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Monday, July 7, 2014
7 Jul 2014
Restricting a Child Form Opening Multiple Times in Windows Form
7 Jul 2014
Michael Bergman
Using Windows Communication Foundation to build a simple web server
7 Jul 2014
The HPC Template Library is a supplement to the Standard Template Library providing threadsafe containers.
7 Jul 2014
Kim Syversen
This article will show you how to create a WCF Service self hosted application.
7 Jul 2014
Export Data from a Entity DataSource / GridView / Datatable in ASP.NET to Excel 2007(.xlsx) format with proper formatting and no warning messages
7 Jul 2014
Code Help 2014
A simple tutorial for beginners to learn the basics of Entity Framework. It will teach you how to perform CRUD operations using EF.
Sunday, July 6, 2014
6 Jul 2014
CJ Hilder
After modifying or creating a web page using jQuery, we sometimes need to validate the HTML
Saturday, July 5, 2014
5 Jul 2014
George Jonsson
Two approaches for how to transform XML data to another format
Friday, July 4, 2014
4 Jul 2014
A simple draggable-resizable TextBox control inherited from RichTextBox
4 Jul 2014
Paolo Moretti
Let's see how to use prolific to make better, more effective jasmine tests
4 Jul 2014
Chakravarthi Elchuri
How to use WIA supported scanner using C#
4 Jul 2014
Sourav Kayal
Various approaches of Entity Framework with examples of code first approaches
3 Jul 2014
I've answered quite a few questions in the last couple of months about how to get the physical location of a client from a website. And people seem to get annoyed when I say: "Don't. It's no real use". But that's the truth: you can get it, but it won't be accurate. Let's have a look and see why.
3 Jul 2014
Elshan EMK
You can set running programs to ontop of window stack (application float above other windows).
3 Jul 2014
A very simple Thumbnail Viewer inherited from FlowLayoutPanel for beginners
Thursday, July 3, 2014
3 Jul 2014
Dave Elliott
Find the column information of a SQL query
3 Jul 2014
Rob Kraft
A method is idempotent when the same input(s) always return the same output.  This method is idempotent: This method is not idempotent: When adding methods to classes, many developers spend little time deciding if the method should be idempotent.  Making use of the properties in the class causes the

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