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Thursday, February 5, 2015
5 Feb 2015
Stephan Ehret
Create YouTrack issues from Outlook and manage your issues from Microsoft Project
5 Feb 2015
To control the speed of scroll viewer component in Windows phone
Wednesday, February 4, 2015
4 Feb 2015
Simple and easy to associate file types to an application
4 Feb 2015
Md. Shariful Islam (Adil)
Alignment and sorting icon in WebGrid header
4 Feb 2015
Richard Roe
Example to show how to update an ASP.NET GridView control using Ajax JQuery client side script
4 Feb 2015
Introduces the SelectionBox for simple user interaction in Office macros, akin to the VBA InputBox
Tuesday, February 3, 2015
3 Feb 2015
Maximiliano Rios
In the first two articles, we could go through the process of creating and setting up an MVC project with Identity Framework 2.0. Now it's turn to handle external logins that are bundled already in the default project, we just need to activate them.
3 Feb 2015
Péter V
How to detect 64 bit/process on .NET 2.0 to 3.5
2 Feb 2015
Michael Collins - Intervalia
Use the code below to determine the number of bindings of your Angular apps.
Monday, February 2, 2015
2 Feb 2015
Using angularjs global controllers and MVC Razor to divide page (load) rendering between server and browser
2 Feb 2015
Gunaprasad Shetty
The article provides the code snippet for inserting a huge xml file with details such as node level,node value,node desc and node child etc.The snippet provides the solution for recursive reading of node and provides the value of xml nodes along with its value.
2 Feb 2015
Ehtesham Mehmood
LINQ to SQL using C#
2 Feb 2015
F-ES Sitecore
A technique that allows you to use the in-built .net caching with Sitecore
2 Feb 2015
Why and When to Use the Adapter Pattern in PHP Development
Sunday, February 1, 2015
1 Feb 2015
Paul Heil
A quick demonstration of how boost.phoenix makes a messy boost.bind call much easier to read
1 Feb 2015
Comparison of 4 browser engines and controls + some tips for using them (in attached projects and in tip text). Short and clear.
1 Feb 2015
Serge Jerkezian
How to upload, rename and resize in MVC
1 Feb 2015
Veronica S. Zotali
The tip aims to demonstrate the usage of Ajax.BeginForm
1 Feb 2015
A simple general purpose retry pattern for trying an action with different values, e.g. user password input.
1 Feb 2015
This tip is about the spring security and how to create a custom JSP page to login with.

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