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Sunday, October 4, 2015
4 Oct 2015N
Nachiappan Kumarappan
This tip will help in understanding decorator design pattern. Snippets are provided in C#.
3 Oct 2015U
Mika Wendelius
This article discusses some basic requirements for successful database operations such as error handling, use of parameters and transactions.
3 Oct 2015N
Hi Friends, In Today’s section, we will talk about Rx library. Basically, Rx is a library for composing asynchronous and event based programs using observable collections. This is very useful in the cases where in you are pulling data asynchronously from different sources and then manipulating
3 Oct 2015N
Vidyasagar MSC
Exploring and Coding are part of every developer’s life. While exploring you may come across many technologies, tools , libraries etc. Each technology has its…The post Importing MFP Cordova project into Visual Studio 2015 appeared first on Vidyasagar MSC.
Saturday, October 3, 2015
3 Oct 2015U
Shao Voon Wong
How to draw a text with an outline
3 Oct 2015N
shijo joseph
A simple and fast CSV reader which you can directly use against Oracle and SQL Server databases or for any direct implementation.
3 Oct 2015N
Snesh Prajapati
Recently I was looking for WPF major versions and its progression so far. To my surprise there is no resource providing a compact look on WPF versions on internet. Then I put some efforts in this regard and came up with this article.
3 Oct 2015N
Uttam Kotdiya -India
This tip demonstrates how to use posix message for Inter Process Communication (IPC) in C#, Mono on Linux
3 Oct 2015N
Anuraj Parameswaran
Generic Repository in ASPNET5
3 Oct 2015N
Get & Parse HTML of URL . . . Download String of URL . . . Use Own | 3rd-Party Server API . . .
3 Oct 2015N
3 Oct 2015N
Leonardo Paneque
While using Visual Studio 2015 to edit and android layout file (axml) I got this error: The installed Android SDK is too old. Version 24.3.4 or newer is requiredThe number version might be different in your case. Here are a few possible causes for the error:1) You actually need to upgrade your Andro
3 Oct 2015N
In this article I want to explain how to create an unlimited category list table in database and how to read category list.
3 Oct 2015N
Gerd Wagner
In most apps we have some form of data management where data is represented in tables such that table rows correspond to objects, anf the table schema corresponds to the objects' type. When building a front-end web app with JavaScript, the simplest approach for persistent data storage is using JavaS
2 Oct 2015N
The important things to understand, how missing values treated in SQL Server
2 Oct 2015N
Very recently, I got a chance to get my hands on the trials of both, ExtJs 6 and Kendo UI. Before this, I had some working experience on ExtJs 3.4 (free version). So the basic model was somewhat clear to me. Must say, that it also helped me in quickly getting a grip on Kendo UI as well, as very much
Friday, October 2, 2015
2 Oct 2015N
Mark J. Caplin
Single Page Applications and the Model View Controller Design Pattern
2 Oct 2015N
A tool for filtering and merging large text files.
2 Oct 2015N
Anooj Nair
SharePoint fields in page layout

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