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Wednesday, February 11, 2015
11 Feb 2015
Tip showing how to consume structured XML data as configuration value
11 Feb 2015
Maximiliano Rios
In the past articles we could see how a website with Identity Framework 2 is set up and customized to our own needs. We could also implement Facebook Login, Google Auth and Twitter Login. But in the real world we need much more than that. In the current article we will learn how to capture data
11 Feb 2015
David Weaver
How to add the missing byte shifter operators to a VB.NET Netduino Project
11 Feb 2015
A simple tutorial to create a pair of classes that enable you, through the use of objects, to read and write query strings in any context
11 Feb 2015
Emiliano El Mariachi
Here is a small library to help you have an automatic undo/redo feature without explicit dependency on Undo/Redo system.
11 Feb 2015
3 different techniques of adding hyperlinked image to ASP.NET GridView in data-centric RIA
11 Feb 2015
Ivan Yakimov
One thing I should mention about writing two-factor authentication for work with Google Authenticator.
11 Feb 2015
Robert Gustafson
Simplifies working with ToolStrip-type menus and tool bars for MDI parent forms
11 Feb 2015
Mohit Johri
This tip will help you to display data using XamDataPresenter (or any DataGrid) which will have multi-header column.
11 Feb 2015
Session 1: Setup SoftEther L2TP server on Amazon AWS Ubuntu
Tuesday, February 10, 2015
10 Feb 2015
Shridhar Gowda
This tip will give you a knowledge of how to implement form authentication in classic ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC. I am sure you will have considerable knowledge after reading this tip.
9 Feb 2015
Visual Studio code snippets for implementing MVVM properties and commands
Monday, February 9, 2015
9 Feb 2015
Member 11246861
Under laptop's control, microcontroller sends sensor data to laptop that displays numbers and graphic.
9 Feb 2015
Various ways to sort list and compare results
9 Feb 2015
Sohail Fareedi
Page Framework Initialization - Page.Init
9 Feb 2015
Veronica S. Zotali
Real example that shows how to implement Observer pattern using IObservable<T> and IObserver<T>
9 Feb 2015
Samarjeet Singh
Creating jquery plugins have never been easier !
9 Feb 2015
An introduction to Flurl, an open-source .NET library for fluently building URLs
9 Feb 2015
David Fan Quan
Introduction of how to configure Intel's HAXM with Google Android Studio to accelerate Android emulator.
Sunday, February 8, 2015
8 Feb 2015
This short tip will show you how to create a project template for Visual Studio and make it available for any VS user.

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