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Tuesday, September 2, 2014
2 Sep 2014N
Andre van Dun
Generate game list based on list of players in C#
1 Sep 2014U
Anurag Gandhi
An html 2d game to describe some basic game development tips in html/css and javascript.
1 Sep 2014N
Menci Lucio
This is a control that lets you select an item from a list with a single gesture
1 Sep 2014N
Thang Believe
Using Excel to generate random domain names
Monday, September 1, 2014
1 Sep 2014N
Mike Meinz
Describes an algorithm to ignore spurious ultrasonic sensor readings.
1 Sep 2014N
Thorsten Bruning
How to combine a bunch of techniques to improve code readability.
1 Sep 2014U
Sandeep Singh Shekhawat
How to show a warning message to the user prior to 15 minutes before the session time out, in other words if the user is in an idle state for more than 5 minutes then the user gets a message in the browser
1 Sep 2014N
Mayur V Lohite
SQL Injection is a very common attack in web applications. This article explains how SQL Injection occurs and how to prevent it.
1 Sep 2014U
Paulo Zemek
There's a popular book that presents Data Structures tied to procedural code. Well, this article is all about using Data Structures in Object Oriented Programming.
1 Sep 2014N
Variya karan
Navigation in Windows 8 with data
1 Sep 2014N
Jitendra sondarva
Consume WCF service/ access WCF service, that hosted on Localhost (IIS 7.5 or IIS express)
1 Sep 2014N
Case study on how to solve a complex problem by dividing it into smaller problems.
31 Aug 2014N
Unleashing Grids in Expression Blend and it's Major Role in Responsive Design
31 Aug 2014N
Faustino Dina
Publishes a Transact-SQL function for parsing a string containing a delimited list, similar to the ANSI C languaje strtok() function.
31 Aug 2014N
majid torfi
textcoder and textuncoder
Sunday, August 31, 2014
31 Aug 2014N
I’ve been involved in agile development for a few years but was only recentlyintroduced to the process of story mapping - after reading Jeff’s book I’m feeling more and more like story mapping has been a big missing link.For instance, one of the common challenges I have faced in the past is deciding
31 Aug 2014N
Ronnie Mukherjee
I recently (finally) upgraded to visual studio 2013. One unfortunate consequence of this was that the version of Resharper I was using (v7) was no longer supported. I was disappointed to find that my license was not enough to obtain a free upgrade, therefore I was faced with a choice: either buy a l
31 Aug 2014N
Today we are going to look at one of the aspects where using streams is a real win – when we need to thread work. As well as parallel streams, we will also look at Spliterators which acts as the machinery which pushes elements into the pipeline. Streams use a technique known as internal iterat

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