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Monday, January 26, 2015
26 Jan 2015N
Frank T. Clark
A simple class for abbreviating integers with SI suffixes common in computer use.
26 Jan 2015N
John C Rayan
How to process very large XML files
26 Jan 2015U
Evgeny Pereguda
This tip presents a simple class for printing of log information with some features of C++11.
26 Jan 2015N
Melnikov Dmitry
How to selecting a workflow engine for Document Approval System.
25 Jan 2015N
Maximiliano Rios
Creating our database context and extending roles
Sunday, January 25, 2015
25 Jan 2015N
Colm Hoban
A command line utility to script out all jobs from an instance to be used to transfer jobs to another server/environment or to be deposited in source control.
24 Jan 2015N
shijo joseph
A file backup manager with simple user interface and all the essential functionalities.
Saturday, January 24, 2015
24 Jan 2015U
2 alternatives  
23 Jan 2015N
Bharath A B
Simple approach to migrate data and structure from MySQL to SQL Server
Friday, January 23, 2015
23 Jan 2015U
B. Clay Shannon
Quick-and-Dirty conditional suppression of a Windows Forms app / main form in three easy steps
23 Jan 2015N
Mr. Lai Tai-Yu
A simple ordered dither algorithm (Half-tone image)
23 Jan 2015U
John Simmons / outlaw programmer
Some things to be aware of.
23 Jan 2015N
Mr. Lai Tai-Yu
To establish a reservation of classroom web system using ASP.NET
23 Jan 2015N
Robert Gustafson
I've created an enhanced version of the Extended RichTextBox created by Razi Syed.
23 Jan 2015N
Michael Collins - Intervalia
Use the code below to determine the number of bindings of your Angular apps.
23 Jan 2015U
A WPF TreeView with connecting lines and Plus-minus Toggle button like WinForms
23 Jan 2015N
Is it easy to create an IoC container?
23 Jan 2015N
Introducing brand new productivity feature that are released with Visual Studio 2015 Preview Version.
23 Jan 2015N
Member 10870221
Remote Assistance using the MSRA EXE and its arguments

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