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Monday, November 2, 2015
2 Nov 2015
Mohammad Shuvo
We will design two interesting characters in this tip. The first one is Code Project Bob sticker and the second one is Magpie bird which is the national bird of Bangladesh.
1 Nov 2015
Pavel Torgashov
Simple and fast skew correction of scan docs in C#
Sunday, November 1, 2015
1 Nov 2015
Debendra dash
This tip is to describe how to track error using LOG4Net in MVC project
1 Nov 2015
Thomas D Lynch
Fast and simple way to display a splashscreen while your first Windows form loads.
1 Nov 2015
Neohuman Software
How to: Using ASP.NET Identity using Azure Storage Tables
1 Nov 2015
Umer Qureshi
This tip guides you on how to install and integrate Windows 10 Development Kit in Visual Studio 2015 for universal app development.
1 Nov 2015
Johnson Augustine
Faster image matching or comparison in large set of categorized images or training set in machine learning
1 Nov 2015
ASP.NET Community
Hosting a WCF Service with netTcpBinding on IIS7
31 Oct 2015
Richard Silveira
EntityFramework.MoqHelper library to work with Entity Framework 6 and Moq libraries doing mocks of Entity Framework main methods that access database.

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