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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
31337 H4X0R
Generic Abstract Factory Design Pattern
Pavith Goonathilake
How to Adjust your WebSite to fit all types of Resolution
Cross Platform
Marco Bertschi
A brief guide on what you need to do to get the Qt Creator to compile and develop Qt Applications on Mac OS X without running into install_name_tool_failed
Marco Bertschi
A short guide on how you can style and customize the appearance of you QML controls in a CSS-like way
Marco Bertschi
A brief step-by-step guide on what is needed to get Qt and the Qt Creator installed on your Linux environment
Marco Bertschi
Qt grew up to be a quite adult framework, but is still missing a global named Mutex - Something I fixed with a little trick.
Marco Bertschi
A quick overview why you should abandon Qt's QRegExp class and move on to use QRegularExpression
Shivprasad koirala, Marla Sukesh
As the article's name says, learn MVC. Ao the agenda is simple, we are going to learn ASP.NET MVC in 7 days.
Win32/64 SDK & OS
Tsuda Kageyu
Provides the basic part of Microsoft Detours functionality for both x64/x86 environments.
Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Uncategorised Technical Blogs
Nathan Gloyn
In the .Net world if you were to create a web application historically you’d be developing the full stack: web pages, an API (of sorts), business logic and database. As JavaScript MV* frameworks have become more prevalent a .Net web dev may use one of these frameworks, such as Angular or Knockout, t
Design and Architecture
Paul Watt
During my design analysis for my Network Alchemy implementation I thought that the tuple may be the answer to allow me to iterate over the types defined in a network message definition. Tuples are data structures that are a generalization of the std::pair. Rather than having a limitation of 2 items
Audio and Video
Stream and play TCP Audio data from Microphone (VoIP)
Play, record and capture Audio sound. Read, write and stream Wav-Files. Send and receive Ulaw RTP-streams. Using the WaveIn WaveOut functions of the WMM API.
Smart Client
Siddhartha S.
A WPF smart client demonstrating nitty gritty of MVVM for a real life LOB application.
Benjamin Lifshitz
With this code, you can print images quickly and efficiently, using the largest part of the A4 page for your image.
Member 3531622
Get rid of trivial mapping between objects like mapping between obj1.City and obj2.Town or between properties with the same name
Duncan Edwards Jones
Introduces and discusses the Common Language Runtime framework classes used in printing from a .NET Windows Forms application.
Client side scripting
Michael Banzon
5 reasons to program JavaScript
Uncategorised Technical Blogs
Hi all. Today I want to show you how to create a component in C#4 for exporting data in Excel 2007 XLSX format. I’m not gonna talk about the XLSX format, which I guess you’re already familiar with. Instead, I’ll … Continue reading →
Terrence Dorsey
Whether you're starting out and want to get a first taste of programming, looking to connect with other women in science and technology, or want to be inspired by the amazing work being done by women, check out these resources.

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