery versions!
26 Oct 2014N
Arkadeep De
26 Oct 2014N
Regular expression is explained - which comes as a solution to one of my colleagues

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